Sunday, September 14, 2008


Sultry summer weather returned with nary a shower, although heavy rains had been predicted. Perhaps we shall have better luck tomorrow, as Hurricane Ike continues to blow itself out. We may catch the southern end of its rain and we will definitely experience some high winds with a chance of tornadoes manana.

It was a lazy day for us all, a putter-day. I worked with editing Dana’s Alphabet Mosaics, running into one conundrum after another. Linear planning was not my sister Dana’s forte and smoothing out the inconsistencies and creating a good book for her continues to be a delicate and subtle series of decisions as to both editing changes in text and format changes to make things flow better.

Mick watched a lot of football, some of which I watched with him. My favorite play of the day was a heart-breaker for MTSU. A Hail Mary pass as the game closed connected for them, but the runner was tackled by the ankle and fell one yard short of the game-winning touchdown, giving the University of Kentucky a third win for the season. Would you call that a tankle?

However in Mick's puttering, he did a wonderful thing! The walkway to the garage from the back door has sunk over the years, creating a puddle-and-mud problem when it is wet. Mick took up the bricks and stone, filled in the swale with new soil, leveled the ground there and then replaced the walkway. What a great difference for clean and dry convenience in getting to my car!

Gary was at the L/L Research helm today, sending Bill H a hard copy of 101 which Bill requested and going through a ton of e-mail. And Melissa also puttered, doing her office work and town chores and getting ready to head back up to Avalon.

We four were the complement at our first channeling meditation meeting of the year. Gary had questions about the gateway to intelligent infinity and I think it was a good session. I will know more when the transcript comes in for editing.