Thursday, July 31, 2008


It was lowering this morning when we awoke, and after Morning Offering I had a hunch that it would rain this morning, although it was not forecast. I suggested to Mick that he mow one of his customers right away, out of order, as she does not like her grass cut when it is drizzling. He was glad that he took my advice! Just as he finished her lawn, here came the rain! He was rained out for two hours, but found good things to do at home, and ended the day with all his customers mown and trimmed.

I pursued my Great Office Clean-up today. In the morning I finished selecting the hymns for Maria R’s children’s choir. The hymnal which still remains to copy pages from is heavy, so I asked Gary to do the copying. He said he will get to that within a couple of weeks. I think I gave Maria sufficient hymns when she was here in June that she has enough to tide her over until this big batch comes. I’ll also ask my choirmistress, Lisa, if she would like to share from her collection of children’s pieces.

In the afternoon I began looking at the wonderful books which Janet F donated to our Library, then had to break away to go to Absolutely Salon and get my toes and fingernails groomed for the month. Gary and I finished the unpacking after I returned. I am happy to say that except for duplicates with books we already have, we welcomed all her books and other media. Our diet/health section will be much amplified, as well as the sections on energy work, especially Qi Gong, and crystals. Janet is a touch therapist, and her donation reflects her interests.

Gary gave Mick and me a report on his meeting with the generator installer. Our power goes out often here, as we live in what is virtually a forest and branches come down on the wires even on clear days - forget about stormy ones! It’s expensive, but so is losing our food and having to eat out, again and again. We’ll talk it over with our trust officer, Doris, before deciding. I will also see if I can get a prescription for a generator from my G.P. Certainly living in the extremes of heat when the power is out exacerbates my health concerns.

Gary offered a sweet prayer at the end of the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It was a slow and languid day for me, much like the steam-bath weather outside. Janet F. stopped by with five boxes of books to donate to the L/L Research Metaphysical Library and stayed to chat until lunch time. So after Morning Offering my morning was devoted to relationships, and that’s the right priority.

In the afternoon, I wrote my journals and did a bit of e-mail. Jude R wrote with questions about the status of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, and I answered her, noting that we are at pause until Steve M finishes reworking the session summaries in the Table of Contents.

I wrote Ian concerning my experiences with the new features on, telling him there were no glitches whatever and that it recognized me when I logged on and called me by my user name, kindly informing me as to what had been added to the site since I last visited.

And I forwarded a very upbeat video clip from Tony Robbins speaking on MSNBC to Janet, since it was quite synchronistic with our conversation of the morning. That address is He has good things to say about the coming of 2012.

Then I embarked on another item on my Great office Clean-Up List, gathering some good hymns for children from my various hymn books – I collect hymn books, as I love a good hymn better than sweet wine! I got partially done before bath time. Maria R has asked that I send her some, as she is trying to lead a children's choir and has no funds for song books.

We had a real disappointment today. Various fans of the Law of One material like Gary B, Toby W and Jeremy W would not be disappointed at all, as they thought selling a book by infomercial was tacky. However Mick and I were thrilled at the thought of selling Living the Law of One 101: the Choice on TV, as it promised publicity, something I have never managed to gain any skill at garnering on my own.

But Bill Hay called and said that he no longer felt that it was a good idea to do this. This puts us back at square one on selling the book. We will self-publish it, but we have no idea how to advertise it, beyond making the people on our mailing list know that it is available. We can only hope for good word of mouth.

Sigh! I had this fantasy where one of my books finally created a solid income stream so that I could hire Gary and Mick full-time for L/L Research and have Mick retire from the lawn care business and Gary could retire from serving at Cracker Barrel. I’ll keep the fantasy! It is a good one.

Meanwhile, Mick slogged through the heat and humidity and got all his mowing done. He’s hardened to the heat from working in it all the time, and he hydrates himself with gallons of water and Fierce. So he was doing well. Then he climbed up on a high ladder and cleaned a customer’s gutters. Since heat rises, you better believe that was hot work! It finally got him, and he came home, did his daily equipment maintenance and had a restorative nap before bath time.

I asked Gary to schedule an L/L Board meeting so that we can share our news – that we are low on donations, and that we now have a new book to produce and sell – and find some solutions. And I am happy to report that we have a bit over a month of money for fees, not a bit over a week. I goofed and reported things as being worse than they are. It’s good news! We still need the donations, but it is no longer a crisis! Whew! Praise the Lord!

I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


As the temperature and humidity soared, after Morning Offering I spent my early office time working on and sending an information request to my MacDuffie classmates, preparatory to writing a class update for everyone next Monday.

Melissa and I went to the Napa River Grill for an Avalon planning session and lunch and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. I congratulated her on finding four wheels for Avalon’s farm truck, a Ram, for $35.00 apiece. It is a savings over new ones of $55.00 per wheel. The wheels are 16’s, the standard size, so now our new tires will be about $70.00 cheaper per tire. Kudos, Mel!

In the afternoon I played around on our archive site,, since our web guy has recently installed new features. It was amazing just how much new material is up on site now. He has all the teaching sessions from Channeling Intensive 1 up in text form now, and all the Channeling Circle sessions from both CI-1 and CI-2 are available. The Channeling Quotes Database for use in CI-2 and subsequent Intensives is up. Every session that I have edited lately is up. And there are ever more French translations of the Ra sessions on line now, joining the Chinese translations.

As well, he has given the reader a chance to register on the site with a user name. that way, when you go on line and check “recent updates”, the site tells you right off what has been added since you last went to our site. And you can book-mark within the site. Plus, you can now choose the size of the fonts used on site. It’s wonderful! Please do go and surf about a bit, and enjoy the new features.

Mick drank Fierce and water by the gallon and came home triumphant, having finished everything on his schedule for today despite a 2-hour rain delay in mid-morning. Go Big Mick! After our bath, we enjoyed a long-delayed date and frolicked to our hearts’ content in the fields of the Lord. I should say, our energy bodies frolicked! The physical gymnastics of days past are not now for me! But we play with the energy as we exchange it with all the joy that used to accompany our much more active lovemaking.

I used to wonder what people did in terms of sexual energy exchanges as they grew older. Now I know at least one way two older people are handling it. It’s still hot, and Mick still rocks my world!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the end of the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Let me begin this entry by sharing the fact that we are low on funds in the L/L Research account. We have had massive bills both on tractor repair and on truck repair, plus buying insuranace for the truck, in this last month. They will help Melissa on Avalon a whole lot, but they have been expensive to restore to working condition. We now have only enough in the bank to pay Gary, Melissa and Pam for another week.

