Sunday, September 28, 2008


We had an abbreviated Morning Offering today since we were going to have a meditation meeting tonight. Mick wanted to get on the road with a big load of errands, including picking up a mower and a blower that have been in the shop. He was tickled to have all his tools working at once!

I distinguished myself in the morning by napping throughout it! However I rallied in the afternoon and worked on Dana’s Alphabet Mosaics.

I planned to do a read-through of my edit on her introductory pages, but wound up responding to Vara’s needs by locating a very good half-page of text within Dana’s Preface in which she explains how she originally began studying the alphabet. I sent that to Vee along with a promise to find and send her an author photo of Dana and her biography to use when she runs the Mosaics and Wisdoms in Planet Light Worker e-zine (, which she now edits. She will use one letter and one wisdom poem per issue. I’m tickled about this, as it will bring her material to lots of people who have not seen Dana’s work previously and hopefully will generate some money, in the form of advance orders, for printing the hard-copy book. It is such a wonderful creation!

Vara did me a favor by asking me for this material, since I will also need Dana’s author picture and biography for The Alphabet Mosaics in hard copy. Romi very kindly agreed to look for the best photo he has of her – he visited her in Moab shortly before she left this earthly life and took lots of shots – and Gary volunteered to see what he could find in Dana’s published books, all of which we have in the Library, in the way of an author biography.

Melissa was cooking today! She created another batch of cherry tomato soup, using up our Avalon harvest of the little red fruit. It is delicious! She makes it with rice milk so that it will freeze better. Each time she makes it, we go back and amend the recipe, so it is now one of our best!

In late afternoon, she and I got together for the continuation of our hanging tomato plant project and by golly we got her done! Whether or not the plants will thrive now that they are hanging around is another question! Time will tell. It would be great if it did work! Having fresh, home-grown Best Boys in the wintertime would be a real plus!

Mick’s afternoon was spent fiddling with the waterfall of the front yard’s heart-shaped fish pond. He got it running again and topped up the pond, which was low for some reason. He recently had to restock the pond, because a blue heron found it and ate the fish we had there, one and all, except the fingerlings. Now it has a net over it.

Gary was at the L/L Research helm today, valiantly pounding away at the e-mail. The harvest of the day included two requests for my counseling, one by telephone and one by e-mail. The season has begun! I took a break from counseling and private channelings over the summer.

We had a circle of seeking of five tonight for the meditation meeting – Gary, Mick, Romi, Mel and me. Gary had a whole sheet of q’uestions for Q’uo which had built up over the summer, so we dedicated this channeling session to them and Q’uo answered quite a few. It felt good to respond to the faithful readers who write in from all over the world to ask questions of Q’uo. They are our larger community of seekers and we are most thankful for them all.

It was especially good to respond to several from Terry H’s study group in Taipei. When they found that we were short of funds, they sent us a very generous donation that really helped us pay our bills last month.

We got some tough news today. Bob R, the producer of the L/L Mackinac Island Gathering last year, is in the hospital. His kidneys have failed. If you have a minute today, please send a prayer upward on his behalf. He is a beloved brother of the open heart and right now he is physically alone, dealing with this sudden difficulty. Let's keep him company on the inner planes!

I prayed the Gaia Meditation prayer at the end of our channeling session.