Friday, September 05, 2008


Whee! We lucked out today and caught about a quarter-inch of sweet, sweet rain. And the heat was a bit abated as well, rising only to 90 F. Mick enjoyed the change as he did his day’s work after our Morning Offering.

My goal for the day was to write my first UPI article since last October, almost a year ago. I got it written to my satisfaction by mid-afternoon and then created a profile for the UPI blogging site. All of this will soon be duplicated on B4’s blogging page. Gary tells me that Steve E is closer and closer to launching our B4 site! It will be so good to have that up! I think it will enable and support a lot of scattered Law of One seekers by giving them a place to interact.

I tried to post the photo, profile and article but even with Gary’s help I could not. So I attached those three items to an e-mail to Justin, UPI’s blog-site guy, and asked him either to tell me how to post them or to post them for me and tell me how to post further articles.

Gary spent his entire day at the L/L Research Inbox, dealing with a flood of e-mails. He tells me it probably will be Saturday afternoon before he gets it under control. He had to leave it to accumulate for about a week during the run-up to Homecoming.

We particularly enjoyed the Democracy Now, Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert shows tonight. The Republican National Convention comes off as a pack of fools under their deft and accurate reportage. I pray that most Americans see it that way, for McCain is known to have a mighty temper, and I’d as soon his finger was nowhere near the red button!

It is to be noted that although Hurricane Gustav has blown itself out, we still have 3,000 people stuck at Louisville’s Fairgrounds Convention Center, forbidden so far to go back to New Orleans. This city has the wrong nickname. It should be changed to The Big Sleazy. The city “fathers” keep tearing down housing for the poor and not replacing it, using flooding as the excuse. They do not want this population of poor people of color to return. They want to build more upscale and tourist houses, hotels and stores for wealthy preppies. It is so very unfair!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.