Friday, August 31, 2007


As August draws to a close, L/L Research is finalizing its 2007 L/L Homecoming plans. Gary and Mike B cooked up the dinner feast for welcoming people tomorrow evening. The tent came and was erected in the back yard. We will not need the tent “walls” after all, as there is no prediction of rain for the whole weekend, and the weather has moderated most cooperatively. We will have highs of about 85 for our Homecoming; easily enjoyable with the help of our four rotating fans. Gary found quiet ones, thankfully.

I spent the first part of my morning working on a letter to Lance White, the Zany Mystic of BBS Radio. He had asked some central questions about the Harvest and Ascension, and I thought this was an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of our on-air discussion next month, since my views run counter to those who predict a sudden rapture and posit the harvest coming for each of us during the death process, easily, painlessly and non-invasively in terms of living out a normal life.

Then I turned to editing the interview I did with Gina Jones on BBS, so it was a radio morning! I am far from finishing it! But I made some progress.

In the afternoon I turned to working on Chapter 8, and wrote the first pages of that chapter, which discusses the blue-ray energy center and the joys and challenges of communication. I worked until almost time to leave for my haircut appointment.

As I left, I called Steve F, who will supply us with some crystals for the Homecoming; a crystal ball for the living altar and other taller crystals for the yard. He will either bring them himself, tomorrow, or call me for help in collecting them.

Driving west on I-64 at rush hour is like playing one of those video games where you must make many skillful and sudden changes, dodging in and out. This is because there is an entrance ramp which is three lanes wide, then two, then one, then it disappears; then another lane of the expressway disappears. Then there are still two lanes to cross if you want to avoid being shunted off to I—265, the local beltway. Whee! Stanley Outback made the job easy, but still my tummy tenses doing such moves!

I got a great haircut from Jazz and Lee Ann colored my naturally invisible eyebrows the color of my hair. I do look my best with the eyebrows visible, so it is my one cosmetic, the “permanent” brow color. I tend not to use any cosmetics at all these days other than that.

I came back to find that Talitha had arrived! What a joy to see her again. We have a special connection indeed. She shared conversation and pizza with Mike, Gary, Mick and me, and then the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM, with Mick offering the closing prayer.

Gary immediately set out with Mike and Talitha to drop her at her hotel and to pick up another attendee – I am not sure which one! It is all starting to jumble together in my mind. Mick and I said good night at 11 PM after a snuggle with each other and the kitties.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I know that L/L’s Homecoming 2007 is near now! I began my grooming routine today. When I was in school, I prepared for a big test by getting a good night’s sleep. When I prepare for a Gathering, I groom! I know the material we will cover very well. So I get ready for the event by eliminating all concerns that I might not look my best. Then I can facilitate the Gathering with my whole mind on the job at hand.

After Morning Offering I spent the morning work period editing another session of the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. This is the first of several sessions of co-channeling in the sixth weekend during which Barbara B and I channeled together in tandem, and it feels good to get on with this project. There are nine weekends of sessions in all, and the material just gets better and better.

Melissa came to town from Avalon, put in some laundry and chipped away at chipping-and-shredding a humongous pile of small branches Mick had collected as he did clearing work for his customers these last two weeks. I collected her at lunchtime and we went to KT’s to satisfy my craving for their excellent, small steak sandwiches. We had a wonderfully satisfying lunch! Yum!

And then it was grooming time. I dropped Melissa here to finish her chipping and shredding and went to Absolutely Salon, where Bethany, my nail tech, spiffed up my nails and then painted the tidy toenails and fingernails in the rainbow colors of the chakra body. I love that look, as it is very festive as well as functional! I have little “visual aids” right at my fingertips, literally. And toe-tips, come to that.

I was home in time for Jim and me to bathe and relax for a bit, and then I was off to the school-daze season’s first choir practice. Summer is officially over! We’re singing the Vivaldi “Gloria” for St. Luke's Christmas Eve Service. It is a piece I dearly love, although I found that singing its soprano part is a strain for my voice. The median note is D, nine notes above middle C, and my throat was increasingly tight as we practiced. There are times I wish I had had voice lessons at some point, to learn better how to deal with that. But I will do well by the time the blessed eve rolls around. I always settle into a piece after a while.

I came home to find that Mike B, who arrived early today to help Gary prepare things for Homecoming, and the G-Man had transformed our living room so that the maximum number of people can sit therein. This year he remembered to leave my recliner in the folded-out position. Whew! Once the furniture is in position, I can’t reach my recliner control. Thank you Mike! I grinned at him and asked if Gary were working him hard. “Oh, yes,” he cheerfully replied.

Mick had come home from his full day of work to join Melissa outside for more yard work. He cleared away the fallen leaves, bark and small twigs which our very “dirty” double sycamore produces quite heavily. He says that Friday he will rake around everywhere we have falling leaves – and due to the extreme draught, we have leaf-fall all over our acre – to make the preparations for Homecoming complete.

The new plantings are so very fetching! There is color everywhere now. Mick has done a superb job of repopulating our lost flower tribes. All that remains to be planted are the flowers for the chakra altar garden in the middle of the Homecoming tent, and Mick cannot do that until Friday, as the tent will be erected tomorrow, which is Thursday.

It would probably be more comfortable for everyone if we held this event in a hotel. However it is so homey to open up our own house and make everyone welcome right here at Camelot that I am always glad when we do it this way, even if it is lots more work to prepare. This year is no exception.

Mike, Gary, Melissa, Mick and I sat down to a good dinner and then we had the Gaia Meditation and a good conversation before Melissa decided she needed to be driving back up to Avalon Farm, while Gary and Mike decided to take in a movie, “Stardust”. Mick and I came upstairs for our traditional kitty snuggle and bade each other a sweet good night at 11 PM.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Tuesdays are UPI column days for me, and after Morning Offering, I worked on this week’s article all morning. It turned out to be a ‘thought’ column rather than the Difference Maker column I had planned. I really enjoy seeing the way this weekly writing process has evolved into something very organic. I think my mind is used, now, to this weekly writing, and lets things pop up for me just at the write time.

After lunch I drove the mile or so to Middletown to offer my blood for my monthly lab tests and on the way back, stopped at Walgreen’s to find new orange and indigo nail polishes. My old ones have gotten tooooo old! I like to paint my nails in the chakra colors when we have a chakra workshop, and my manicure is tomorrow. I am now ready!

When I got back, I did some e-mail. I sent Melissa a reference to a book on poultry farming that looked good, as we are soon to have some chickens on Avalon. I let Calvin, my neighbor, know that I had indeed saved the bulletin from St. Luke’s service last Sunday as she’d requested. She and her husband had donated the Sanctuary Candle to their grandson’s second birthday celebration and had been unable to come to the service. I told her Mick would put the bulletin in her hand tomorrow when he gardens for her.

I got a kind note from Beth at the Ryan’s Well Foundation, giving me permission to write about Ryan in 101. I wrote Vara with my congratulations, as she let us know that she is now engaged to be married to her boyfriend! Big news there! I sent a request to a small group of Indigos who are marching for peace, asking them for some information, as I would like to write an article about them next week. And I sent Gary the Homecoming Vegetable Soup recipe for which he asked.

Then I started Chapter 8 of 101, discussing the blue-ray energy center. I got only far enough with that to feel ready to write tomorrow, if the time is granted me. As the 2007 L/L Research Homecoming draws nigh, I expect more and more to be called to other duties.

Mick did a full day’s work mowing lawns and then went around to area nurseries, collecting new flowers to replace our flagging plantings here at Camelot. The extreme draught here has killed some of our oldest plantings, I am sorry to say. Mick is doing an incredible job of replacing all those “holes” in the yard with pretty, fresh new blooms.

After our whirlpool, Mick and I came upstairs to enjoy my new bedroom air conditioner and have a date. We’d been trying for that for three days, but something came up – not the thing intended, pardon the pun – for the last two days. Today, our romancing was undisturbed and we had a lovely time with the Creator, playing at love.

We were late in leaving our tryst and found a film on TV to enjoy while we ate dinner, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, a stylish comedy/action film starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. We had seen this movie before, but I had forgotten just how much fun it is. Angelina Jolie is such a great action character! This generation’s Clint Eastwood.

Romi came for a working visit, maintaining our computers for us and then pitching in with Mick and Gary to get our Homecoming binders filled. Gary and Romi copied and gathered pages, while Mick manned the 3-hole punch. It is good to see our preparations start to come together now.

We offered the Gaia Meditation together, with Mick praying at the closing, and said good night to Romi and Gary at about 10:00, coming upstairs to watch an episode of “House” and saying our last prayers at 11 PM, after a good snuggle with the cats.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


After Mick and I made our Morning Offering, he started his mowing day for Jim’s Lawn Service. The recent day of rain has the grass growing and all his customers needed their lawns trimmed up.

I started my morning by recycling last week’s turkey breast. We had some good left-overs, so I got Mick to get all the remaining meat off the bone before he left, and I made curried turkey salad for my lunches to come. I spent the rest of the morning editing the channeling session from the Mackinac Island Gathering. It was an interesting session, concerning our relationship with our sun.

We got to spend our lunch “hour” together, a brief one as Mick was on the run, trying to accomplish his JLS work day in time to give some time to plantings in the yard, which feat he accomplished, planting all the new flowers, except those intended for our living altar circle, that he had acquired to fill the holes in our yard due to summer die-off of some of our oldest plantings. This extreme weather has killed off quite a few things. Mick says he will finish making his replacement purchases and will plant those too, tomorrow.

