Friday, June 29, 2007

2007-06-27 and 28

These past two days, after Morning Offering I have kept my nose to the grindstone while continuing to deal with the body drama currently occurring in my life. It does slow me down when symptoms get ballistic. Nevertheless I have felt emotionally, mentally and spiritually strong, peaceful and uplifted throughout this time. All is well. Nothing is serious or life-threatening in my situation, just distracting.

Both days, small rains have continuously come and gone. Unfortunately the rainfall is not enough to ease the draught, but the grass has been delighted with the offering of Mother Nature’s sweet thundershowers. Jim has managed to move ahead of his schedule by almost a full day in preparation for more rains of the same kind being predicted for tomorrow.

Yesterday morning, I wrote the copy for the next Gatherings Newsletter and sent it to Gary for his editing and also his inclusion of news from our various L/L friends who are offering study groups on TLOO. This morning I edited a private channeling session for Nancy S and sent that on to our web guy for inclusion in our transcript archives.

Both afternoons I worked on the latter portions of Chapter 6, discussing aspects of the yellow-ray chakra. I am not at the sign-off point yet. When I read through the text of the chapter, I am still finding things to add, drop and change. I’ll know when the chapter is complete – a read-through will net few changes and I’ll have that “ping” of knowing I am done. Maybe tomorrow!

Both yesterday and today, Gary and I talked further with Nelson and Bob, who are co-hosting this L/L Research Mackinac Island gathering, along with Gary. we have come to a rough schedule - very rough, as Bob and Nelson have not created a plan at all but only reserved the space. Just being able to meet at this beautiful Grand Hotel is more than enough planning on their part. Bon has arranged our meeting room already and will see to a hispital bed for me. Gary and I will refine my part of the speaking plan next week. I look forward to being able to talk about unconditional love for a couple of days. Gary especially asked that I include an inspirational talk along with information-sharing. I will get out my song books and do that right gladly!

Gary also discovered that if one has less money to attend this L/L Gathering Supreme, one can attend on the cheap if one does not eat or stay at the hotel but rather camps on the nearby mainland and ferries over for the day. It is only $33.00 per day to take the ferry to the island and to enter the hotel. That, plus tenting fees and the cost of camp food, would constitute a far more thrifty cost of attending this gathering. I was glad to hear that. So many L/L Research fans are somewhat on the poor side in terms of having plenty of money to spend on such weekends. I am so glad the occasion is available to those people as well. And I am feeling lucky that I get to stay in the hotel, as I do not mind dressing for dinner, and the food sounds wonderful!

Our evenings, both yesterday and today, were quiet and at home. We shared the Gaia Meditation with Gary both nights. Gary offered a particularly beautiful prayer yesterday night. We sought our beds early both nights, as we have been quite exhausted, Jim by working all day at hard physical labor in the steam bath of our current weather and me by dealing with my present level of discomfort. I started the new anti-inflammatory prescription today and can hope for relief from the nerve pain in my shoulder and arm as the days go by.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The “sun shone bright in my old Kentucky home” today. It was a steam bath! However, the promised small rains stayed away, so Mick literally made hay while the sun shone, mowing ahead, as the forecast for tomorrow also calls for rain.

Out of the blue, yet another body drama slowed my thinking processes today – something amiss in the digestive tract, unrelated to the interstitial cystitis – and my productivity went downwards accordingly.

I wrote an article for UPI on Adam Kokesh, in my “difference makers” series. I worked on that off and on all day. Usually I can work up a column in the morning and have the afternoon for writing on the “101” book. Today I felt extremely blessed to win through and get the article done and off to my editors by bath time.

Melissa was down from Avalon for chores, laundry and a planning meeting with me. We took about two hours at lunch time and worked through a host of issues large and small. She is very French in her approach to housekeeping, hospitable and generous in her energy and thrifty and clever in her buying.We need some tools, she says, but not right away.

