Wednesday, September 03, 2008


As the temperature soared to the mid-nineties F again, after Morning Offering Mick carefully planned his day to include the hardest work first and then the easier mowing work last. He spent close to four hours up on ladders, taking vines away from the columns of a customer's beautiful 200-year-old mansion and also removing them from the chimneys of this fine old home. Then he trimmed bushes and shrubs for her. His plan worked! He came home fairly comfortable, having been able to sit down and ride Fielder and Thetis all afternoon.

I continued to feel as though I were not quite all here, so I read romances and napped all day. I feel very blessed in that I have not contracted any flu or cold, which I am prone to do after a Gathering, I suppose because of the combination of wearing myself out and of having people here from all over the country who inadvertantly carry their area's bugs with them when they come. This time I am just exhausted, and I feel sure I will nap myself back to my usual good energy level soon! I read two of the romance novels Melissa found for me at yard sales and thrift stores. I love to escape into stories with happy endings when I am tired!

I got a lovely letter from Aubine which explained a minor mystery – the disappearance of Jimmy and Kai Rueckert’s baby blanket. My Brother James Heir (Oh, a good pun there!) was sent, I thought, as a gift to celebrate his natal day, but it mistakenly got sent to Aubine K in Igny, France! Big oops! When Aubine thanked me for the second gift, the mystery was solved. I shall have to get little William Rueckert another blanket. This is easily done! and I am glad for Fassely, Aube's grandson, to have two.

Mel and Aaron came down from Avalon after Aaron’s two-day visit there in a very happy mood. Mel showed Aaron all around the place, and Aaron even drove the tractor a bit. She was in alt over the whole experience and raved about Melissa’s kindness and hospitality.

However she came back with a lump under the skin of her calf, and I will breathe more easily when I hear that it is nothing serious. She was engaged in moving some rocks with Melissa, and could have popped a blood vessel doing the heavy work. Aaron’s about my age, a good 25 years older than Mel is, so is naturally a bit more fragile than Melissa, whose slenderness is deceptive, hiding a very wiry, sturdy and dexterous body.

Just as we sat down to a late supper, Romi joined us. It was good to see him. We had prepared a card for him at Homecoming, since everyone missed him. He is usually a fixture of any L/L Research Gathering. The card touched him. He had spent the weekend with his brother, Dushon, up in Ohio near Cleveland, talking with him about future plans for their Mother, who is getting older and more fragile.

She lives in Brno, Czeska, and eventually, when she can no longer cope, Romi will move there to care for her. That will be a sad day for us if it happens. Romi single-handedly keeps all our computers and their network functioning and is always a willing volunteer to complete our channeling circle when we are asked to do private channelings.

Aaron and Mel had started a movie before Mick and I came down for supper, and they finished watching it after we went to bed. Aaron will return to the west coast tomorrow.