I had hoped that we could squeak through until Homecoming, when people will be adding attendee fees to fatten the account, but it doesn't look like the money will stretch. So if you have been feeling particularly fond of our material and service lately, please consider donating! Thank you so much!

It was scorching-hot today, making my offering of singing in the choir at St. Luke’s an offering of perspiration as well as love and devotion to Jesus.

It was great to see Lydia back at church. She was born with abnormalities in her jaw which could not be corrected until her body had matured to a point near enough adulthood so that the operation would work, and that day finally came. The operation went well, but then she had to endure 6 weeks of having her jaw wired shut and eating through a straw. I was so glad to see her back!

However, despite her return to the soprano section, I was asked to sing soprano too, and there were high A’s in the offertory. Fortunately I was having a soprano day and was able to do my part with the sweet song, “Wrap Me in Thy Spirit’s Tether”.

Mick had the house sparkling when I returned, and over lunch we saw our first of three films, Vantage Point. Starring Dennis Quaid as a somber-faced, steely-eyed Special Services agent guarding the President of the United States, ably played by William Hurt, the thriller used the device of looking at a catastrophic terrorist attack involving the shooting of the President and the bombing of a Spanish building during an anti-terrorism summit in Salamanca from several different points of view. Layer upon layer of intrigue was added as we saw the same 23 minutes from half a dozen witnesses’ points of view.

The film was a dandy, with excellent ensemble performances backing Quaid’s iconic performance by Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker, Edgar Ramirez, Saïd Taghmaoui, Ayelet Zurer, and Sigourney Weaver. Forest Whitaker offered an especially moving portrayal of a civilian whose camera becomes a plot point and who saves a little girl who inadvertently helps resolve the threat.

The real star of this film was the writer of the screenplay, Barry Levy. His writing was brilliant, Oscar-calibre. The production values were excellent, the direction was taut and it came in at just over an hour and a half long. I loved this film!

Melissa came down from Avalon and we watched the second feature together with her. It was Honeydripper, an evocative, richly musical film about the American deep south of the ‘50s. Danny Glover plays the owner of the Honeydripper Lounge while Stacey Keach reaches new extremes of stereotypical bullying as the town sheriff, who is determined to run Glover’s character out of business. His performance was highly evocative of Ben Gazzara's in the Patrick Swayze film, Roadhouse.

In fact the film is a web of stereotypes and fails to say anything new about the abysmal prejudices of southern small towns. However the film is saved by the music and the thoughtful, fully formed characterizations of Glover and the skilled ensemble that surrounds him, which includes Lisa Gay Hamilton, Yaya Dacosta, Charles S. Dutton and Vondie Curtis Hall.

Melissa had sad news for us. Avalon’s rooster, Russell Crow, escaped yesterday from the coop and crossed the creek, disappearing into the woods. All of Mel’s attempts to round him up only made him run further. She found a pile of feathers this morning which indicated that a coyote had gotten him overnight. Since we lost two of the chickens to an infection a couple of weeks ago, it was doubly sad.

So we offered a memorial service for our feathered babies, using the Episcopal Church’s rite for the funeral of a child. At the end I sang “Old Blue”, a southern folk song derived from the Childe ballad, “Who Killed Cock Robin”. To paraphrase, “Here, Russell, you good rooster, you!”

Our last home-screened film of the evening was Grace is Gone. I loved this film! John Cusack plays a man whose wife has been killed in the line of duty while she is serving in the Army in Iraq. His performance was superb. I have never seen him act this well. As he struggles to find the words to tell his children about their Mom’s death – and fails for almost the entire films to communicate what is on his heart – he uncovers layer after layer of character and illumines his portrayal with emotional depth and loving insight.

His two children are played beautifully by the young actresses Shelan O’Keefe and Gracie Bednarczyk. The music was especially effective and when the credits ran, I found that Clint and Kyle Eastwood were responsible for the understated, non-intrusive and perfectly tasteful background which consisted largely of piano pieces. And the screenplay, direction and cinematography were splendid.

Over dinner we decided to watch yet another film on the tube, Jerry McGuire, a film about communication also, but with a far different timbre in the telling. I’ve seen this film before and liked it. The second viewing just deepened my appreciation of the performances by Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Renee Zellweiger. It takes Cruise the whole length of the movie to get his athlete the right contract and to say, “I love you,” to his girl. And he makes you want to cheer when he does both. It is a most endearing film.

Gary joined us for supper and the last film and offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


It was a steam bath today outdoors, the sun shining intensely – a great Saturday for enjoying summer in Kentucky. After Morning Offering Mick cleaned the kitchen and did a round of errands in the morning and mulched plantings in the yard in the afternoon.

I acknowledged that I needed to take the day to rest, and enjoyed myself, napping, reading and reworking a few recipes.

Gary was at the L/L Research helm today, finally catching up to the Inbox and feeling au courant for the first time in a while. We enjoyed dinner together and I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


After Morning Offering, Mick and Gary went into the bright, Edenic sunshine to do their big day, coming home triumphantly early, a bit before 2 p.m. Gary spent the rest of his work day creating our food for next week while Mick did his weekly maintenance on his mowers and other lawn equipment and then worked in the yard until bath time.

I had a very slow day of it, being still unwell. I had the White Castle burgers for lunch as planned but this time, they did not have the desired result. However, I finished the editing on Channeling Circle session 7, which was recorded on June 8th during the second Channeling Intensive. It was the weakest session the Circle has done, to the point that I footnoted it, as some information therein does not gibe with the 1500 or so other sessions collected by L/L Research over more than 30 years. However this is to be expected with new channels.

The question had to do with the discernment of spirits, and there was a heavy bias on the part of several channels in the group towards recognizing the spirit without the need to challenge. There is always the need to challenge: this I have learned from hard-earned experience as well as from the channeling received. I believe we will do more story-telling at the next Intensive before tackling more informational questions.

I heard from Lana L-B that she likes my idea for framing the book she will begin writing in August. She had told me that her problem with writing this book, in previous failed attempts, was that her basic in-your-face personality, which is a wonderful, sparkling thing, got in her way. She would want to embrace the reader with wisdom but found herself getting sarcastic and basically shouting at the reader to wake up. I suggested that she create two roles, the wise teacher who could embrace her children while offering her highest and best wisdom and her rowdy student, who was naturally sarcastic and tended to rant. I really hope it works for her.

I heard from Romi today that he will stay another two weeks with his Mom in Czeska, as she is having tummy troubles on top of her recent hip replacement surgery. I wrote to ask him about our BBS Radio material. Romi routinely takes care of sending them an audio version of a session a week. However he has been gone longer than he planned by two weeks already, and I want to make sure BBS has a constant supply of our sessions and does not have to repeat. I asked the Ro Man to share his protocol with the Bean Man so that Gary can take over this task while Ro is gone.