Meanwhile I finalized Chapter 7 of 101! I read through the 23 pages of text, tinkering a little here and there and ending with a chapter I really like. Only one thing spoiled the calm of the afternoon, and that was my own clumsiness. When I closed out the file of Chapter 7, I inadvertently hit “No” when the software asked me if I wanted to save my changes to the file. OUCH! Fortunately, I had just printed out the finalized copy, so after our bath, Mick and I came into the office and he read me the whole chapter, enabling me to recapture my final editing changes in the easiest way possible. THANK YOU MICK! it would have been slow work alone, as the changes were mostly very small and hard to find.

Gary worked on the format changes to the Homecoming quotes, dividing them into "For Discussion" and "For Further Study" prior to putting them in the attendee packets, although he took time out when my new air conditioner unit came to install it in my bedroom. Ah! I will sleep much cooler tonight!

It was a Star Trek Enterprise block night, which we greatly enjoyed as we dined on Gary’s latest cooking – delicious fish, a beautifully seasoned corn and zucchini dish and baked potatoes. We eat very well around these parts! And I do love to eat! After the Gaia Meditation, we drifted upstairs to enjoy the new coolth and said a most fond good night at 11 PM.

Monday, August 27, 2007


I awoke early enough to write my Camelot Journal entry for yesterday, which is my habit. While checking my e-mail afterwards, I found Gary’s request for recipes for lasagne and soup for the Friday night welcoming supper at L/L’s 2007 Homecoming – the one main meal we will serve here at home. On Saturday and Sunday nights, we will dine out, probably at a nearby Hometown Buffet.

I checked our database but did not see just the perfect recipes there, so I went to my favorite on-line recipe site, There were many choices there, and I chose a meated and a meatless lasagne, plus a gazpacho soup. We’ll see if Gary likes those.

It being Sunday, our official day off now, I gave my morning to church while Mick gave his towards the cleanliness of our house and by lunch time we were ready for a double feature. We watched “Little Children, starring Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson and Jennifer Connelly. Also good in the movie was Jackie Earle Haley, playing a sexual deviant. The film was awash in angst and sex, reminding me of “Desperate Housewives”. I never warmed up to it. The emotions seemed muddy and the motivations weak as the story plodded on. There were, however, funny moments, especially a scene where a husband hooked on on-line porn is discovered by his wife with a pair of women’s panties over his lower face, terribly busy at the computer.

Much better was our second film of the day, “Fracture”. Anthony Hopkins played a cool and brainy killer with a grating personality, a type of role he has owned ever since “Silence of the Lambs”, and did it very well indeed. Also excellent was his counterpart, the D.A. who sets out to put him in jail for his crime, an actor previously unknown to me but very taking, Ryan Gosling. I expect he will do well as a leading man. He seems to carry the same kind of energy as the young Jimmy Stewart, deceptively simple and folksy while carrying deeper character nuances effortlessly. David Strathairn, an excellent character actor who shone in “The Bourne Ultimatum”, was very good here also. There should be a slot for screenplay in reviewing the stars of the film. It was stylish, sharp and altogether delightful.

We had a walk around the yard so Mick could show off his incredible spate of garden work yesterday. Indeed the yard is beginning to shine! But I was heartbroken to see how parched the earth is everywhere, in spite of Mick’s faithful daily watering. One good thing is the forecast. Instead of 104 to 107 F, the weather is predicted to break Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all predicted to be 84 - 87 F, a good 20 degrees cooler! Thank you, Lord!

While Mick did some JLS work, creating a list of likely charges for the year 2008 for St. Luke’s – the new junior warden wants a budget – I played a glorious round of solitaire. We filled our evening with the usual happy routine, bathing, fun-TV, dinner, the Gaia Meditation, a kitty snuggle and bedtime at 11 PM.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


After a brief Morning Offering I came to St. Luke’s to be part of the choir at the Memorial Service of a good friend of my parents, Dow S. I attended a Cursillo Reunion Group with Dow and his wife, Jane, throughout most of the ‘80s and he was a very good friend of my Mom’s, doing a good bit of volunteer work for the church together at the diocesan level for decades. It was a blessing to be part of his official farewell. We sang “Ave Verum” and several hymns and psalms. The Eucharist was choral in honor of Dow’s having been a member of St. Luke’s choir for about 40 years before he lost ground in physical health to the point where he was unable to sing.

Dow is a good example of those who can use religion, with all its confining dogma, and still easily make graduation to fourth density positive. I never met a sweeter guy in my life except my Mick. His every word was a blessing to hear.

Jim had been abustle all morning on a zillion errands and we rendezvoused when I got back from the service for a lunch of leftovers from the Red Lobster before Mick went out into the sauna of the afternoon sunshine to spiff up the yard. Our little acre is really a garden everywhere, rather than a yard. At almost 7 PM he re-emerged into the house, having collected eight huge garbage bags full of weeds and other yard waste. He had removed two large stands of wildflowers, black-eyed susans and a sweet purple bloom, both of which were way past their heyday and which had been burned by the relentless sun until they were ruined, even with daily watering.

Now, he says, he is ready to plant some new flowers in the place of what he removed that look fresh and add color to our Rose of Sharon and hydrangea bushes. as well, he is replacing blue geraniums, roses and plantings on "Wuthering Heights" that have failed in this summer's extreme weather. He plans to spend the early evenings all this week, after his Jim's Lawn Service work days, doing the planting and getting our little acre mowed, trimmed and ready for Homecoming.

Gary and I spent the afternoon going through the seven collections of quotes, one of each chakra in their rainbow colors, choosing which quotes to study and which to separate into a “For Further Study” section in the attendee binders. We finished just about in synch with Mick! It felt good to accomplish that, as now Gary can finish readying the material for the Homecoming binders.

I took a bit of time to write our web guy concerning the various interviews I have had with BBS radio personalities lately. He is trying to track them all down to collect them for our archives.

Also, I did some searching on the internet, looking for more information about Rudolf Steiner’s “olorono” exercises. Janet, of the Mackinac Island gathering, was hoping to find out just how to do those exercises, as the Q’uo group had recommended them to her in the channeling session that wound up the L/L Gathering there earlier this month. I did not find the exact exercises, but did find a Steiner Eurhythmy site which lists practitioners. Hopefully she will find what she needs in writing to them.

We celebrated Saturday night by finding a James Bond film on the tube and enjoying that while we dined. We paused for the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM and when the movie was over at about 10:30, we had our kitty snuggle, saying good night at 11 PM.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Surrounded by the drone of fans and air conditioners, after Morning Offering I spent the morning finishing the last of the L/L Research 2007 Homecoming chakra collections, violet ray.

I was also able to get another Aaron/Q’uo Dialogue edited, and sent that off to Barbara Brodsky, my co-channel, so she can edit Aaron’s part. The work goes much more swiftly now that I do not have to edit the whole session but only Q’uo’s words. Barbara's eyes are much better now, and she has volunteered to edit Aaron's part!

Judy R’s pre-editing of the A/Q sessions makes my job so much quicker and easier! Judy has made an art out of understanding my editing style and can now predict most of my decisions. Paragraphing changes were the most frequent changes I made. I like to open up the look of the text by inserting frequent paragraph breaks. The material is wonderful, but sometimes dense, and the literal space around the words helps.

In the afternoon I massaged the last seven pages of Chapter 7, adding a good bit to the last section and now feeling ready to do one last read-through of the whole chapter before letting my little child out into the world as far as Steve M’s reviewing eye. It feels swell to be finishing another chapter. Next: a discussion of the blue ray in Chapter 8.

At the end of the afternoon, Gary and I discussed briefly the way we will divide the quotes for each chakra into two parts in the Homecoming binders, those to be read during our discussion and those to be offered for further study.

If we are lucky enough to have Carmen’s help tomorrow, we shall put her to work starting to assemble the information binders for the attendees. It will be a big job, collating 30 copies of our 100+ pages of information, 3-hole-punching them and so forth. The binders will be colorful! Gary’s got paper colored as closely as possible to each of the chakra colors. All except for indigo and violet. With those two, we have not yet found the right color papers.

Mick came home from his work-day with three of the seven colors of flowers needed for the living altar. He had been to four nurseries nearby on his way home. I told him that if he could not find any more varieties of colors, we’d use what we have, as the already collected flowers look more than festive!

After a lovely, long whirlpool, Mick and I ventured out into the crushingly heavy heat of the evening to use Romi’s gift to us of an evening out. We went to the Red Lobster Restaurant, where I enjoyed a lobster pasta dish and Mick had a seafood platter. We had such a good time and came home with tons of leftovers and very full tummies. YUM!

We offered the Gaia meditation in the car coming home and finished out the night with a kitty snuggle before saying good night at 11 PM.

Friday, August 24, 2007


The Rose of Sharon is looking so lovely in our front hedge, with its many blooms nodding in the slight, sultry breeze. We cleared 100 F again today and Jim gave himself a slightly shorter day, putting off one very rigorous yard-clearing-and-trimming job until next week when, mirabile dictu, the weather may moderate JUST in time for Homecoming. The far forecast actually had Saturday coming in at a high of 78! May it be so.

After Morning Offering I worked on the indigo-ray energy center quotes collection for the Homecoming Packet. Mick was quite late coming home for lunch and as I waited for him I got started on the very last collection, of violet-ray quotes. I got about halfway through that work by 1:30, when Sir James finally rolled in.

We had a delightful, restful lunch together and then Mick went out to mow a large estate while I came upstairs to spend the afternoon reading through and changing the two sections I have just completed to make final changes and then writing the last section of Chapter 7, on green-ray healing. The first rough draft of Chapter 7 is now done! Whee! Doing my happy dance!

