Saturday, September 06, 2008


What a terrific day! It was not the day Mick had planned, but it was even better! It rained! It rained all morning and misted all the afternoon. Thank you, Hurricane Gustav. So after Morning Offering Mick cleaned the kitchen, did the Saturday errands and transplanted ajuga from the edge of the pet cemetery to the Wuthering Heights rock garden’s alcoves.

Gary did the cooking for the week, producing some fine-looking Asian-flavored fish, mashed potatoes with spinach and a tomato, corn and bean dish. The guys did cut a couple of lawns late in the afternoon, but most of Friday’s mowing will take place tomorrow.

I had a sorry morning of it. Jenny Traveller was all messed up. She would not send e-mail. She took forever to process a command. I eventually went in search of Gary. I should never have wasted two hours in rebooting and otherwise fiddling with Jenny! Somehow, when Gary entered the picture, she started working again. Praise the Lord!

Finally I was able to enter my profile in the UPI blogging site, add my photo and post my first blog entry there. And Justin was as good as his word! As soon as my first blog entry went in, the archive of all 76 of my previous articles showed up. I’m back! It feels good. I think I’ll write about Pat Smith in next Monday's article.

I took the afternoon to begin working through Steve M’s comments on his read-through of 101, which had come in overnight. There was a glitch, unfortunately, which complicated the process. Steve referred to page numbers for his comments, but his page numbers and mine are different. I used the “find” feature of the edit menu to locate almost all of his references, but there were a couple of suggestions I had to discard since I could not find the text to which he referred – not enough surrounding context to do a “find” search on any key word.

Ah well! It is wonderful to see this last step of the long process of readying the book for the printer being accomplished. When Mick called bath time, I had gone through all but three pages of his comments. The rest I shall consider tomorrow. And then the manuscript will be ready for Gary to send to and for their estimates.

After our bath, Mick and I shared a particularly beautiful energy exchange, keeping the tempo deliciously slow and winding the coil of the power between us with infinite sweetness as we moved to the finale at last. I sank down into sleep in the afterglow while Mick watched Democracy Now and a Stargate SG-1 episode.

Gary joined us for supper and the Gaia Meditation, and offered the closing prayer tonight.