Doggone it! I had to turn down a date with my beautiful husband this evening! I was far too busy clutching my poor tummy. Hopefully things will come out all right for me by tomorrow!

We particularly enjoyed watching the Colbert Report tonight, as he covered the Lambeth Conference, which is taking place this week in Lambeth, Great Britain. The big to-do that is rocking the Anglican Communion world-wide stems from our having an openly gay Bishop here in the United States. We have, as was pointed out on the program, always had gay bishops and priests, but they were so far in the closet that their shoes didn’t show!

This bishop has had the same partner for thirty years and is a lovely guy who has impeccable pastoral skills and is much beloved by his diocese. But some conservative elements in the church feel that unless you are heterosexual you are doomed to burn in everlasting fire – a suggestion which seems quite silly to me, and typical of the problems you run into when you try to take every word of the Bible literally.

The consensus of the report was that the Anglican Communion wants to stay united, and so it will undoubtedly do so, despite threats of schism over this issue.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Friday, July 25, 2008


After Morning Offering, Mick mowed, gardened and trimmed branches, reporting, when he came home at the end of the work day, that he would love to see the glorious weather we had today again and again! However he noted that the grass is starting to yellow. Under the summer sun, the earth dries out quickly. Please, Lord, send us another sweet and soaking rain!

I edited all day, finishing the Channeling Circle session for June 7th and starting on the one for June 8th. I was feeling unwell, and was grateful to fall asleep in my chair twice, as the rest did me good. However it cut down on my productivity. I will eat lunch at the White Castle tomorrow. That should cure my tummy woes, due to the reaction my body has to their little burgers. They are locally known as belly bombs, and deserve the name.

I got a great piece of e-mail from Rho M, who runs Scott Mandelker’s web site. She sent me a copy of the revised standard version of the Bible! Now when I need to find a quote, I can cut and paste directly from the on-line Bible, saving myself the typing. Since my channeling frequently refers to Biblical passages, I footnote from the Bible often when editing the sessions.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


It was a gorgeous day in the southern part of heaven, with low humidity and a high of 84 F. Rain was a possibility that did not transpire, except for a brief shower in the early morning, and after Morning Offering, Mick got his mowing and gardening done and had the time to do some work around the house before bath time.

I edited the fifth Channeling Circle Session, which took place on June 7, during the Channeling Intensive 2. It was an interesting session. I sent that on to our web guy to put up on line. For the rest of the afternoon I added to my office clean-up list, tended to e-mail and took an inadvertent nap in my mama-chair here in the office.

We heard from our beloved Romi that he must spend more time in Czeska, as his Mom now has some tummy troubles which are making her very sick. She is also recovering from hip-replacement surgery. We miss him!

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation, for which Gary joined us. We lingered to converse until bedtime.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


More rain had fallen overnight, which gets our area back into the comfort zone. We shall not need to water for a week or so! It is great to have the rains still coming, this late in the summer. Some years, this is a draughty time. Mick had one shower to mow through in the early afternoon, but otherwise his day went well.

I am pursuing the Great Office Clean-up and after Morning Offering I spent the early hours finishing my snail mail correspondence. Now that felt great! I ran myself out of stamps up here in the upstairs office and felt triumphant!

After lunch I re-did my to-do list and after perusing it, decided to catch up the e-mail first, before tackling any remaining items, since the Inbox included requests from Ian for decisions regarding the disposition and labeling of materials taking place in the Channeling Intensives, plus mail from Jude regarding the A/Q material. All in all, I responded to ten letters.

I intended to work with Maria R’s request that I find some good hymns for children, but inadvertently changed plans by napping in my chair. This was a blessing, although certainly not efficient of me, as I have been sore of tummy today and the rest helped.

After discussion, Mick and I decided to look further into having a generator hooked into our house's power system. Our power goes out with some frequency due to our virtually living in a forest. Branches can fall on the lines even when there is no storm! And this has happened to us twice recently. The cost of such outages mounts up quickly. In the long run, it might be smart to get a generator. Gary volunteered to look into it, stating with succinct truth that it would be sweet!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick set out to mow between the raindrops, getting thoroughly soaked once but finishing his work for the day in good style. I wrote thank you notes in the morning. Then Melissa and I went out for a planning session at O’Charley’s.

We chewed through the issue of tires and rims for our newly donated Dodge Ram truck. It currently has very bad tires and they all need to be replaced. The current rims are 16.5s, a non-standard size, which makes the tires quite a bit more expensive. It would be logical to buy new rims in the standard size, which is 16. However the truck has over 100,000 miles on it. And the current rims are in good shape. It’s a close call. It is also expensive, either way! But the truck will be a blessing for Melissa on Avalon Farm. It is a big, sturdy workhorse.

We also decided to put off our annual picnic on Avalon until the leaves are turning and it is a bit cooler.

I then spent the remainder of my afternoon at the skin doctor’s, where I waited for over an hour before finally seeing the doctor. I had two moles removed that had sprung up over the past few months. I suppose they are evidence of my childhood summers, where I swam and played in the sun without worrying about getting too tanned. I never lay out and invited a tan; I was just an active child who loved the outdoors. Today, more is known about the sun’s tendency to produce skin cancers and a child’s skin is usually treated with sunscreen before outdoor play in the summer sun.

Mick and I came together for a bath and then a date, sharing vast waterfalls of energy and feeling very blessed. We shared some dinner with Melissa and Gary before she left for Avalon. Gary offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

Monday, July 21, 2008


After our early-morning time of puzzles and newspaper perusing, Mick cleaned house while I sang the service at St. Luke’s.

Over lunch, we half-slept through The Final Inquiry, a film about the supposed investigation into the crucifixion of Jesus the Christ by Rome. Daniele Liotti was very good as the tribune sent to determine whether Jesus rose from the dead.

Also very good was the music, which haunted and played with the ear, not overwhelming but filtering in as part of the background. The costumes were seamlessly appropriate to the period and full of color and movement. The cinematography of the Holy Land was excellent.

So why did we keep falling asleep? The weak spot in the film was the script. It was the joke told when the punch-line is already known, and it rather nattered on. Perhaps it is the difference in cultures. The film was originally released in Spain, and in Spanish.

Melissa came for an overnight stay and joined us for popcorn and our second film, Cassandra’s Dream. Where has Woody Allen’s sense of humor gone? Where has his sense of drama gone? Colin Farrell and Hayley Atwell played hapless working-class brothers who kill a man for their uncle and then spiral downwards into self-recrimination and tragedy. OK, no comedy there. But if the story is a tragedy, I should feel some modicum of pity and terror. Instead I felt an increasing lack of interest. The moral, I take it, was that the times are increasingly violent and that the violence is increasingly meaningless. Tom Wilkinson rather stole the show with his portrayal of the uncle who covers amorality with easy rationalizations.