I am so glad I am immersed in the discussion of these chakras in writing 101, as the timing could not be better for being the facilitator for group discussion on them during the Homecoming. My intense familiarity with the material should be an asset.

Mick and I bathed and had a refreshing and revivifying date before descending the stairs to find Romi on the phone with Steve E, who is almost entirely through with the part of, our spiritual activism site which we have yet to launch, which has to do with web-casting. Steve told the Ro-Man that he is quite sure we will be ready to broadcast by the second week in September.So I guess our launch will begin with that!

Romi says that the software Steve is using for the webcasts has a feature which PalTalk did not – it can collect a digital file of the broadcast. This is great, as he can send that right on to BBS Radio, which now wishes to re-broadcast our channeling sessions. We cannot do them live as the beginning timing of the sessions is uncertain, but BBS can broadcast them "live on tape" the next day.

I need to write Don N, who issued the invitation on behalf of BBS, and put him together with Romi to work out the precise details. I also need to ask Don if he needs anything from me in the way of an introductory sound bite or a closing snippet to run with the sessions.

Romi and Gary sat down and worked out all of the airline pick-ups and send-offs, as we have six people coming in and eight going out – Gary is leaving with for Peru to visit Macchu Pichu the Monday after Homecoming, and Ryan, Tiff's fiancée, is flying in Sunday to join Tiffani and Gary. Ro will take care of most of the airport driving. I reserved the right to deliver the threesome going to Peru, in order to send them off with all my love. Gary has knocked himself out on behalf of this upcoming Homecoming and it will be extra special because of his thoughtful preparations.

We decided for sure to do the live, planted flower altar. Jim will take the latter afternoon tomorrow to scout for appropriately colored flowers to plant, as we want to have them in a circle, in all the chakra colors. Jim says green is the toughest, as Bells of Ireland are usually out of stock this time of year, but I suggested a nice ivy or other ground cover if his search fails to find those.

Gary will also call Steve F tomorrow and ask not just about the central crystal for the altar, but also about his bringing lots of his incredible crystals and salting the grounds with them for the occasion. I know Steve will love doing that.

And Romi still wants to string our tiny, colored Christmas lights around the tent’s top, to continue the colors-of-the-chakra theme. What a great setting we'll have!

Gary called the Anchorage police to notify them that we’d have 13 cars here over the weekend, and they were most appreciative of his thoughtfulness. They promise to watch out for us during the weekend and wished us a Happy Homecoming.

The first attendee, Talitha, arrives a week from today! It will be so great to see her again! We had a lovely lunch together when she visited here last spring for a channeling session.

Again, our talk went way late, and Mick and I came upstairs for only a short kitty-snuggle before saying our last prayers of the day together and turning out the lights at 11 PM.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


The dewpoint was 75 F today, insuring that our high of 98 felt like 110, a thoroughly nasty day for working outside, and Mick cleared a whole trailer-load of railroad ties from a customer's yard in the early afternoon, after spending the morning watering and mowing. He said it was the most weary he’s been all year. After that job, he switched his schedule around so that all he had left to do today was to take the ties to be dumped at Avalon, where we will use them for erosion control. The quiet, hour-long ride up there refreshed him, as did quantities of imbibed Fierce, and by bath time he had good color again and was feeling fine.

After Morning Offering I spent the morning catching up a bit of e-mail, making a date with the Zany Mystic, Lance White (, to be interviewed by him on Friday, September 28th at 6 PM Pacific time, 9 PM my time, on his BBS Radio show, Fireside Chat. He told me - which I did not know - that the BBS Radio site ( receives over three million hits per day! This will be my fifth interview on BBS.

Then I created the blue-ray quotation section for our L/L Research Homecoming 2007. Now I have only two chakra collections to make, indigo and violet, before I can get back to editing.

I NEED to get back to editing, as it is really stacking up. I have an Aaron/Q’uo Dialogue waiting, plus three chapters of Steve M’s comments on 101 to process, plus two of my recent interviews and the Mackinac Island channeling session to edit. It is a rich bounty and I cannot wait to tackle it. However I cannot let the editing run over into my afternoons, as that time is reserved for working on the writing of 101.

And that is what I did after lunch and up until bath time. Chapter 7 is developing nicely. My only concern is that it will seem overly long. The chapter is already more than 20 manuscript pages long, and I have several points yet to cover. Of course, the heart chakra, which is the point of discussion for this chapter, is by far the most complex energy center, so it figures that it would take a while to discuss the Confederation views upon it. I made some good progress today there.

Gary worked on Homecoming details for about half a day and then secured for me a new, larger air conditioner for my bedroom, as I have been losing sleep in this heat. Then he headed up to Cincinnati with Valerie to take in a Dave Matthews concert.

Before I quit for the day I sent a proposal to Gary about how to present these quotation sections for the Homecoming attendees. I have made them generous, in order that they may be a good study guide, not just for Homecoming but for following up what we cover there. However, we cannot possibly cover all of the material in each section during the time allotted for discussion.

I suggested a plan of choosing the quotes we can read and discuss in the 90 minutes allotted for each chakra and labeling that section "For Reading During Discussion", while labeling the remainder of the quotes in each section "For Further Study". He and I will need to create these changes before he can print up the Homecoming packets. I imagine we will get to that around next Monday.

With my sleep having been broken for days now, waking up repeatedly during the night over-heated, and my shoulder acting up as well, I was exhausted by the end of the afternoon, and Mick was equally weary from his physically demanding day. We tried to focus on Democracy Now, but did a good deal of napping instead. This went on all evening! We really felt our age today. It was heaven to snooze, dine, offer the Gaia Meditation and then cuddle with the kitties. We officially went to bed at 11 PM.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Finally, some rain fell on the Louisville area! Our temperature sank to 88 and Mick said it felt cool to him all day! We’re in the basket again tomorrow and henceforth, with predictions over 100 over the weekend, but at least we got a solid inch of rain! All the devas were dancing!

After Morning Offering Mick sailed off on his mower, Thetis, while I wrote my UPI column for this week. I decided to discuss the experience I had with the Homeland Security officer on my Mackinac Island trip.

I broke early for lunch in order to take in some BBQ at Mark’s Feed Store with Melissa, who had come down from Avalon for city chores and refreshment. Our worthy Avalon Caretaker lives day to day right in the heat and under wilderness conditions – except for solar power, so she does have a fridge. But no air conditioning, no fans, no bathroom. She needs a treat from time to time. And it was indeed a treat to be at that restaurant, which has transformed itself from grubby to homey and whose personnel are very courteous and welcoming.

On the way home we did errands, so we were a bit late returning, but I made the most of the afternoon, getting the green-ray quotes for Homecoming off to Gary and then working until bath time on Chapter 7 of 101. I made a good break-through there and it felt smashing. Thank you, Holly.

Lance White, who bills himself on BBS Radio as the Zany Mystic, wrote to invite me to converse with him on his Fireside Chat show. I wrote to tell him I’d be delighted. I also sent an e-mail off to the Ryan’s Well Foundation asking for permission to tell Ryan’s story in my book. It’s not legally necessary but it seems only courteous for me to ask.

Mick and I had a lovely whirlpool and relaxed with Amy Goodman, who interviewed two people concerning our presence in Iraq. In that regard, I would like to pass on a set of bumper stickers I received by e-mail, as the discussion today on Democracy Now points to their relevance and accuracy:

1. Bush: End of an Error
2. That's OK, I Wasn't Using My Civil Liberties Anyway
3. Let's Fix Democracy in this Country First
4. If You Want a Nation Ruled By Religion, Move to Iran
5. Bush. Like a Rock - Only Dumber.
6. If You Can Read This, You're Not Our President
7. Of Course It Hurts: You're Getting Screwed by an Elephant
8. Hey, Bush Supporters: Embarrassed Yet?
9. Bush: Creating the Terrorists Our Kids Will Have to Fight
10.Impeachment: It's Not Just for Blow Jobs Anymore
11.America: One Nation, Under Surveillance
12.They Call Him "W" So He Can Spell It
13.Jail to the Chief
14.No, Seriously, Why Did We Invade Iraq?
15.Bush: God's Way of Proving Intelligent Design Is Full of Crap
16.Bad President! No Banana.
17.We Need a President Who's Fluent In At Least One Language
18.We're Making Enemies Faster Than We Can Kill Them
19.Is It Vietnam Yet?
20.Bush Doesn't Care About White People, Either
21.Where Are We Going? And Why Are We in This Hand Basket?
22.You Elected Him. You Deserve Him.
24.When Bush Took Office, Gas Was $1.46
25.The Republican Party: Our Bridge to the 11th Century
26.One Nation under Clod
27.At Least Nixon Had the Decency to Resign
28.Iraq, Arabic for Vietnam

I do apologize most sincerely to those who are offended by my politics and these sentiments. And it is good to note that if we did not have Bush in office, the temper of the times is such that we would doubtless have (s)elected another neo-conservative who earnestly and religiously feels that America is called by God to rule the world for its own good. I am an FDR Democrat who would dearly prefer to spend our nation’s tax revenue on strengthening our infrastructure and funding universal health care at home, and offering similar aid to the countries of this globe who need it. It is fine if you do not agree with me. This is America! I celebrate our differences.

At 8 PM, Mick and I descended the stairs to have dinner with Gary and Melissa and to work with Gary on the Homecoming plans and with Melissa on Avalon plans. Things are popping on both fronts.