We also talked about her being appointed by L/L Research’s Board to be caretaker there, which would make it possible for people to contribute to her upkeep. Melissa needs about $300.00 per month for insurance, food, other household needs and gas. When we have our mid-year Board meeting I shall propose that we create such a position. it is an incredibly small amount to pay for a full-time caretaker. I hope we can swing it.

Mel also needs a new turbo-charger for her ancient Saab. Do let me know if you happen to have a spare! Hers has died, and without the assist, her little car is sadly underpowered.

Gary was hard at work at the admin helm today, working on digitizing our Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws so that I can send them to Board members before the mid-year meeting. It is a worthy effort. To have a digital copy of all the important papers relating to our non-profit status is very prudent.

I gratefully sank into Jim’s and my bath for a good soak. We again found ourselves napping rather than talking, watching TV or reading. As T. S. Eliot said so succinctly, “We grow old!” However I promise not to wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

We came downstairs for the Gaia Meditation, with Gary offering the ending prayer. Romi arrived just in time to join us for that. He made some tea and had brought some cookies, and Gary treated everyone to a scoop of ice cream, so our supper was a feast! We talked through the issue of when to hold our weekly public meetings this next year. We all decided to move them to Saturday nights at 8 PM. That will take effect next September.

We all got sleepy around 10:30, so the party broke up and Jim and I came upstairs and snuggled with our kitties before lights out at 11 PM.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The rains over the weekend kept the dust down for Mick today and he mowed all he could, coming home late. After Morning Offering, I came upstairs and spent the morning reading Gina Jones’ book, “Flying between Heaven and Earth”, so that I could write a good review of it for her. I stopped for a restful lunch, then finished the review and posted it on

This was necessary so that I could write and ask Gina for a favor, quid pro quo. Ian, producer of A Book of Days, felt that her writing style was good for producing a review for our back cover that had pizzazz. So once my review of HER book was posted, I wrote to ask her for a positive review for BOD to put on the back cover. Once we have that from her, we should have a “go” on printing the BOD! At last! Yay!

I also edited the other three back-cover reviews so they work better, taking out a word here and a sentence there. And I OK’d Michele Matossian’s newest version of the front cover image. She calls it “Diamond Cross” and it is just beautiful. Check her work out at She has donated the cover art to this project, bless her.

I left my bower office in late afternoon to motor to Dr. June’s office for a check-up. She is my rheumatologist. Dr June was most sympathetic about my very lame arm and shoulder and upped my daily dosage of etodolac, an anti-inflammatory I was already taking at a lower dose. She will also review the hospital tests I had done in February or March, including the MRI of my right shoulder. She is hopeful that she can make my situation manageable again, either by therapy, traction or injections into the affected area, which is the thoracic outlet of my right shoulder.

I deal with discomfort daily, and I do not take pain medication, as pain pills invariably make me ill. But when the discomfort amps up so that I cannot think, then I must deal with the pain by halting my activities completely. That is what I least prefer to happen. My goal is to keep the pain level manageable so I can work. I told Dr. June how much it meant to me to be able to keep working in my own small way and I feel she really understood.

Jim was very weary and so was I, so we bathed and then napped before going downstairs for supper, the Gaia Meditation and episodes of Star Trek Enterprise. We lucked into a two-part story that we had not seen the first time around. We said good night at 11 PM.

Monday, June 25, 2007


It was a rainy, rainy Sabbath! What a blessing! It was lovely to hear the soft plashing of the soaking rain on the leaves and see the grass visibly greening again. I do hope the draught is broken.

I sang at St. Luke’s in the morning while Mick cleaned house. We rendezvoused for lunch and a double feature. We saw The Queen, Helen Mirren’s wonderful portrayal of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth embattled after Diana’s death and the latest Steven Seagal film, with a title which had “attack” in it, and did he ever, and did his enemies ever, and was there one decent character in the whole film? Uh uh. I wondered to myself how he had agreed to make such a turkey until I saw he’d written the script and produced. Poor baby. One can get blindsided by one’s own work. Steven, next time, get a second pair of eyes on that script before putting money into the project!