Gary joined Melissa, Mick and me as we joined over 100 parishioners from St. Luke’s at the Louisville Bats’ baseball game. Our choir sang the National Anthem, with Mick attending my wheelchair and mouthing the words, since he was not up for learning either the tenor or bass part. Lisa, our choirmistress, complimented him on a great final cut-off! He said he "Milli Vanilli'd" the anthem!

It was a delightful evening, although stifling hot and very muggy, over 95 F at Slugger Field. I love the atmosphere of a baseball game. The crowds are always happy and the vendors make a grand business out of selling their beer and cotton candy to the crowd. I enjoyed seeing one woman of color who was carrying her giant cookies in a huge basket on her head. Now that is a skill not often seen in Kentucky!

The Bats were on their game, beating the Knights 9 to 4. We left early in the seventh inning and missed the Bats’ last three homers because it was coming on to rain. We could see the black skies to our north and west and as they crossed the river, we took me and my wheelchair out of the raindrops’ way.

And it poured! Mick was so happy! We were getting desperate for rain in these parts. The ground was cracking and the grass was beginning to yellow. By the time we got home, the downpour was mostly finished, but we probably got a quarter-inch of rain in that short time, enough to replenish the earth and feed all our grasses and plantings. And it is likely to rain more tomorrow evening! Jim’s Lawn Service thanks you, dear Creator of the rain!

We arrived at Camelot just in time for the Gaia Meditation, at which I offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick cleaned the kitchen and did his round of Saturday errands while I wrote some thank you notes for birthday gifts I received earlier this week.

After lunch, Mick and I both succumbed to sleep and enjoyed side-by-side naps in our living room love seat. Mick then braved the mid-nineties heat and watered and trimmed and in general made our yard shine. He has plans to include some more plantings in several of the beds before Homecoming. I puttered with reworking recipes and answering just a couple of e-mails, one to Ian concerning his arrangement of the material for Channeling Intensive 2 on site and one to Jude concerning a couple of last corrections to the body of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues.

Gary joined us for the evening, sharing a pleasant conversation and watching Pride and Prejudice on the tube with us. He offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I did it! Today is the day that, for 10 precious minutes, I had an empty Inbox. After Morning Offering I came upstairs and worked until 2:33 by the clock, stopping briefly for lunch. I wrote a total of 31 e-mails today! It felt so good to crack the backed-up e-mail at last!

I spent the rest of the afternoon compiling a fresh to-do list for cleaning up all the hard-copy office piles. I went through those suspiciously tall piles of paper and sorted them into letters to write and chores to do. I wrote it all down, and then began to tick items off the list. I got all the way through item 2!

Meanwhile, Mick and Gary powered through their Friday mowing. Then Gary mowed our grass while Mick went back to St. Luke’s to finish the cutting there. They had been unable to complete the job earlier in the day because of the children arriving for summer bible camp. And then they polished off their afternoon’s work with Mick doing his weekly equipment maintenance and Gary cooking curried chicken and rice and a vegetable dish.

Mick and I came together at eventide for our bath and then a date, exchanging energy with great love and thanking the Creator. Then we came downstairs to enjoy dinner and a block of Star Gate SG-1 and Star Gate Atlantis episodes. Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Friday, July 18, 2008


In a post-birthday haze of good feelings, after Morning Offering I once again worked on e-mail all day, finally getting to only ten people left to write by the end of the day. Ironically, I was not able to send any of these missives. Something is upscrod in my e-mail software. I can receive letters and I can use the internet. However, my letters won’t go out. These are the times when I miss Romi the very most! He’s in Czeska tending his mother after her hip replacement surgery. Hopefully when I reboot, the problem will go away.

Gary was at the L/L Research helm today, and Mick worked with his usual Thursday customers’ yards and gardens. He is having to do a deal of watering now, as the sun is baking the soil and we have not had rain since last weekend.

We especially enjoyed The Colbert Report tonight, with his signature good-natured tomfoolery half-masking the sharpest news report around shy of Democracy Now. And after the Gaia Meditation, at which I offered the closing prayer, we wound up the evening enjoying VH-1’s program featuring The Who and those who covered their songs. Quadrophenia is one of my favorite albums of all time, and Tommy is not very far behind. It was a great show honoring a fine group of musicians.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


It was my birthday today and I had a lovely day of it! After Morning Offering I came upstairs to try to gain on the e-mail. I did well at that, reading or viewing and then deleting 13 “forwards” and responding to eight e-letters including a darling e-card from Jean-Claude K.

Mick got an early start on his morning’s work, and by 12:30 he was ready to head down to Shelbyville to cut Steve F’s grass. Gary very kindly offered to come with Mick and help him mow that big place, which meant that the job was done in half the time! I went along just for the drive and hung out in the car, reading. Mick and I had time to take our whirlpools and lounge upstairs before getting dressed up and going to Volare’s Restaurant for dinner.

Mick gave me a whole box-full of clothing in my new and larger size. We had arranged it so that I selected some very-best buys from a deep on-line sale at Draper’s and Damon’s. Then he wrapped them and I conveniently forgot about them. It was a wonderful bunch of clothing and I can’t wait to try everything on! I also received a lovely bracelet from Pupie H-B and a cowgirl shirt and some cash from Mom McCarty. And from Gary, I received a ticket to the upcoming Dave Matthews/Willie Nelson concert. Mick got the matching ticket on his birthday.

It was an entirely satisfactory 65th Earth Day! I blew out the candles - a taactful 7 of them - on the sweet little cake Mick had bought and gave profound thanks for all.

Mick offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The temperature was kissing 90 F today, but the humidity was still low, so I enjoyed getting out and about as I went to Images Salon for a birthday facial and then to Absolutely Salon for a new manicure, the color matching the suit I will wear tomorrow for my birthday dinner at Volare.

It was a banner day at the computer as I finished the great e-mail clean-up. Unfortunately I now have as many e-mails as before – about three dozen – so I must admit defeat in terms of seeing the Inbox emptied. At least these are new. Perhaps I shall take the morning tomorrow to clean some of them up.

Mick put in his day with vigor and joy, making his customers’ yards look their best, and Gary was on hand at the L/L Research helm. Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


As the fine weather continued, after Morning Offering Mick set out on his long work day – every other Monday, he has an extra couple of customers – while I came upstairs to my bower office to continue to reduce my stack of e-mail letters to answer. By the end of the day, I was down to owing seven people a letter from the old mail. Unfortunately for my statistics, nine folks have already answered this round of my e-mails, so I don’t suppose the Inbox will ever be entirely empty!