We decided not to rent an a.c. unit, for the Homecoming tent, as they start at $2500 for a weekend rental. We would have to double our fee for the Homecoming in order to cover that cost. So we’re doing four big fans instead.

Gary also proposed making a centerpiece for the big tent "floor", which is grass,out of planted flowers in the chakra colors. It’s a great idea, and we made plans to investigate local supplies of flowers in the rainbow of colors we need. We also finalized the contents of the packet we’ll give out and also of Gary’s letter to the attendees on weather, etc., which he will send tomorrow.

Gary will get in touch with Steve F to ask to borrow one of his huge crystals for the center of the flower circle.

Melissa is coming along on Avalon’s chicken coop, having built the footings and the floor. We OK’d a budget of $400.00 for the rest of the project. Since the structure is large, 25’ by 18’ if I remember rightly, and 9 feet tall to allow for ventilation, I’d say she is bringing the building project off very inexpensively. Still at question is whether any old hen can be a bio-dynamic hen if fed with bio-dynamic feed and treated in bio-dynamic ways. The going price for a bio-dynamic chick is $30.00, imported from California. We have the offer of five local, year-old hens, already producing eggs, at a very low price, $5.00 each, I think Melissa said.

Really, it’s the chicken and the egg question all over again. The first chick raised bio-dynamically was obviously not bio-dynamic from birth. We’re going with the adoptive hens from right around here. The use of only local seed and stock is a bio-dynamic value.

We talked late and Mick and I came upstairs to say good-night almost immediately, bidding each other a fond adieu at 11 PM.


This was the day we broke the local hot-weather record! We have had 23 days of above-90 F heat in a row! The old record, which had stood for 75 years, was 22. And forecasts indicate we will break this record not by one or two but several days, as the sizzling August days move on.

in view of this lingering and massive heat wave, Gary has been arranging for an air conditioning unit for our outdoor Homecoming meeting tent, plus a fourth “wall” so that we can contain and preserve the cool air. The renting agency has promised to call back, but has not yet, so we shall have to make every effort tomorrow to secure that rental! It looks as though we shall need it. We also have fans to move the air inside the tent once it is cooled.

After Morning Offering, Jim took his Fierce-laden jugs of frozen water and set out on his morning’s work in the blazing sun. I spent the morning preparing the yellow-ray quotes for Homecoming and catching up with some e-mail. I’d heard back from Ron S, who for years had a website for wanderers, linked to our site. His site had gone missing last year. He wrote to say that his e-mail was in deeply troubled shape, which was why I could not reach him, and also to say that he had to take the wanderer web site down for reasons of his ill health. His perky attitude in the face of advanced diabetes was heartwarming. I wrote to thank him for all he has done for L/L through the years.

There were about a dozen friends to whom I sent catch-up notes, responding to their various bits of news and views, before Jim called up to say he was home for lunch. What a treat! We enjoyed the time together.

I am sorry to say that after Mick left for his afternoon of work, I fell fast asleep in my office recliner and missed most of my intended afternoon’s work. I suppose my little a.c. unit in the office cools me down to 85 or so up here, and there is a pleasant breeze from the overhead fan, but I think the heat got to me. I woke up miffed at myself! I managed to do a bit of work on Chapter 7 of 101 before bath time.

Gary worked very hard today at the admin helm, firing off about 40 e-mails and inserting photos in my blog entry for the Mackinac trip. Bob R wrote Gary to say that he is sending the photos he took, and Gary’s hoping that Bob’s images will fill some holes, so that people looking at the entry can get a better idea of it all. It ws such a landmark gathering!

Mick and I came upstairs for a lovely tryst after our bath, tuning into each others’ energy and playing together as we crafted our gift of fun and natural polarity for the Creator. We have gone from our youthful rompings, a quarter-century ago, to a much more refined version of energy exchange as we have aged (especially me!) and yet the power of our times together only grows as we gain mutual life experience.

A good supper, the Gaia Meditation, at which I offered the ending prayer, and a block of Star Trek Enterprise filled our eyes and ears until bedtime at 11 PM.


This sunny Sabbath day tied a 75-year-old record for the most consecutive 90-degree days in any August here in Louisville as the heat wave shimmers on. I finished the first draft of my Camelot Journal entry for the Mackinac Island gathering days and then wrote the entry for yesterday before coming downstairs to awaken Mick and work on the Sunday puzzles.

It was good to be back at St. Luke’s after a Sunday away. The choir sweltered through singing John Rutter’s “Jesu My Joy”, a pretty, contemporary rendering of 15th-century words. We prayed for Jamaica, an island which seems to be in danger of being totally destroyed by the storm bearing directly towards it.

Truly, the weather is wicked right now, in so many places around the world. It feels to me as though nature were playing out the intense and hostile feelings of so many of its nation-states who are making wars small and large around the globe. I pray we may gentle our hearts. Then, mayhap the weather, too, will abate its fury.

Mick had cleaned the house and done errands when I got home from church and we sat down together for a good lunch and the first of our films for the day, SherryBaby. Although Maggie Gyllenhaal performed exquisitely, creating a central character that rang quite true, the film suffered fatally from that character’s lack of intelligence or depth.

Sherry is a user who just got out of prison for thievery, to which she resorted to support her habit. In her world, she must pay for everything by means of offering sexual favors. It seems even her Dad has casually and routinely molested her. She never climbs out of the morass of her habit. Danny Trejo was also excellent in his portrayal of a fellow former user who has successfully gone straight, but who enables Sherry in a kind of bewildered attempt to help her. I was glad when the film ended.

Our second feature, a kinky mystery titled Premonition, was a far better film, although it, too, had lacks. Or perhaps it was Jim and I who were lacking. We never quite caught up with the intricacies of the plot, any more than did the heroine, played with style by Sandra Bullock. No one would ever leave the theater whistling after seeing this film, but its ending, though confusing, was one which bespoke hope. The ensemble was uniformly excellent, the characterizations seamless and the production values soared.

Mick and I took some time before viewing the last film we'd rented, Mick practicing for his pole vaulting and I indulging in a luxurious round of solitaire, a game I love and cannot play often in normal working days, as it eats up the time which I need for writing. Mick suffered a strain in one ankle while practicing his run-up, which may have ended his chances of competing at the Senior Games trials in Ashland next month. I am crossing my fingers and hoping he recovers.

We sat down to our third and last film,The Stone Merchant,in late afternoon. This was a film that grabbed me around the neck and never let go. I intensely disliked the plot line, as it seemed to me to be straight propaganda from Home Security, wailing about the dangers of Arab terrorism. In a world scene where the terrorism of our side is massive and ongoing, I found its shrill “Danger Will Robinson” tone ridiculous and its aspersions against Muslims misleading and wrong-headed.

That said, aside from twitchy cinematography, the film was a blockbuster. F. Murray Abraham and Harvey Keitel headed a cast of otherwise unknown but quite excellent actors in this tense adventure story about love and espionage. I especially liked the yoking of Keitel with Jane March and Jordi Molta in a doomed love triangle. It was by far the most effective film of our movie-glut day.

We offered the Gaia Meditation, had supper and happily ended the day snuggling with the cats. A simple day it was – church, Jim watering and watering our poor, arid acre, good food, good company and lots of movies. It was a terrific day off.


I had vowed to spend this day writing the Camelot Journal entry for the trip, and that’s just what I did, from after Morning Offering until Jim called bath time at 6 PM or so. I did not get the journaling quite finished, and shall need to finish that tomorrow.

The weather was much nicer after the big storm, reaching only into the 90s. Mick did errands in the morning and worked in the yard all afternoon, making things look their best. Carmen came to offer her volunteer time in the afternoon, and I put her to work on my sweaters, of which I have a large collection. She most kindly took the time to sort them out and fold them all neatly again, cleaning cat hair as she went and consigning several sweaters to the wash. It is grand to have my collection all ready for fall. Once the weather turns cold, I am never without a sweater. I love them so! Snuggly, cozy and soft, they are grand garments. And now I am ready for autumn. Thank you, Carmen!

After Jim and I bathed, Mick took a nap while I conversed with Carmen until supper time. Carmen reports that she may be moving soon, called west by some mysterious impulse. I was sorry to hear that, for we love having her here, but wished her very well. She left Camelot to find her apartment right after the Gaia Meditation. I read while Mick cleaned the kitchen and then we ended our day snuggling with the cats. We said good night about midnight.

2007-08-16 & 17

Thanks to a power outage that hit right at the close of my working day on Thursday, this entry spans two days. Our incredible, record-breaking heat wave finally snapped just a bit. The temperature was 105 at the airport, 107 here in Anchorage. Suddenly the skies lowered and 60 mile-per-hour winds tore through, followed by a hard, stormy rain. Lightning took out a tree at the end of our small street. The tree fell on an electric pole, taking the pole and all its wires down.

I am most grateful to Mick, who “stormed” upstairs to warn me to turn off my computer just five minutes before the winds hit. It was very satisfying to know my new writing was safe.

So: Thursday saw Jim off to the mowing after Morning Offering. I created the quotes hand-out for orange ray, for our 2007 L/L Research Homecoming, in the morning and, after lunch, worked on Chapter 7 of 101. Gary and I conferred briefly on the format for these hand-outs.

Then came the storm, and Jim and I went about finding flashlights and putting our food on ice. We had just bought groceries, but fortunately had only a few items needing cooling, as the carrots and cabbage can hold, and the turkey breasts were frozen solid, becoming “ice” to keep cool the remainder of our perishable food.

