Saturday, September 27, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick and Gary worked with the one customer whose storm debris has not yet been cleared, since she has had workmen at her home and that makes lawn work difficult. Today was the day to rectify that! There was much more to do than they’d thought, as substantive storm damage was hidden by the house itself. They also polished off their other usual Friday jobs.

Then Gary set about cooking the menu for next week – peas creamed with artichoke hearts, sautéed red snapper and baked potatoes. Meanwhile Mick conducted a lengthy weekly maintenance, changing the oil in all the mowers since it has been so dusty this week.

I worked on the article on hierarchies for JoyousChee today in the morning and late afternoon. In the middle, I went out with Melissa in search of purple and lavender garments, looking forward to my purple hair, come Christmas. I found two good purple tops and some well-fitting jeans, good additions to the wardrobe!

After Mick and I had a bath, we enjoyed a lovely energy exchange. I went to sleep where I lay in the afterglow while Mick enjoyed football on TV. Later, we all took in some more football, Gary joining Mel, Mick and me for supper and the Gaia Meditation. Mick offered the closing prayer tonight. Then we watched the debate between Obama and McCain, supposedly on foreign policy.

The men are both smart and were equally well prepared, but one could literally hear the memorized “tapes” of response from McCain, as he had a habit of saying the key word before saying the sentence. It was all rote. Obama may well have organized his responses ahead of time, anticipating possible questions, but he seemed to speak more from the heart.

Mel had made some pawpaw bread from fresh pawpaws from Avalon in the morning, and we enjoyed that special treat after dinner.