All in all, I responded to eleven people and about two dozen letters and forwards today. I hope to wind up this e-mail clean-up on my birthday, day after tomorrow, as tomorrow will be taken up with appointments for the most part.

Mick and I rendezvoused for a whirlpool and then a date, transferring an amazing amount of energy and resting in the afterglow for quite a while before coming downstairs for our dinner and a block of Star Trek, Second Generation episodes. I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Our Sabbath was gloriously sunny and we enjoyed our respective mornings, I at church and Mick wielding the vacuum cleaner and duster – our habitual “cleanliness is next to Godliness" tag-team.

In the afternoon and evening, we viewed four films – or rather two and two halves! We first watched a gadget-rich sci-fi film. Its name is Sunshine. The premise was that later in this century, our sun starts to die, so a mission is sent to the sun to drop a bomb into the sun in order to create a sun within the sun which then rejuvenates the whole.

The gadgets are the stars. The director, Danny Boyle, and the producer, Andrew Macdonald, have created a film where the stars are the special effects. They drown the movie in virtual visual splendor. The actors, in a cast headed by Cliff Curtis, Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, Hiroyuki Sanada and Rose Byrne, have a paper-thin and highly derivative script from which to work. The did a workmanlike job with it. I was glad when it was over, but by virtue of Mick’s falling asleep within minutes of the film’s start, we did watch this one all the way through.

Our second feature was a fine film, The Color of Freedom, which told the tale of Nelson Mandela and his guard, James Gregory. The script is adapted from the book by Gregory, Goodbye Bafana. Dennis Haysbert played Mandela with sober dignity. Joseph Fiennes played his guard and Diane Kruger played Gloria Gregory, James’ ambitious wife. The ensemble was tight and the music in the film was delightful. The film highlighted the apartheid in South Africa and celebrated its eventual ending, and Mandela’s release after 27 years of imprisonment for his activism, as the ending of the film. The direction was a bit stodgy, but then so was the situation being portrayed. It is hard to get a lot of dramatic movement from a man in a cell. They did well with the material.

Our third film was obviously an excellent one. Everything about The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was first-rate. The cinematography was wonderful, every shot beautifully conceived, the lighting most artistic. The direction was transparent, letting situations develop with a natural pace, which is to say, a very slow one. The acting was fine. Brad Pitt made a convincingly amoral thief with a nasty temper and Casey Affleck created a particularly delicious Robert Ford, whose every thought and word was sleazy and whose oily smile covered a million plans for self-aggrandisement.

There was one problem. The film went on and on, for two hours and forty minutes, and the characters were, to a man and occasional woman, utterly ungrateful. There was no one to which to cleave as the sympathetic character. Everybody was a rotten person. While it is fun just to look at Brad Pitt in his Western gear – the costumes were magnificently accurate to the time period – it stops being fun when he pounds yet another hapless yahoo into the ground for no particular reason. After about an hour’s viewing, Mick asked if we could watch something else instead.

Mystic River was playing on the tube and we watched that also for about an hour before Mick tired of the constant drama. I enjoyed what I saw of the film. Sean Penn was excellent as a distraught father and Lawrence Fishburn, Kevin Bacon and Tim Robbins were all equally fine in ensemble in this police drama. Cline Eastwood directed it with panache. This film popped! The emotional pitch remained high throughout, but the pace was such as to sustain the emotion completely.

However Mick faded as the yelling and screaming scenes kept coming up, and we ended our evening with a black screen and conversation. We called Mick’s Mom after the Gaia Meditation, at which Mick offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


It was a fine Saturday, with rain in the morning to feed the dry ground and sunshine in the afternoon. It is the most humid day yet. To step outside is to break a sweat! God bless Kentucky summers!

In the morning, after a lovely, late rising and Morning Offering, I pecked away at my e-mail, writing 5 letters while Mick cleaned the kitchen and ran errands. In the afternoon Melissa and I finished going through my summer clothes, sorting out those that still fit my increased girth from those which do not and are bound for Goodwill. Meanwhile, Mick scored a power nap and then tackled the yard, weeding his way through the afternoon.

When we came down from our after-bath cuddle time, we found that Melissa had decided not to stay overnight – a surprise to us, and we were sorry not to have said good-bye. We found an old movie, Fried Green Tomatoes, which we had never yet seen and enjoyed it thoroughly. Jessica Tandy and Kathy Bates were delicious in their roles of an old lady recalling her youth and a younger woman providing a listening ear, and Mary-Louise Parker, Cicely Tyson and Mary Stuart Masterson were equally excellent in their supporting roles. Stan Shaw was eloquent and poignant in his role of the abused man of color. There were Oscar-worthy performances throughout the ensemble.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


After Morning Offering, Gary and Mick went into the hot and sunshiny morning to power through their biggest day of the week for Jim’s Lawn Service. They finished around 2 p.m. and then Gary spent his afternoon cooking up a salmon loaf and cauliflower in mustard sauce while Mick did the weekly maintenance on his mowers and then finished his afternoon working for a customer on weeding her flower beds.

Meanwhile I spent my morning editing Gary’s letter to our Homecoming 2008 attendees. We are asking the attendees to send in their proposed topics for discussion. It was fun to work on Gary’s prose, as he has a great sense of humor and writes a very disarming letter indeed. Hopefully, all the attendees will have chosen their topics by mid-August so that I can prepare some Q’uotes for each topic we discuss.

In the afternoon I went back to my Inbox to continue to attempt to empty it. It does not help that everyone I write seems to write me back immediately! I heard from Julian D. that he was awarded a salutation for Ethical Hero of the Month for his work with the Alzheimer’s Association by You go, big Jules!

The other highlight of the day’s e-mail work was a remarkable 18-minute talk by Jill Bolte Taylor which Gary sent me. She is a medical doctor who went through a stroke taking mental notes the whole time, and she gained amazing insights which can help us all to live the Law of One. I came away so inspired! The link for this very informative video is Then look for jill_bolte_taylor_s_powerful_stroke_of_insight.html.

At the end of the afternoon I had answered 8 letters and had 15 people left to write. I’m gaining on it!

Mick and I shared a beautiful date together before we came downstairs for dinner and the Gaia Meditation, at which he offered the closing prayer.

Friday, July 11, 2008


On this picture-perfect day, with temperatures gradually rising to 90 but with low humidity and abundant sunshine, after Morning Offering Mick worked his way through his mowing schedule and then finished the complex hedge-clipping job he had begun yesterday. He came home tired but happy, pleased with his developing deftness in hedge trimming, which he says is an art.