I used some of our “power-out” time to catch up on two thank you notes, congratulations for my friend’s daughter, who has given birth to an almost 10-pound son and seven other letters. Then Mick and I read and conversed instead of turning on the TV, offered our Gaia Meditation and spent a good deal of time figuring out how to sleep.

It was humorous that I, affected by the heat of the upstairs without air conditioning, moved to a basement guest room, the basement being cave-cool. Meanwhile Gary, whose room is in the basement, was affected by the noise of the generators which two of our neighbors have, which had kicked on when our power failed. So Gary ended up in the upstairs guest room.

I sleep very soundly, once asleep, and so I slept through the smoke alarm going off right outside my bedroom door in the basement. Gary, all the way upstairs, heard it and shut it off while I snoozed on.

I have had that tendency all my life and have slept through an amazing array of noisy bothers. The most outrageous example was long ago, when I was in college, when my parents’ friend was having her fourth baby, I “woke” to welcome her three other children, got them fed and put to bed and then awoke the next morning to wonder how all these people had come to be in our house! I had never really awakened during the episode.

My first husband discovered the trick to knowing whether I was awake or asleep when I had to rise in the middle of the night. He asked me, “Are you awake?” “No,” I told him. Sure enough, the next morning – in this instance I slept through a crackling garage fire at the back of our alley – I had no memory of the fire trucks or the fire itself.

After a night filled with many brilliantly colored dreams, I awoke to find that the power was still off. I had no backlog in the office except computer work, and my health is too guarded for me to be able to do physical chores like cleaning, so for me it was a day of taking naps, reading and working puzzles from a book of New York Times crosswords which Judy C gave me.

It sounds idyllic, and I tried to enjoy myself, but again the heat was soaring and i was soggy. In addition, I spent some useless time being aggravated that I could not get on with my regular work. We are up against a deadline in that Homecoming arrives quite soon and those quote selections for the handout need finishing so that Gary can make the packets up. It takes a while to print out and collate about 30 booklets! We have a packed Gathering this Homecoming.

We received a lovely thank-you note from Bob R, whose donation had made the recent L/L gathering at the Grand Hotel possible. He is already hunting for the next location for another such gathering. Now that’s good energy!

Jim and Gary had gone out for their Friday mowing fest after Morning Offering, and returned early, since many of our customers’ lawns are golden and stubbly, not growing at all. Jim and I used the last of the warm water to shower together after he finished his equipment maintenance schedule and, contemplating the hot house, we decided to go to a movie. It was the first time in seven years we have gone out for a movie, always preferring to see videos at home. We picked a dandy! “The Bourne Ultimatum” was chock full of action and we got the full effect on that big, big screen.

We came home to find that the power was back on! What a joy! I do not think we urban folk are at all ready for life without electrical power. We had no “Plan B”. It is something upon which to think at length. People used to live without electricity and do well. We need to have more readiness, so that if a natural disaster strikes, we can shift into pioneer conditions gracefully.

Mick and I gratefully had dinner from our own fridge and then enjoyed a date. After the Gaia Meditation, with me offering the ending prayer, we put the house back in order and snuggled with the kitties, saying good night at 11:30 PM.


The heat wave continues! Long-held local weather records are dropping like flies. Our low for last night equaled the normal high daytime temperature for this time of year. Yet after Morning Offering, Mick went to work as usual, and I am thrilled to say he came home in great shape at the end of the day after mowing a few of his lawns where his clients have sprinklers or water faithfully by hand– the rest are busy turning golden and crunchy – and taking down a pine tree for a customer. That sort of work always alarms me, faintly, as the possibility exists in any high ladder work for falls – not the tree but Mick! In the event, Mick says he nailed the job, the tree falling precisely where he intended.

Meanwhile I began getting the material ready for our hand-out booklet for the L/L Research Homecoming 2007. L/L has put on two Homecomings already, in 2005 and 2006, devoted to the chakras, and this is a third time through. It seems redundant, yet the attendees from last year chose this year’s topic, not we. i think it may be inexhaustible. The study this year will focus down on what the chakras tell us about who we are. That is a good platform for launching our Channeling Intensives and I look forward to working with this larger group of about 29 people.

I was able to finish the red-ray selections before lunch and send that work on to Gary, who is collecting them, editing them for me and then at the end, creating the total package of information for the gathering.

I started the afternoon by attempting to open and work with Steve M’s comments on Chapter 4 of 101. However I could not get the document to let me change it. Naturally, that won’t work! So I sent it back with apologies and a request to put it in a different format. I am not sure what it was, but it came with an Adobe Reader icon.

I found, when I began working on Chapter 7 of 101, that my mind was fuzzy on just how the rest of the chapter on the heart chakra should be arranged, and so I decided to spend my remaining work time doing foundation work. I took the outline of the chapter so far and cut-and-pasted in those categories all the quotations from my old quotes collection that fit. Once this was done, I had seven pages of unassigned quotes to work with. For each of those quotes, I jotted down its topic. I ended up with eight topics still to cover.

I took my time in sifting through these topics and the already written material and found a niche for five of these topics. This left three categories, and I could now see my way clear to the end of the discussion. I did not actually write new material today, but I prepared the ground for writing the rest of the chapter, and it felt really good. in works of non-fiction, it is handy if the author knows the ending!

It is also doubly effective work in that I have done most of the needed work for preparing the green-ray selections for Homecoming’s hand-out packet. All in all, this was a very good working day!

I must say, the noise of the work crews outside the house was horrendous today as they passed our house, laying sewer pipe on our street. The thuk-thuk-thuk of the toe ram told us they were there! However by the end of the day they had passed our house and we should have quieter days ahead.

Along the way, I did some e-mail. Renee C, my new UPI editor, wrote to assure me she’d changed the spelling on Bob R’s name in this week's article as I requested. Gary had noted that naturally I would like his name to have an “LL” – but it is spelled with only one!

The man who produced "A Book of Days", our web guy,Ian, wrote to say that we could order a few early copies of ABOD so that we could offer them at Homecoming, and Gary called blitzprint to find that this was do-able. We immediately ordered some copies. So by the end of August we shall be able to offer that sweet book for sale! I’m so stoked!

And I sent a couple of “love letters” to Gary and Melissa, thanking them for doing a superb job and discussing topics which are ongoing between us.

Gary and I consulted throughout the day on small details having to do with the upcoming L/L Homecoming. We decided to rent an air conditioner and a fourth wall for our outdoor "tent", in order to create a comfortable environment for the group's study.Gary also got fans to circulate the cool air. We also decided to accept three late-comers into the gathering, since we have rented a larger tent than we had originally planned.

I ended the afternoon working with snail mail at the desk and found wonderful, heart-lifting notes from Morris H, who had sent L/L a very handsome donation, and Romi, who had sent Jim and me a personal gift of cash to spend on a night out. Romi’s gift will be added to our Ashland fund. We now have saved back almost enough gift money to be able to pay our bills there when Jim competes in the Senior Games trials in Ashland next month. Zowie! Wow! What wonderfully loving people surround us! It is humbling indeed.

After our bath, Mick and I took in a fascinating edition of Democracy Now and some of Jon’s and Steve’s political satire as we dozed on and off, both of us weary from the day. Dinner, the Gaia Meditation and a kitty-snuggle ended our day and we said our bedtime prayers at 11 PM.


After a most restorative night’s sleep, I woke at 6 AM – a bit late for me. I had just enough time before waking Mick to write our web guy, also the producer of A Book of Days, to let him know that I had signed off on the proof. Yesterday I told him I saw an error in the text and he had written to ask me to find it so it could be fixed. So I let him know that I could not re-find a missing word in Appendix One in ABOD. Three times going through the text did not bring it up to my not-so-eagle eye again.

I also wrote the Camelot Journal entry for the day before our trip to the L/L Gathering on Mackinac Island. I ran out of time, the last day before travel, to do that and was catching up. Now to write a consolidated entry for the time of the conference! I shall use my early morning time for that, when it is available.

After Morning Offering, Mick sailed off into the sauna of our record-breaking heat wave to work. He said this was the last day of normal mowing until the weather lifts. Grass had been growing sluggishly, due to just enough scattered rain from time to time. With this latest dry spell, it has stopped completely. Fortunately, Mick says, he has a good many chores backed up and will be able to continue working.

I spent the morning and the first part of the afternoon writing my UPI article for the week. Then I spent the remainder of my work day on Chapter 7 of 101. It felt great to get back to that. I firmed up the section on which I had been working before the L/L Mackinac gathering and moved ahead into the next section.

Before I left my “desk” I sent Gary a request for him to set up Jim’s voice mail on his cell phone. I could not get Mick after calling him twice. I knew he would want to know that his manual hedge clippers were repaired. But I could not get through.A working voice mail should fix that.

I was quite weary by 5 PM and also sore of ankle. I cannot tell you how it happened, but I came away from the trip to our "grand" L/L workshop on Mackinac Island with a sprained ankle. I wrapped it this morning, but it throbbed all day. That sort of pain tends to make me wearier, as I have to exert some will power to work around it. Jim came in equally exhausted. We gratefully sank into a good hot bath and soaked our soreness away before coming upstairs for relaxation and Amy Goodman. I dozed through a CSI episode. We had dinner with Gary and then he left to see Valerie while we offered the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end, and finished our day snuggling with the cats before lights out at 11 PM.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

2007-08-09 through 13

Jim, Gary and I arose at 4 AM so that we would have enough time to make our Morning Offering before leaving. Gary and I said good-bye to the pussycats and Jim took us and our baggage to Louisville International Airport. We shared a light breakfast there before Jim went back home to begin his mowing for the day and Gary and I headed for security.

