Monday, July 31, 2006


Sunday was a true Sabbath today as, after my church service and Jim’s house cleaning service, we settled in for an afternoon of movies, our summer-Sunday treat. It has been a wonderful summer of such Sundays, affording Jim especially a real break from hard, physical labor – and giving me a break from creative thinking! My critical faculties were in full swing, however, as always!

I got a bit of early morning work done before church. I tried to post a note to all the forums on B4, discussing the temporary removal of the B4 site, apologizing for feeling the need to do so and thereby inconveniencing users, and thanking Jeremy for his excellent service as web master on B4. However, somehow, my password had gotten upscrod and I could not get on the site. Happily, Gary has some admin time tomorrow and I will ask him to post the notes for me. I also got the Camelot Journal entry posted.

The rest of the day was relaxation all the way, with three movies to charm us. After the first movie, Jim and I did some mail. After the second movie, we had a good walk around the yard, finding my next weeding chores and talking about the situation with our neighbor to the south.

Jim then created a very just and gentle letter to Lee concerning a conversation Lee had with Jim. Lee’s latest bright idea is for us to move our satellite dish. He finds it unsightly, which is humorous, considering the ugliness of the construction site we have been gazing at in baffled consternation for two and a half years. Jim found that it would cost fifty dollars for the company to move the dish, and informed Lee that when Jim got Lee’s check for $50.00, he would engage the company to move the dish. In actuality the dish is almost completely hidden by our Rose of Sharon hedge.

I loved Jim’s ability to project a gentle and kindly feeling and still create a sense of integrity and fairness.

Gary had scheduled a talk with Jim and me for the evening and we enjoyed a leisurely and probing conversation about Gary’s future plans. Gary is considering his overall goals and is at a point in his life where he needs to make some choices. We think the world of Gary and assured him that we would encourage him in whatever his decisions were, concerning college and his future path within the world and with L/L Research.

Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation which we shared at 9 PM and then it was time for Jim and I to call his Mom in Nebraska, which we did before retiring to our beds for some good snuggling, kitty-cat-patting and good nights.

I shall attempt to post this entry to the Camelot Journal blog as well as to B4, as tomorrow’s entry will need to be posted to the blog only, as the B4 site will come down. It will be good to have a practice run! I shall wait until tomorrow, when Gary the admin is available for consultation, to try that! That address for the journal is http:\\

The photograph today is a little vignette of Jim’s Lawn Service, with a rose in the foreground. You can see, from the vantage point of the rose garden between the driveway and the large fish pond to its north, our driveway with Jim’s lawn service truck and trailer, the maintenance ramp and the house beyond. The 10-gallon cans sticking off the truck are Mick’s homegrown method of protecting his weed eaters when they are at home. He does not drive around with those on, as they would certainly fall off. But it protects the weed eaters from the rain when the rig is resting.

I love this little photo, as it rather captures the juxtaposition and harmonization of the worldly and the sacred in the lives of Jim and me and Gary here at L/L Research. We work hard, and yet the perfection of the plan is often evident to us for moments and even hours at a time, as we weave our worldly chores into sacred service and our humble and casual thoughts into a tuned expression of devotion and the offering of our lives to the Creator.