My shoulder and arm were acting up all day to the point where episodically I simply could not think. At one point I had to abandon our TV videos and lie down for a while with my big pillow stretched along my body. This position gives me relief fairly quickly but can be achieved only in my bedroom, which cuts down on work and play, both! Not my fave.

I happen to have an appointment with my rheumatologist tomorrow afternoon, and will be glad to ask her about this continuing flare-up. I really need to feel better than this.

We spent our evening watching Mary Rodwell’s DVD, “Expressions of ET Contact; a Communication and Healing Blueprint”. She had kindly sent us a copy because the video contained information about Dana Redfield. She got it to me way too late to use in my articles but it is good to have a copy for the library archives. It was interesting, intriguing and quite alien. At one point I looked at Mick and noted, “This will not play in Boise!” The group which she helped found in Australia, ACERN (, seems to offer more counseling and coping resources for the UFO experiencer than anywhere else on Earth that I have seen, and in a professional and compassionate way.

I was glad indeed to find sleep tonight! We said good night around 11 PM.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


What a delicious Saturday! After a late Morning Offering, Jim worked at any number of chores in the house and when all was restored to order, he set out for an errand round. I came upstairs to work at my snail mail.

I did not have much good fortune this morning due to many laps to the bathroom, as my symptoms were flared up today, but I did clear the desk of all but one letter, filing ideas for columns and working at the desk.

After our big treat of Saturday fast food for lunch, Jim lay down for a nap while I did a radio interview with Marcia McMahon, whose web site address is Marcia herself is an inner-guides-type channel but is a knowledgeable reader of The Ra Material and a most intelligent questioner.

Marcia has recently been filled in with several of the latest versions of the eternal doom-and-gloom, fear-based channeling concerning The End. It was good to be able to speak to that, hopefully defusing the anxiety and tension in the questions with what I had to say. I talked with Don Newsom, head of BBS Radio (, after the show was over about our getting dubs for these interviews, as we can send them to a transcribing volunteer and put the text up on He promised to give me access to the BBS archives.

I came downstairs after that, as Gary had gotten my MacDuffie Newsletter all printed out and sorted. I signed 56 “Carla’s” to the 56 classmates whose addresses I have been able to find – which is a good percentage of the actual graduating class of 70 or so – and mailed off the newsletter. It is I generous seven pages of news about over a dozen classmates who sent me updates. Hopefully I will get more responses over the next few months, and can send an even more complete newsletter next Christmas.

Gary and I talked briefly about several items coming up and then I came back upstairs and fiddled with the computer for a good half hour, trying and failing to print out my UPI column on Ariane Kirtley. I could print it, but the font was too tiny to read. So I printed out my rough draft instead and wrote her a letter to go with the article. I wanted to be sure that she received a copy as she had so very kindly sent me material for the article.

At 5:30 I went over to St. Luke’s, where friends of my parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows and then offering a reception. It was touching to see Bill, bent and lame, leading his bride, who got up from the wheelchair she generally uses to walk carefully down the aisle with him. They were a beautiful couple indeed, shining with love.

I stayed at the reception only until we toasted the happy couple and then packed some of the delicious-looking dolly-bun miniature sandwiches to take home to the guys.

Jim was running the bath when I arrived and we enjoyed a lovely whirlpool and then went upstairs to my bower bedroom for a most romantic and slow-paced tryst. As sexual energy runs through my senses, I can feel the connections being made between Jim and me and between the Creator and both of us. I begin, as I age and experience this energy transfer in more and more refined conditions due to Jim’s and my long experience with evoking the God and Goddess within, to understand dimly how sexual energy transfers in sixth density are part of the sunshine we experience each day. Total fusion, total love and total light are the ultimate energy transfer and at a deep level, that is the constant state of creation.

I note Jim’s and my dates because of that awareness. Our energy transfers are part of our service, sacred and blessed.

We eventually emerged for the Gaia Meditation and a late supper. Gary offered the closing prayer. We said good night about midnight.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


After Morning Offering, Jim and Gary left to mow and mow some mo’ while I came upstairs and spent the morning catching up on some e-mail, collecting a recipe for Stars and Stripes Cake and writing thank you notes to two women who had sent me gifts.