Passing through security, I encountered a new level of infringement of my civil rights. The security measures are paranoid these days. My purse, a large tote designed to hold my laptop, was declared suspect after being scanned. An agent took me aside so that he could search the bag. I knew there was no liquid substance anywhere in that bag because I had emptied the purse and packed it from scratch. So I was not nervous about the search. However the agent, a beefy, overbearing man, said that their scan showed that there was liquid there.

I started to open the tote for him and he physically batted my hands away. Then when he had unzipped the bag, I tried to pick up the two extra diapers Mick had stuffed in the top of the tote, just “in case”. The diapers were blocking everything else in the tote, so I reached for the diapers to lay them aside so the agent could see clearly into the bag. The agent raised his voice, loomed over me and said quite sharply that if I insisted upon touching my bag, I would be detained.

In the event, the culprit seen on the scan was a tiny, 3”-tall bottle of homeopathic “mag-phos” tablets, the kind one puts under the tongue to melt. I keep them handy in case of cramps in my feet. How is this going to become a terrorist weapon? Even if the vial had contained a liquid substance, how could the ounce or so that would fit into that bottle be dangerous to our country?

Folks, we have allowed our nation to be ruled by fear.

And the rudeness of the agent was deliberate. It is all about intimidation. The agent could have explained that the rules were such that I needed not to touch the bag as he inspected it. He did not. His object seemed to be to make me cower and cringe and let him, the uniformed agent of the government, do whatever he liked, abridging my simplest rights. THIS WAS MY PURSE! However, I had no right even to help the agent. And I do not doubt that he would have detained me if I had tried to help him further. It was a sad beginning to the trip.

Shaking off the foul taste of that encounter, we hitched a ride on a cart to our gate and had a fine trip, laying over in Detroit, looking longingly at a dandy storm pelting the city and wishing it were pelting Louisville instead, and then boarding another small plane which arrived in Pellston, Michigan, at 2 PM. A shuttle had been arranged for us by Bob R and it took us to the ferry, about a twenty minute ride.

The ferry had three tiers and Gary and I climbed to the top tier so that we could have an unobstructed view of Lake Huron during the 20-minute crossing to Mackinac Island. The wind whipped at our faces and suddenly the air was tingly and chilly, a most refreshing and bracing feeling after being cooped up in small airplanes and airports all day. The boat, a catamaran, lumbered over the chop with a good bit of bouncing sway, moving fairly smartly. We could see the Grand Hotel immediately, for it stretches across the landscape near the shore and we guessed that only one structure would look like that. It grew plainer to the eye as we approached, its stunning length and architectural beauty evident even from afar. As we pulled in to shore on the island, we saw the hotel in all its glory, its many flags flying and its white-painted veranda going on forever.

The year-round population is only 700 or so, but in the summer there are about 15,000 people there enjoying the beautiful scenery and the water. Since motor vehicles are not allowed on the island except for emergency services, we boarded a horse-drawn, open carriage which taxied us up the hill to the hotel. The main street of the village was stuffed with small shops and rental properties and teeming with people on bikes and other carriages carrying taxi fares and bringing all manner of supplies to the hotel and the other restaurants and smaller hotels on the island. We passed an historic lighthouse and a building which houses the center for the national park which takes up a good deal of the island.

Clip-clopping our way up the hill and passing many fudge shops, tourist shops and charming rental properties, we eventually came to the extensive grounds of the hotel, which was built in 1887, while John Jacob Astor was still trading in beaver pelts there. The golf course stretched out before us to the right, while on the left there were lovely gardens and walks everywhere. And flowers! The hotel owners have continued to plant the flowers most loved by the Victorians who first gardened there in masses that delight the eye. Even the garbage cans along the walks are planted on top with the geraniums that also stretch across the entire façade of the hotel.

When we got checked in, discovering that even our soap and shampoo were scented with geranium, we found that Gary’s room was fine, but mine still lacked the hospital-type articulated bed which was the cornerstone of my plan for staying comfortable during the workshop weekend. Gary checked in with the desk and they assured us that the bed was in the hotel and that the staff would have it set up by dinnertime.

I was feeling a bit hungry, as we had not eaten since before the dawn, and we strolled over to an outdoor bistro at the beginning of the hotel’s golf course. I had a cup of delicious lobster bisque soup to tide me over, while Gary chose a chicken soup. We sat and soaked up the ambience for a while and then wandered about the hotel, getting our bearings and giving the staff a chance to erect my bed. We came back to our rooms only when it was time to freshen up for dinner. The bed was still not set up. Again Gary asked the staff to set up the bed and they promised to have it done by the end of the dinner hour.

Going in to dinner at the hotel was a trip! Everyone is asked to dress for dinner there – dresses, suits or dressy pants suits for the women and a coat and tie for the men. Since most people do not wear such clothes often, we saw a lot of prom dresses and bridesmaid’s dresses on the younger women, and many fancy tops worn over pants for the older women. As well, there were some beautiful dinner dresses to be seen, including mine! I absolutely love to dress up for special occasions and have some pretty frocks.

They offer five courses at dinner, including appetizers, salads, soups, entrees and desserts. Gary and I had a lovely, waist-expanding dinner and then walked out on to the second-story veranda, where we were able to rest back in rocking chairs and watch the sun set while we chatted. The weather was simply heavenly the whole time we were there, topping out in the high 70s or low 80s in the day time and sinking to a comfortable 60 or so at night. The skies are dramatic, since we gaze out over the water’s expanse to the horizon. It is a big sky! When it was dark, we came back inside and had a glass of wine.

It was so much fun, wandering the nooks and crannies of the Parlor level, where the dining room is. There are a hundred places to sit and have a comfortable coze. The public areas of the hotel – the ground floor and the parlor floor – are chock full of places to sit and chat. The ground floor holds many shops, including a kind of grocery store, a tea room, a couple of art galleries and a clothing shop.

The parlor floor boasts a ballroom and the huge, mirrored dining room as well as a library bar and other small bars set up along the promenade. It lets out on to the veranda which stretches across the length of the hotel. Gary and I sat, first in the anteroom leading to the ballroom to hear the music, and then in the Library Bar. Our hope, again, was to give the staff time to set up my bed.

At 10:30 we assumed that the bed must be set up by now and came to our rooms on the first floor. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Again, Gary went down to the front desk and finally was able to get in contact with the people who had the bed, in part of the housekeeping section. They sent a man up with it and he put it together with Gary’s help. Sadly, it had been set up facing the wall instead of facing out into the room, so it had to be re-done. Then, when we tried to make the bed, we found there were no bed linens, just blankets. We called for sheets and they sent up one only. This meant that we had to un-make the other bed in my room to harvest a second sheet. We got that done and Gary said good-night at 11 PM.

I surveyed my room. In all the trips to the room to set up the bed, I had accumulated no less than three bedspreads and seven blankets. Every chair and table in the room held rumpled, tumbled bedding. We had pulled it all apart looking for stray sheets. I have a deep need for orderly surroundings, and this was not orderly! So I spent a solid hour folding and re-folding the bedding and centralizing it on the other bed. At midnight, I at last was able to lie down in contentment.

However the saga was not yet at an end. I was not strong enough of hand to unpin the safety latches on the windows, and loathe to awaken Gary, who was exhausted. Also, I thought my air conditioner unit was not operational because I could not locate the thermostat. The air conditioner itself came on about every ten minutes on a rising note with a very loud noise, Hah-Whooooom, but it was sound and fury, signifying nothing in the way of cool air.

After three solid hours of being awakened by this stentorian unit every little while, I gave up the attempt to sleep and called the front desk yet again. I asked for the night manager to visit. He came up and was very kind, for I was lucky enough to have the a.c. perform its roaring salute while he was there. And he beheld the small mountain of blankets. He wrote everything down, and I am happy to say that the next morning, the manager kindly took all room charges off for that night, except for the food, which is included in the room rate. They also fixed the air conditioner (showed me the thermostat) and put sheets on my bed which fit it.

Bob R, who had co-produced the weekend with Gary, was not in the hotel until the next day, having taken longer than he expected to drive his rented mobile home up from Detroit. We met him after our gargantuan breakfast. This was better food than a cruise ship’s, since we could enjoy the sights of the shore and wander wherever we wished. There is not a lot of wandering on a cruise ship! But the repast’s richness reminded me of the food on the one cruise I have taken, when Mick and I were married 20 years ago, in terms of the food’s bounty and its constant availability.

Gary and the hotel manager went over the arrangements for our meeting room and we changed it all around so that the chairs were in a sort of vee-shaped crescent, with the speaker’s chair at the top of the vee, instead of in rows. We were lucky that the tables they provided were the right size to do this easily.

Just as we got the arrangements made so that the room was welcoming and comfortable, Bob arrived. He okayed our decisions on the room. It was great to meet him for the first time.

We re-gathered with all the attendees in late afternoon. We talked around the circle, each person sharing what he and she chose to share, and formed that intentional, conscious circle of seeking that is so important to form right at the beginning of such a gathering.

It was a great group! All the participants were very familiar with the Law of One material. Anna was from Norway, a beautiful Viking women, tall, slender and blonde. Her blue, blue eyes snapped with energy and fun. She is a journalist and political activist, a Marxist in her politics and of the belief that the world should be re-formed under the banner of the law of One.

Janet (from another planet), as she distinguished herself from the other Janet in attendance,was from Maryland, where she is a computer programmer. She was especially interested in acquainting us all with the virtues of sun gazing.