Meanwhile I continued my office clean-up, still working on the Inbox. I wrote a dozen personal e-mails, thanking people for their forwards, responding to questions and generally sharing energy with my beloved friends.

The highlight of the day was a surprise e-mail from a friend of Don Elkins’ whom I had not seen since the mid-seventies, Frank O. He thought of our work and just had to make contact, he says. It was terrific to hear from him.

He was with Don when Don flew to Giant Rock to meet George Van Tassel, the builder of the Integratron, and also George Adamski, another early contactee. The Integratron was supposed to be an age-reversal machine. However it did not work. It looked, Don said, like a giant chicken coop.

Frank was also the witness to Don’s arm turning blue one night during meditation, when Don was astonished to find his own arm moving, quite involuntarily, rapidly up and down as it lay on the chair arm. Later channeling indicated that ETs were “winding his coil”, as he had grown low on energy. The Elk loved to tell that story to illustrate the high strangeness factor in doing research into UFOs.

During the afternoon Gary heard from Bob R that Bob had rejected our proposal for a Williamsburg gathering. The problem here is basically money. An event like this requires a good bit of pre-production. Space in a hotel must be rented and so forth. Since L/L Research has not proposed this gathering or chosen the topic and venue, we are not willing to foot those bills. Usually the sponsor of such a gathering takes responsibility for the pre-production costs and then reaps his profit from attendee fees. It may be that Bob turns the gathering into an event for William Henry only. Henry is a good speaker and I certainly recommend the conference to any who are interested.

I am relieved not to be doing an additional gathering this October, for we will just have come through Homecoming 2008, over Labor Day weekend, and will be looking forward to the third Channeling Intensive in early November. It will be good for me to rest up between those two events.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


After Morning Offering, Jim set out for a long day’s work, mowing all his customers and then taking on the trimming of a complex series of hedges for a customer with a very intricately planted yard. He got more than half of that chore done today and says he shall attempt to finish the job tomorrow.

Meanwhile I spent the day working on The Great Office Clean-up, focusing on e-mail. I started the day with sending to Gary all the topics that were requested by last year’s Homecoming attendees on their way out of that fine Gathering. We’re in the process of forming the curriculum for Homecoming 2008, and I would like to get going on creating the study guide to accompany our discussions soon. Hopefully, more attendees will chime in with their preferred topics in the next week or two. So far we have meditation, insight/intuition, polarity and witnessing as topics. It is a fine start.

In the course of responding to personal e-mail I ran across an interesting web site for kongen water. Check it out if you like at It seems to be a very good product – water that has been processed to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In my quest for becoming more physically comfortable, this water seems to be a very promising resource. The gadget that creates the water looks like a coffeemaker, so apparently there is a distilling process involved. However, whereas distilled water is acidic, kongen water is alkaline.

Gary had sent me a request for more information after I asked him to hunt up my song-and-story version of The Journey. All in all, I wrote four stories, with song lyrics, for gifts to my parents back in the seventies. Then my brother Tommy put the songs to music and sang them with me as well as reading parts of the stories.

In addition to The Journey, there was Engelbert and Stella – the Christmas story seen through the eyes of a cow and a donkey – Jenny, the story of a Christmas tree angel, and This is the Day, a story revolving around Easter themes. The only story-and-songs we have transcribed so far is Jenny. I would like to get the other three stories/songs transcribed and put them up on our archive site in text and audio versions. So I set Gary to hunting up those old audiocassette tapes.

I also wrote a very short article about how the 1955 Picasso sketch of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza came to be L/L Research’s logo. Gary had asked for that a few days ago, and I got to that writing today.

Ian wrote to say that the archive site now has an options page, so that people can choose how they see our site. So far he has rigged it for various font choices. Now he is working on offering color choices, so people can decorate the site as they prefer. I think it is a great idea! Please go and play with it! And let him know if anything misbehaves, so he can work out any glitches.

Altogether I responded to 16 people, cutting the Inbox down to only 28 people with perhaps 50 e-mails – some correspondents are fond of forwarding interesting articles, jokes or inspirational writing, so I have a good bit of listening and reading to do in some cases before responding to the correspondent. I honor the practice of forwarding information and inspiration. We are all busy people and when we run across something that reminds us of a friend’s interest, it is only natural to want to send it along, even if we do not have time to write a letter to go with the forward.

After the e-mail is brought up to date, I have some awesomely tall stacks of items on my desk to deal with, so I am thrilled to have a few days of uninterrupted time in which to get this clean-up done. There are creative and editing projects awaiting this clean-up but I would like to get current with the small stuff before starting another big project. Thank heavens for this little bit of time before I need to take up Homecoming preparation and other projects.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick sailed away to do his day’s work of mowing and gardening. I spent the morning editing a Channeling Circle session which had been transcribed and sent in, the first one from Channeling Intensive 2. I am finding these Channeling Circle sessions very interesting indeed and I think as we do more Intensives, we will be creating a good series of sessions. I am tickled that they are going so well!

In the afternoon I had a good, long talk with Gary about the October gathering in Williamsburg, and in the evening, Mick joined in for a second round. We hammered out a proposal for it.

My later afternoon was taken up by swatting away at my burgeoning Inbox. Aaron T had written in with a couple of suggestions for topics for Homecoming 2008, and I wrote to thank her. Gary had inquired as to the naming and ordering of the Channeling Circle sessions, which I am numbering as a single series rather than breaking them into those created at CI-1, CI-2 and so forth. I let him know that, and asked if I was correct in the number of sessions we’ve had so far. And I wrote Joan A, who, along with Aaron, is the very best of our transcribers, concerning a personal question she had.

In late afternoon I went to Images Salon for a haircut. Ah! It feels so good to get coiffed! I always know I look my best when I leave Jazz’s chair. I made an appointment for Dianne also, for six weeks from now. She and I will try getting haircuts together. It sounds like a great plan!

I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Mick was dodging rain just about all day, with a sharp, heavy shower at 10 in the morning and drizzle all afternoon, but he worked around the raindrops and got everything done in good time, somehow!

After Morning Offering, I found that the transcript of my teaching session on tuning at Channeling Intensive 2 last month had found its way to my Inbox. I worked on it and by bath time, it was edited and sent in to our web guy. What a joy to have that final session in hand! Thank you, Aaron T, for a double-speedy job on transcribing that!

I heard back from Barbara B, the literary agent (as opposed to Barbara B, my co-channel for Aaron/Q’uo) concerning the time it takes for a literary submission to be considered. Apparently, time flows slowly in the publishing business. She advised me to give the publisher a full two months before inquiring further. I let Ba, Jude and Steve know that. And I cleaned up one remaining editing question on that fine manuscript.