One was from Beth P, my friend since college, who makes beautiful jewelry. She had made some lovely earrings for me from handmade South American silver beads and gems. Her sweet spirit shines through the simple, elegant design.

My other gift was from Kathy N, whom I do not know except through our mutual love of the LOO material. She sent me a “Star Studded Creation”, a tee shirt called “Dove of the Shekinah” after she read one of my articles on Dana Redfield.

Dana would have loved this shirt! In general its design looks like a line drawing in gold thread of the descending dove of spirit. Embedded in the shirt’s design are the stars of the constellation of the Pleiades, overlaid with geometric symbols of spirit. The little tag that comes with the garment reads, “We live in a world of illusion. Geometry validates the theory that we only see half the truth. The fiery flames of spirit inspire the possibility of discovering the lost truth.” Austrian crystals mark the position of the stars of the constellation. It really is a special garment.

Having cleared my desk a bit, I came down for lunch to find that Jim and Gary had completed all of their mowing, so I got to have lunch with them. Sweet! Jim and I stretched and then I spent my afternoon working carefully through Chapter 6. I am getting there, but not finished yet.

Our work of the day having come to a close, Jim and I bathed and enjoyed the no-more-episodes finale of Star Gate SG-1 and the season finale of Star Gate Atlantis. We came downstairs to offer the Gaia Meditation with Gary and dined late, and then we both curled up with our books and read until we got sleepy. We turned out the lights after a kitty-snuggle about 11:30.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Happy Summer Solstice! Our longest day of the year was perfectly beautiful, sunny and dry and with low humidity, for Kentucky at least, due to this draught. Our elderberry bush has come in to full bloom. We’re watering everything faithfully. Fortunately, we get our water from the nearby Ohio River, so water is cheap and plentiful.

At Morning Offering we are reading Paramhansa Yogananda’s second volume of “The Second Coming of Christ” now, having finished Bub Hill’s “Joshiah”. Yogananda’s English is often fanciful and his focus too literal for my taste, but as always, his aim is to include, embrace and organize into harmony thoughts of East and West, so we are enjoying the ride. I could not find a copy of Volume One of this work on when I was buying this book, so we are enjoying the second half of his thoughts!

Jim set out for his work-day while I spent my morning finalizing the MacDuffie newsletter for my classmates and painstakingly correcting the database of class contacts, which is included in the newsletter. I do not understand database software so I struggled with changes, but I prevailed eventually. I finished just in time for lunch.

I spent the afternoon working through the whole of Chapter 6, on the yellow-ray energy center, looking for where I had NOT included good information on this very important chakra. i lik what i have done so far and made few changes but I found some holes in the report's coverage on yellow ray and began filling them in. By late afternoon I had made a good start.

I took the time in late afternoon for writing a couple of in-house e-letters to faithful volunteers Melissa and Romi, working on various projects with them. I ended the work day by ordering some Dr. Hauschka hair conditioner from The Peaceful Company, an on-line source for organic products which are hard to find locally. I recommend the company ( I am a Dr. Hauschka fan, having found the company’s products when I was in Great Britain in 2004, visiting Pupie. They work for me like nothing else and I am grateful for them.

I was quite exhausted from a difficult day physically speaking, and Jim was weary too after his dusty and hard-working day. We lazed through our bath and then watched Democracy Now, where Amy was interviewing workers at ground zero on 9/11 who were volunteers, not policemen or firemen. They have gotten massively ill, over 5,000 of them, and they cannot get medical care. I hope some celebrity who can pull it off will do a nation-wide telethon for them, as their cause is more than just. Our hearts need to go out to these people who gave so much when it was needed.

And then we turned off the TV, meditated together for a while, and gratefully napped. We awoke to have some supper and offer the Gaia Meditation. Then Mick, Gary and I went outside for our Summer Solstice Bonfire. It was very informal. I did some praying and sang a hymn and otherwise we just enjoyed the evening, the beauty of the bonfire with its sparks shooting to heaven against the indigo sky and fireflies glowing beside the sparks to add to the illumination. I felt so thankful! These moments are precious beyond what we can know.