JanE.T. was a peppy redhead from Alabama who makes her living as a performer, singing everything from rock to contemporary Christian music.We heard her band's cover of a Journey song she had recorded to CD which was so authentic that Gary was convinced it was the real Journey!

Mike, a long time friend of Bob R., was a railroad engineer from the Toledo area of Ohio.He was as gentle as he was kind, with a real passion for Xango juice!

Bob R, the co-producer, was also an engineer for the railroad, and hailed from Toledo. All of the above people were in their forties and fifties.

And then there were Gary and I to round out the group which started the weekend off.

After a good round-robin discussion, we had our first talk.

We had arranged with BBS Radio beforehand to broadcast my two speeches live, so I had to start on a count-down for the talk. This was a tad unnerving, but it went well. My first talk was on the inner or metaphysical aspects of 2012’s big shift in consciousness. It was well received both in the room and over the air, I am most happy to report.

Down for dinner we went, sharing a table together and getting to know each other better as we ate. Afterwards we wandered out to the second-story front porch and had a glass of wine together. There was a distinct feeling of coming home, something which has never failed to happen when people who love the Law of One material get together.

Our schedule was clear until late afternoon on Saturday, so Gary and I took the horse-drawn taxi down to the main street of the village in the morning, where we spent several hours just wandering and sitting, taking in the lovely breeze and sunshine, buying the fudge for which the island is famous to take home to Mick and Valerie – the natives call the tourists “fudgies” - and finding a couple of shot glasses for the lady who oversees the service department at Louisville Tractor, where Jim has all his mowing equipment repairs done. She collects them and is always delighted if I can find one to bring her when I travel.

Gary and I had planned to rent a bike which had a passenger perch on the back, so he could wheel me around the small port, but the last such bike was being wheeled away as we got to the rental shop, so we were on foot. I cannot walk well any more, due to many previous troubles with my feet, including several stress fractures, so we had to go very slowly. Gary was extremely patient with me and, by virtue of going slowly and resting often, I made it OK – except that somehow, I had sprained my left ankle. How this happened I could not tell you. I do not recall any sort of falling or stumbling which would have caused it. But there it was, bruised and swollen. It made my characteristic limp more complex! It was worth it, though! I had a total ball.

We ended up finding a place which, for the price of a soft drink, allowed customers to sit at picnic tables right at the water’s edge. We had a sublime time watching the waves and being distant witnesses to a wedding which took place while we were lounging there.

It was really interesting to see how a town works when there are no cars. The noise factor is way down! No honking, no motor noise, everyone mellowed out. It was sweet! There were a jillion bicycles on the road, as that is how everyone gets around there unless they walk or take a carriage. Sometimes it got quite congested, with tourists taking over the streets, but everyone was good natured and cheerful.

There must have been three dozen fudge shops along Market Street! As well, there were all sorts of other stores, a medical center, a church and many lovely Victorian homes which had mostly been turned into bed-and-breakfast places. Children were everywhere. The Grand Hotel has a day-long children’s program, which allows the adults to leave their children for the day and golf, swim, ride horses or whatever suits their fancy. Even though the room rates are screamingly expensive, the hotel is always booked full. It really is a wonderful experience to be there. I recommend it highly.

We reconvened in our meeting room in mid afternoon for Janet Planet’s discussion of sun gazing – a good web site to check into that is - and then for my second speech, which concerned some outer aspects of 2012. Again the broadcasting aspects of the event went smoothly, although we had to fiddle extensively with the telephone to get a good connection.

Just as I was finished with my talk, William Henry, the other speaker for the gathering, arrived. He offered a most fascinating talk on love, faith, unity and sun power which blended with my speeches as though we had planned the flow beforehand, which we had not.

With William had come two more attendees, Chad and Lisa, our youngest members. Where I was in my sixties and all but Gary were in middle age, they, like Gary, were 30-ish, Gary being younger by three years and they being a couple of years older than 30. They were interested in organic farming. So we sat down to dinner with ten at table, a really nice group, and did full justice to the groaning board.

It was hard to tear myself away from the conversation on the porch after dinner, as we sat with our wine and enjoyed the evening and each other, but at last I could tell it was time to lay my body down. I felt reluctant for the day to end, as it was perfectly beautiful in every way.

J.P. led a sun-gazing expedition early the next morning, which I did not wish to join, as I am allergic to the sun and have been known to break out in hives if I look at it directly. However I am convinced that there is a good deal to the practice. Janet herself is certainly a good witness to its benefits, which include brilliantly good health and weight loss for those with a few extra pounds.

After a communal, massive breakfast we assembled for Henry’s second talk, in which he played with ideas for creating a metaphysics based on the sun. His presentations are enhanced with Power Point presentations in which he has collected images from mythical, philosophical and religious systems throughout the world to underscore his message. Again, I cannot recommend his work highly enough. His web site is

After a short break, during which I was able to tune, we created the circle of seeking once again and had the channeling session which ended the workshop. It was a powerful circle indeed! I was buzzing for quite some time after the end of the channeling, buoyed by the energy of the circle. We were not able to broadcast the channeling because the time slot was already booked. However Gary captured it on tape and it will show up soon on our web site. Gary has since sent out all the tapes of speeches and channeling to our volunteer transcribers, so the wait will not be long.

Anna especially wished to have a closing ceremony out amongst the beautiful flowers in front of the hotel, and so while waiting for the check-out process to be completed I wrote one, creating it along the lines of the one Ra gave us for walking the circle in the Law of One sessions.

We formed our circle in the midst of the hotel’s Triangle Garden, where the hotel had left a notch of lawn amidst the thousands of flowers so that gardeners could weed and replant, walking the circle as we spoke the words together. After the formal ritual, we all stretched our hands to the sky in joy, praise and thanksgiving and then offered our prayers around the circle, holding hands.

Bob had handsomely invited Gary and me to join him, Anna and the two Janets for a ride back to the Pellston area, where we were due to check into a motel and then fly home early the next morning. Anna bought us all lunch at a little seafood place at the shore, and then we wandered down to the beach, where Gary waded in Lake Huron while the rest of us sat on benches and soaked up the sun. We had enjoyed wine with lunch, and continued to become merry throughout the afternoon, only very reluctantly parting when it was time for Gary node I to check in to our motel for a scant night’s sleep before coming home.

Gary and I never did eat supper! We were saturated with the glut of food we had ingested during the weekend. Instead we two, who seldom hang out for a whole evening with no work in front of us, sipped on the remainder of the bottle of wine which the crew had given us as they dropped us off at the motel and talked deeply about many things. It was the perfect end to the weekend, as we gazed at the lovely skies deepening to dusk, twilight and then the night with its starry skies. I had my body pillow with me, and placed it under me on one of the motel’s chaise lounges and was very comfortable.

I slept like a log, needless to say, when we did hit the hay, but not for long! Our plane left at 6 AM! We rose at 4, were on the shuttle to the airport at 4:30, I with my Morning Offering done, and happily, we took off on time. On the way home we stopped in Detroit and then Chicago, and Gary did yeoman’s service pushing me for what seemed to be miles of corridors. We did enjoy the psychedelic corridor in Detroit, with its waves of hot pink from the ceiling rolling over the shimmering blue-green expanse of the walls.

Gary had said that if we could collect all our bags when we landed in Louisville, it would be a perfect trip. I think he was psychic! The airline lost one of my bags and we had to delay our ride home so that we could report it. The missing bag showed up about three hours later, and was taxied out to us by the airport staff.

Gary crashed immediately into bed upon returning to Camelot, where he reported he would explore the inside of his eyelids for some time to come. Mick and I lingered for hours before we went to bed, enjoying each other. Mick had called each night for our evening prayers, but we had been apart for five days – a most unusually long time of separation for us. We had a bath together and then a date before coming down to supper, the Gaia Meditation and a last snuggle with the kitties before saying good night at 11 PM.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


As our heat wave settled in for a long visit, Mick and I made our Morning Offering before going to work, he to mow and I to catch up the lost time on preparations for the trip to the L/L Research gathering on Mackinac Island. I created a hand-out version of the quotations database I had gathered for my Outer Shift speech, editing out some quotes and arranging the remaining quotes so that they followed the lines of my talk. I got that to Gary some time after lunch.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon putting together the enhanced outline of that speech, choosing the quotations which I wished to include in the talk itself and then going over the speech outline again, mentally offering the talk and noting the places where I wanted to add more information. It was perfect timing: I finished my work and was printing it out when Mick called bath time.

Gary joined us for dinner and the Gaia Meditation after Mick and I had enjoyed a sweet tryst together, transferred enough energy to bring me to the moon and back, let alone Mackinac Island. Gary asked, “Are you ready to go?” I grinned and told him that I needed to pack yet. Wide eyes from the Bean man, who was already perfectly prepared! And of course I could never have gotten it done by myself. But I had Mick to help, and he has packed with me for dozens of events and knows my needs.

As we sat and conversed before the Gaia Meditation, I made lists for what I needed in clothes, non-clothes and in my purse. With the lists to help us both, I gathered each outfit – accessorizing the main garments with shoes, socks and underwear – while Mick gathered items such as the hot pad, small bible and hymnal, extension cord, flashlight, my computer and all its cords, its mouse, extra batteries and my cell phone charger.

By the time he had collected and packed all of that non-clothing, I had gathered a few full outfits and I was able to keep one outfit ahead of him until we were finished packing. My dinner dresses are all silk, or polyester masquerading as silk, and I chose day outfits that were also of a fine texture. By making no bulky clothes choices, I was able to take everything I wanted to bring and still have a loosely packed suitcase.