Steve M also had written some musings to me about a possible project he was interested in tackling after his upcoming retirement, and as it had similarities to thoughts of my own, I took some time in late afternoon to talk by e-mail with him about the concept of an on-line store which offers many links to good vendors of the New Age area besides ourselves. He had noticed that there really is not a trustworthy source on the web for evaluating such vendors and felt that such a site might be helpful to seekers. I think so too!

After our whirlpool, Mick and I experienced what has to be the single most amazing energy exchange of our lifetime! We were struck silent by the majesty of it! Thank you, Lord! I have the feeling the Lord was thanking us as well!

I passed a tiny milestone today, reworking my last recipe in the vegetable section of the database. Now, no matter what Mick decides to choose for his weekly menu – protein, starches and vegetables – all the recipes are reworked! The bulk of the database, with its many categories of foods, from appetizers to desserts, still remains for me to rework. And I have not yet worked with the beef, pork and lamb recipes in the "meats' folder, since Mick never chooses them, preferring turkey, chicken and fish. But it is a good feeling to know that now all the recipes I have lovingly collected over the years for our most used categories are available in their refurbished form.

I offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Monday, July 07, 2008


A delightfully lazy Sabbath day dawned hot and humid. I skipped church today, since there was no choir, and wrote my journals in the morning after doing the Sunday puzzles, while Mick cleaned the house and made her shine.

Our first film of three was Partition, a film reminiscent in musicality, beauty and feeling of Out of Africa. This film, however, dealt with the partition of India into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan after India won its freedom from the British Raj in 1947. Kristin Kreuk was wonderful as an Indian Sikh who changes his religion from Sikh Hinduism to Islam in order to live with his wife in all-Muslim Pakistan. Neve Campbell was excellent also as his wife. If you like sweeping epics and sad love stories, go see this film! Director Vic Sarin also co-wrote the screenplay and his loving touch is everywhere.

Next came a slimy, nasty little film called Fierce People. The premise is interesting: a high-society clan in New Jersey is compared with the primitive African tribe of the Ishkanani. The realization is clumsy and trivialized, brutishly exaggerated and fumbled. I came away shuddering. The evil of one of the characters especially cast a pall over my afternoon and wore off only slowly, like a nightmare from which one is glad to awaken.

I am not saying that preppies are all good people. They are often manipulative and nasty people. But the cliché of type was so overdone as to be rendered silly.

After an enjoyable break, where Mick sharpened all his mower blades and I reworked some recipes, we attended the St. Luke’s "Pignic", featuring home barbecued and “pulled” pork and the fixings. The highlight of the evening, at least for me, was watching Fr. Joe get dunked a couple of times by children's accurately aimed balls. It was warm enough that I imagine the dunkings felt good!

We came home to find that Melissa had come down to Louisville for a real shower and a movie, and we shared the third film with her as night fell. It was a moving, true story rendered for the screen by Julian Schnabel. It has deservedly won several awards for Best Foreign Film. Mathieu Amalric played Jean-Do Bauby, the fashion magazine Elle’s editor, with supreme panache.

At the age of only 42, he experienced a debilitating stroke and became “locked in” – paralyzed from head to toe, unable to speak and only able to blink his eyes. Nevertheless, he used that eyeblink to create a novel, also the title of this film, with the help of two amanuenses who laboriously went through the alphabet again and again while he spelled out each word of his book. Bauby died ten days after the novel was published, so he was able to hear his rave reviews as he succumbed to pneumonia.

The film is visually lovely and the ensemble is excellent. It is not an easy film to watch – I chafed at the endlessly repeated alphabetical strings – but it is a good one.

Mel sailed off for Avalon and her chicks after the Gaia Meditation, at which Mick offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


It was a lovely day, sunny and mild for Kentucky – mid-80s F. Jim spent a part of it working in the yard, planting caladium and coral bells and reworking the driveway end of the low stone wall that embraces our planting bed along the gravel strip of parking by the road. When the sewer people trenched their pipe in to hook up with our house’s plumbing, Jim dismantled that end in order to avoid problems. They left the area in good shape, seeding it and laying straw over it. Now Mick has the little wall all replaced and better than ever – he took pity on me and started the wall further from the driveway, leaving me more room to back out.

After Morning Offering I pecked away at the e-mail all day, mixing that pleasant activity with reworking recipes and taking a couple of inadvertent naps. I’ve been sleepy all day for some reason! But I did thirteen letters. A couple more days like this one and I will again be current with my mail.

I spent most of the afternoon on one e-mail, since it is central to the issue of whether or not to continue to plan a gathering in Williamsburg. I consulted with Gary twice and St. James once, trying to find my heart of heart’s desire on this one. We’ll see. What I found out for sure is that I have come to be a person who requires payment for her traveling and teaching. I did not used to do that. I have gone many places just to serve, with no thought of remuneration, for four decades.

What has changed me is the recent addition of an admin and a bookkeeper to take the load of daily duties off of my shoulders so that I can do creative and editing work. I love having them do that! I really love having time to write on new projects and to get old projects finished. These last two years have been wonderful! And they have been productive as well. I have written a book, finished the editing on two older books and penned a year and a half’s worth of articles on various topics.

It takes funds to pay Gary's and Pam's fees. So now, when I think of traveling somewhere to speak, I am also thinking about receiving an income stream to reward my effort. I was brought quite low by this quelling realization. I told Mick, “I have become one of THEM!” I am a philistine! A round of whited sepulchers for me and my greed, bartender!

We live and learn! Never did I think to leave the high road of total service to others – until I started having to pay bills! That changed everything. So be it.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Happy Independence Day! As promised, it rained, off and on, all day, making it doubly sweet for Mick to have gotten all his weekly mowing done yesterday! I spent the morning in the kitchen – a rare thing for me – cooking up some picnic food. I made baked beans with sausage and tried to make stuffed eggs. We only had three eggs left from Avalon, and I boiled and peeled them, cutting them open to discover that only one of the three eggs had a yolk. This made the job harder! But I managed to eke out two small stuffed eggs apiece for us, using the slabs of white from the barren eggs and thanking the Lord that the one yolk was a great big one.

I had ambitious plans for tearing into my ginormous backlog of e-mail in the afternoon, but a series of small naps and a general feeling of laziness overcame those plans and I only pecked away at the Inbox. I wrote my roommate at MacDuffie, telling her what a great time I had with her at Patty’s wedding. I let the folks at FATE Magazine know that I’d asked Gary to send them an image of our logo – they are giving us a free ad! I wrote Ian B to thank him for updating me on his e-address.