We wandered back into the house about 10:30. Jim chose recipes for next week’s menu while I finished my Ken Follett thriller – nobody won, lots of people died: some ending! Hmpf. Reality bites! Then we came upstairs for a kitty-snuggle and said a loving good night at 11 PM.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


The sun shone with gentler gold after the small rains of yesterday, and the temperature was a full ten degrees cooler. After Morning Offering Mick went off to his morning of mowing and gardening while I came upstairs to work on the MacDuffie Newsletter, which I compile twice a year as class captain for the class of 1961. It was fun reading through the material classmates had sent me and putting the letter together.

Lunch came in the midst of the work, and Jim came home briefly while I was downstairs, to drop off some of his equipment and take Thetis up to Avalon for mowing the meadow. He tells me that the meadow was again full of Brett’s cows, and he showed Melissa how to herd cattle from a vehicle – this time, the big mower, Thetis. Inspired by the engine noise, they went back to the fence, then up the fence row along the steep hillside until they came to the place where trees had crashed down the fence. Mick whipped out his fencing and voila, the fence was again repaired.

Mick reported the wonders done by Melissa. In just a short time, the place is far more clean and welcoming. Mel has begun working on building an outhouse, which is much needed, and that will help create a more usable farm for visitors. The old outhouse was removed by volunteers two years ago, when a chemical toilet was purchased. However, that toilet is in a private living space, so we need a sanitary public toilet. Jim had felled some small cedars several years ago, planning to use them for just such a project, and now Melissa’s on it! Go Melissa!

After I finished the MacDuffie project, just waiting until tomorrow morning to finalize the copy and make sure the attachments are OK, I worked for the rest of the afternoon on Chapter 6 of 101. I have just about finished that chapter now. Tomorrow afternoon I will read it again and vet it. It feels great to start winding up my writing about the three lower chakras! I still need to make some points before i leave that worthy energy center, the yellow ray, though.

I did a little e-mail at the end of the work day. Mike T had to move the date for his private channeling, and after looking at all the options I suggested we try for the evening of July 4th.

I wrote Harry Pickens and Pupak Haghighi, asking them for biographical material and a discussion of their work. They are both candidates for my “Can one person make a difference?” series (UPI articles) and I want to get lined up with good information on both of these creative souls.

Mick came home from Avalon, the meadow mowed, and we bathed and then welcomed Gary Watrous, the passive solar architect, who has done such an outstanding job of designing a house for our little part of Avalon’s acres. He showed us the final elevations and drawings for the exterior. It’s such a great house! We explained that it would take us some years yet to amass the money to build it.

He wants to go up to Avalon with us before he finalizes this project and make absolutely sure of all his measurements on our “lot”. With this draught upon us, Jim has more free time than is good for our pocketbook, as the lawns which usually are mowed weekly at this season are currently all going to a two-week period between mowings. So we agreed to go up to Avalon for the final measurements some time next week.

We had a bite to eat and offered the Gaia Meditation before coming upstairs for a date and then letting in the cats and having a grand snuggle before bedtime at 11 PM.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Some days are wonderfully creative and fruitful but equally unexpected. Such a day was today for me. For one thing, it rained! It rained for a good, long time! Only 30% chances had been predicted for the area, the same as yesterday, which was dry here although wet south of town. Today it was the opposite! And Anchorage got enough rain to help the grass fight back from its present golden color.

After Morning Offering I came upstairs and began work on my UPI article for the week, about Ariane Kirtley. I have been noticing how very many people I hear about in all sorts of ways who are exhibiting spiritual maturity and incredible creativity in the way they live their lives. I chose Ariane to begin with, as her Mom, Aubine, who came to L/L Research meditation meetings all through the ‘80s, when she lived in this area, had sent me all the relevant material so that I could do her work its just service in writing about it. It is a great story! I called it “Ariane of the Wells”.