The second suitcase will hold my washing-up kit and my great big, body-long pillow, which I call Buddy, since I hug up to it as I sleep each night. It is a wonderful invention for those of us with sore joints, as it cushions everything, especially the knees and the neck and shoulders. I really cannot do without that pillow! At 10:30 I could declare, most happily, that I was all packed and good to go.

We relaxed and snuggled with the kitties until 11 PM and offered each other our last good night kiss for a while. We will pray together each night I am gone, as is our custom, before we go to bed. But it is hard to kiss long-distance! Mick said he was actually looking forward to having some alone-time! It is rare that he is alone in the house, and for a loner, this coming weekend has its attractions for him!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


What a day! Our local record for high temperature fell, as the area’s heat soared to 101, breaking the record of 100 which had stood for 76 years – since 1930. Our night-time low seems set to break a record also for highest low. And the forecast predicts another rash of records falling in the next two days as our heat wave continues. I just pray that the ones most often taken out by heat – those elderly poor who feel they must barricade themselves into their urban homes to prevent being victims of theft – may survive this period. I doubt that anyone within this large area of massive heat would debate the reality of global warming today. We set a record last summer for the number of days in the season over 90, and that record is also falling either tomorrow or the next day.

And Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s record for career home runs by making his 756th dance around the bases to home plate against the Washington Nationals at AT&T Park. That record had stood since 1972, when Hank Aaron swiped it from Babe Ruth. It was moving that Aaron had given a message to Bonds which was played while he stood there and cried openly. He got a ten-minute ovation from the crowd.

I feel really sad for Bonds, even in his triumph, because of the drug-testing he has refused. Looking at the massive upper body of this guy, it is easy to assume that he has indeed used illegal steroids to "bulk up". His repeated refusals to be tested have added substance to this assumption. So, like Pete Rose, whose fault was wagering, he will probably never make it into baseball’s Hall of Fame.

After Morning Offering Mick sailed off on his knight-errantry, his beau geste being the beautification of his customers’ various lawns. I am thrilled to say he did well, thanks to the copious amounts of water and Fierce which he poured through his body. After a day like this one, he weighs less than he weighed in high school!

Meanwhile I reluctantly begged off writing my UPI column today, as I needed the time to finish preparations for my talks at the L/L Research Gathering in Michigan. That cleared my day, except for taking my dear Stanley Subaru to be serviced early in the morning and picking it up after Mick finished his work for the day.

I worked my way through the 36 pages of quotations I had collected in order to saturate my mind with the Confederation information on the planetary shift on or around 12-21-12 in the morning, creating a rough outline for the speech after labeling each quote according to the gist of it.

After lunch, I finished creating the basic outline, needing only to insert the quotes which I would use in the actual presentation. Before I chose those quotes, I wanted to thin down the number of quotes and create the same kind of hand-out for the attendees as I had for the Inner Shift speech.

However that hope had to be abandoned. Traveller Too froze up, so that nothing worked, not even the right-click on the bottom bar which closes applications. I waited for three minutes to be sure the auto-save feature had kicked in – I have it set to auto-save every minute – and rebooted the machine.

All was going well, with the auto-save feature showing my documents. I selected them and saved them and also told the auto-save window to stay around in case I wanted to look at the documents there again. And then the high strangeness factor kicked in. When I reopened the outline, it was blank. And the auto-save window was nowhere to be found. Gary worked on the problem for a good hour before he reported no joy. My work had disappeared. I had to begin again.

I did a good bit of inner work this afternoon! It felt like a really good psychic greeting, and the aim of such resistance is not only to slow one down but to discourage and sour one’s attitude. So I kept moving to a place of inner thanksgiving whenever the aggravation of the moment began to get me down. Blessings come in many forms and at the end of the day I had reconstructed the outline for the speech, and, I believe, improved upon it a bit.

So my day ended well, but I did lose the time. I shall now have to work on the quote selection for the hand-out and also for my Outer Shift speech tomorrow, when I had hoped to have the day to talk the speeches through. I think this to be a minor problem, however, for at the worst, I shall simply not get to present all my material. That’s my biggest fault as a speech maker. I love this information so much! And so I generally put too much into my talks, not really getting to all my material.

Before I left my desk – well, I actually work these days in my chair, with the computer on my lap, to avoid making my shoulder problem worse, but the recliner is in my office – I sent Gary the best date for a channeling for Dave G. I also sent him the Inner Shift hand-out quotes which he had sent me for review after reformatting, adding one quote, so that is now finalized. And I asked him if he would send notice to our mailing lists that we will be webcasting my two speeches at our L/L gathering on Mackinac Island via BBS Radio. Lastly, I asked Gary – who is clearly a serious work-horse – to write a note to all our local meeting attendees, letting them know of our schedule change. We are holding the public meetings this year at 8 PM on Saturday rather than 4 PM on Sunday.

Mick and I bathed and relaxed for a while, and then it was time to tune for a channeling session for Gary, the “work horse” who mans the helm at L/L Research. We had a good session, I think. He was asking about the dark night of the soul or “The Purgative Way”, and how to work through it skillfully.

That took us to the Gaia Meditation, after which we dined and conversed for a while about our upcoming journey before saying good night. Mick and I enjoyed our kitties and each other and sought our beds at 11 PM.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


As the heat soared to 101 F, Jim went out to mow and garden after Morning Offering while I came upstairs to my bower office to pursue finalizing my two speeches for the L/L Research Gathering on Mackinac Island. Stopping only for lunch, I finished the work on the Inner Shift speech and then edited down the quotes I had collected in preparing the speech until every one really popped. Then I sent them to Gary for reformatting – my practice when collecting quotes for an article or speech is to separate them by dotted lines, for the eyes’ easy viewing of each one.

Gary was able to remove all the dotted lines except one, and that one little line really stumped him for a while. Eventually, he says, he was able to remove it using “Borders and Shading” choices.

Tomorrow I shall finalize the Outer Shift speech and pare down the quotes I collected in order to prepare that speech from a whopping 36 pages to some saner length. My idea with both sets of quotes is to offer the attendees a handout which gives them more than my speech can, in terms of quotations that delve into the subject from various angles.

I did a bit of e-mail before I left the office for the day. I sent a thank you note to Melissa for the picnic. She really knocked herself out getting everything more than ready and made it a wonderful occasion and I wanted to express my gratitude. I also wrote Gary requesting that he create a letter for all of our local meditation group, inviting them to our new season of public meetings, starting the second Saturday in September. We will be awash in Homecoming on the first Saturday.

And I let Carmen know that Mick has asked for solitude next weekend, since Gary and I will both be at Mackinac Island. Mick will be alone in the house for the first time in years and wants to take advantage of that and settle into some deep alone-time. She and Romi often visit on Saturday to volunteer and then have a nice meal and some conversation with us. I wanted to call that off for this one day. Ro will still be in Czeska, so I do not have to notify him!

Gary had the very good idea of preparing a little gift for Bob, the co-producer of the Mackinac Island L/L Research Gathering. He has gone to immense trouble to be sure that I am comfortable there, getting a hospital bed organized so I can sleep comfortably at the Grand Hotel, finding a comfy chair for me and on and on. we settled on giving him one of my song-and-story tapes and a cute thank-you card. I spent some time decorating the envelope. It is a nice little gift for a fine man.

Mick and I did our mat exercises and bathed before resting back into the evening’s special TV fare: a block of Star Trek Enterprise episodes. It was a heavenly, quiet, restorative evening. I offered the prayer at the end of the Gaia Meditation and we turned out the lights at 11 PM.

Monday, August 06, 2007


The Sabbath dawned bright and brutally hot, the heat index rising above 100. I sweltered in my choir robes but greatly enjoyed the service at St. Luke’s this morning. Meanwhile Mick had made the house spiffy and clean and neat as a pin by the time I returned.

We enjoyed lunch while we watched “Rocky Balboa”, a last chapter in the famous "Rocky" film series. Sylvester Stallone, the eponymous star, also wrote and directed the film. Stallone is a far better director than a writer. I think most stars are at their weakest when writing screenplays for themselves. Nevertheless I enjoyed the story and applauded the gritty sentiments of working to move forward against any and all opposition when one’s heart is set on something.

We plunged into the second of our films immediately and had a wonderful time watching “Infamous”. It is a look at Truman Capote’s life during the time he wrote “In Cold Blood”. What a film! Toby Jones was brilliant as Capote and a host of Hollywood’s best actors formed a complex and fascinating counterpoint to the main story, which had to do with Capote’s writing of the book. The screenplay was sensitive and witty and the ensemble work was as good as that of Altman’s films, which also tend to have casts the size of a small village, all of the players being well known in their own right, but leaping at a chance to do some very tasty work together. I just loved it.

After the second film, Mick set about some chores. I came upstairs to write the Camelot Journal entry for yesterday, which had gone un-done because I slept so late and never got back to doing the entry yesterday, due to being swamped in picnic preparations. Mick came and got me before I had a chance to write the Avalon Journal entry for yesterday, so I shall need to do that tomorrow morning.

We stretched for about 20 minutes, doing our mat exercises together, and then bathed and had a lovely tryst, after which we came downstairs to watch some music on Link TV and to dine. A Jackie Chan movie, "Rush Hour", was on and we spent the remainder of our marvelously refreshing day off enjoying the silly antics of Chan and his sidekick, played well by Chris Tucker.

After offering the Gaia Meditation, with Mick offering a most inspirational prayer at the close, we ended our day with Jackie and a kitty snuggle before lights out at 11 PM.