And I wrote Barbara B, the agent with whom I had such a good telephone discussion recently about the possibility of her representing me, asking her what the etiquette was on how long a manuscript should be given to a publisher to consider. Hampton Roads has had The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues for a solid month now, and no word. I am ready to take it somewhere else. I’ll be interested in what she has to say.

Other than reworking some recipes, that was the sum total of my work today. Mick and I had a whirlpool before Mick took the tarpaulin off the big stack of wood in our fire pit and lit it up for our celebratory dinner – hot dogs roasted over the flames. They were wonderful! The slaw, beans, stuffed eggs and potato chips made a great, nostalgic accompaniment to the wieners. It rained on us, gently, for a while but we outlasted the shower and enjoyed watching the afternoon turn to sunset and then to dusk. When the gloaming yielded to night, we offered the Gaia Meditation, with Mick praying at the end, and happily called it a holiday.

Friday, July 04, 2008


As the humidity intensified and sunshine flirted with clouds, after Morning Offering Mick and Gary hustled through their Friday jobs a day early, since an extreme likelihood of rainy weather all day tomorrow is predicted. They got all the jobs cut in good time and Jim finished his day by doing his weekly maintenance on his equipment. Gary finished his day by putting in some office time.

I have officially begun another Great Office Clean-up! I made appointments today for getting my teeth cleaned, getting a mole on my lower appendage removed that has changed color, and seeing Dr. June. I got tickets for the seven of us going to St. Luke’s day at the Louisville Bats, our local baseball team, on July 20th, when our choir will offer the national anthem before the game. They have a wheelchair section, and they have 2 seats there for Mick and me, with the other five people seated one row down from us in regular seats. And I recorded an appointment to have my hair cut next week which I had neglected to record earlier.

Then I took off to take my choir robe to the cleaners, get a new nail clipper and give blood for the month’s lab tests.

In the afternoon I edited the personal channeling session for Yelena G and sent that off to our web guy to put up on site. That empties my editing folder except for a transcript of The Journey, a music CD we offer, featuring my songs put to my brother, Tommy’s, music. That transcript has lain there for months because it is not close enough to right for me to correct. I wrote those songs in the 1970s and I don’t remember the words any more. So I asked Gary to find me the original tape. I can listen to that, perhaps, and correct wrong words and fill in the many blanks.

Mick and I had a lovely date after our whirlpool and enjoyed a quiet evening thereafter. Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


After Morning Offering, Mick set out to do all of today’s mowing, plus all of tomorrow’s! Settled and heavy rains are predicted for tomorownight through Friday. Happy Fourth, eh? With Gary’s help, he accomplished it all in good time, even when one of his customers had a fallen tree for him to cut up and take away! Power to the Mick!

I edited a transcript that has come in of my interview with Lance White, the Zany Mystic, last September on the radio. Ian must have had a window of time today, as he just wrote to say that the interview is already up on site, as well as our new issue of Light/Lines Newsletter.

I spent the afternoon getting spiffed! It was time for my nail appointment, and I also had a wonderfully relaxing massage at the Absolutely Salon where Beth does my nails.

After a whirlpool with Mick, he and I went to hear some jazz at Clifton’s, where Walker and Kays were playing. We met Linnie and Larry W there and enjoyed the visit with them as well as the music.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


It was again a halcyon day, although warming up almost to 90 F. I had just finished my journals and written Jude R, OK-ing copy editing changes Steve M had suggested in A/Q, when the power went out at 9:15. I went downstairs where it is naturally cooler and worked on the hard copy of the next issue of our Light/Lines Newsletter until it was time for Dianne and I to go out for lunch.

Meanwhile, after Morning offering, Mick set out on his round of mowing and gardening, getting his jobs done and then cutting our Camelot grass as a fine finish to his work day! What a guy!

Gary spent his working day packaging and shipping out a large number of mail orders and then working on an even more massive number of e-mails coming in to L/L Research.

Dianne and I had a great time eating at the Napa River Grill and then exploring the new shops at Norton Commons, which is quite close to us, in towards Louisville off 146 at Lyndon Lane. They have done a marvelous job of transforming the defunct Camelot Shopping Center into a visually gorgeous and fun collection of galleries, boutiques and restaurants. We shall return, we vowed, and visit more of the shops - and dine well again, too. Yum!

When we returned, the power was back on – and why it had gone off in the middle of a day of still wind and ample sunshine is a mystery – and I gratefully returned to Jenny Traveller. I love my computer! I got the newsletter and comments finalized for Light/Lines and sent that off to Ian, who will publish the newsletter on-line.

Then I wrote to George Green, asking him if he would be interesting in teaching with me in October at the Williamsburg “Time of Awakening II” Gathering. He is responsible for the Handbook for the New Paradigm channeling and that work is congruent with our own channeling on the subject, so it is a good fit. I hope he agrees!

Diane B from FATE Magazine wrote asking for our Picasso Don Quixote logo so she could give us a free advertisement, I presume in the same issue in which their interview with me, which I gave to Phyllis at the International UFO Congress last February, is run. I asked Gary to send that to her. How generous of them to offer that publicity! Thanks, Diane and Phyllis!

Then I chatted with Steve M by e-mail. He is responding to the reading of A/Q which he is conscientiously doing in order to amend our session summaries in that volume’s Table of Contents. He commented on the material’s richness and depth. He is now about 2/3rds done with the reading and promised that he would keep working as he commutes to finish that reading. He is eager to get back to 101, which is now ready for his FINAL read-through.

Mick and I rendezvoused for a lovely, quiet evening of whirlpooling together and then enjoying a block of Star Trek: Enterprise over dinner. I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Today may be the pick of the month! The temperature topped out at 78 F, the humidity was low and the sunshine was abundant! After Morning Offering Mick kept his date with the lawn devas of Anchorage while I worked all day to finish the inside pages of 101.

It would not have taken me all day except that I found, as I went through the book, transferring the section titles to the Table of Contents, that I had not named all the chapters. And I had neglected to write about green-ray sexuality. How I managed to overlook that, I do not know! I’d carefully written about red-ray sex, yellow-ray sex, orange-ray sex, blue-ray sex and sacred sexuality. So I spent the rest of the day correcting the title headings and writing a section on green-ray sexuality.

I sent a copy of the rough draft to Bill and Denise H. I sent one to Connie M, who has been very enthusiastic about the parts of the book she has read as I finished the chapters. And I wrote Steve M, who has volunteered to read through the manuscript as a whole, asking him about timing on when to send it to him. He is currently aiding me with another project – making improved session summaries for the Table of Contents of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. Lastly, I sent the manuscript of 101 to Ian so that he could run it through his editing macros.

Mick and I rendezvoused for a refreshing whirlpool and then a date at eventide, exchanging energy and praising the Lord! Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.