I was still in preparatory stages when Melissa came down from Avalon to meet me for a good planning session over lunch at Captain’s Quarters. We had a wonderful time looking out over the moody, choppy Ohio River until a deluge, as mentioned above, replaced the little drops that occasionally were falling on our al fresco table. Fortunately by then our food was eaten and we were only talking, which we continued to do as we dried off in my car, doing errands.

We stopped at LabCorps, where I go monthly to give blood for lab tests needed by my arthritis doctor. I donated and she got me on the first stick, a happy day! Then we stopped by Louisville Tractor. Avalon’s trimmer had lost a horseshoe-shaped piece that fits over the two places the string comes out on the machine’s “speed head”. Apparently the loss of that whatzit renders the tool unusable, as it torques and vibrates so that one must turn it off. We got a half-dozen, as this is the third time this has happened with that trimmer.

Melissa’s Avalon Report is coming up roses. She was full of praise for the work each previous volunteer had done, especially on Sugar Shack. She’s re-making all her good contacts there with the county people and the organic farming crowd. It is so good to have her there, looking out for our interests. As always with Melissa, her work is meticulous, thorough and very thoughtful. Avalon is in good hands.

We returned home about 3 PM and Melissa finished up town chores, like laundry and pantry-stocking, while I came upstairs and finished the UPI article. However, that was done in patches. During the afternoon, Gary stopped in frequently as his conversation with people in Michigan continued. I do not know much about them yet. They had planned a weekend on Mackinaw Island, at the Grand Hotel, apparently a locally famous structure, featuring David Wilcock. David bailed on them. So they called Jim and me, hoping we could fill in.

I told Gary to be very firm in speaking with these people on two points: firstly, I will never be David. I don’t have the sophistication or the desire to market myself. I do not dazzle or enchant people. I do love to talk about unconditional love, and can do that well, but people who have attended my talks might describe them as substantive or even boring, dense with material. David is quite a different story. No one could call him boring! I needed to know that they would be OK with a zero dazzle factor.

Secondly, I needed them to know that I do not think David is channeling the same Ra group as came through me in the LOO sessions, or that comes through me now as part of the Q’uo principle. David and I have had this discussion and he agrees with me that it is not the same source. We agree that his is an inner-guide sort of source, whereas my channeling is from an outer-planes source. So I felt ethically sound in expressing my opinion to them. I felt it was necessary to be explicit on this point, as the group got together because of David’s work, having met on his web site and on his cruises.

Gary reported with increasing enthusiasm that Nelson’s answers were very positive and affirming. He will offer Gary a stipend so that Gary can afford to be my batman for the weekend. It is way too much for Mick to do during this season of intense physical work, Monday through Friday, to accompany me there. And the Michigan group will pay all our expenses and the cost of my hospital bed, which will make my stay there far more do-able.

My last request, which Gary relayed at the end of the afternoon, was that Nelson and his partner, who are planning this event, plus a fellow named William Henry, who is to offer talks too, plus Gary and I, get together on a conference call and work out the schedule for the weekend. I will not be able to make it before late Friday night, given Gary’s work schedule, so we need to plan around that, and decide what our curriculum will be.

I have my ideas, of course. I am presently working on a “101” book about TLOO principles, so my mind goes to the first few chapters of my 101 book, and how that material lays itself out there. It should be fun for me to offer this service.

We will get information about this weekend up on site ASAP. It should be a fun travel destination. The island is only reachable by ferry or boat. It is scenic and rural and sounds as grand as the hotel’s name. And of course there would be some spiritual work going on there. Their basic hope is to investigate the upcoming shift. We’ll do that. I believe the dates are an early August weekend.

As Jim and I luxuriated in our bath together, I told Mick I felt badly about not getting to the writing on 101 for the second day in a row. He told me, these things happen! Hopefully, tomorrow afternoon will see me back at work on 101.

U of L’s baseball team lost their bid for the national college championship this afternoon in Omaha. It was a great run! Thank you, Cards!

Democracy Now was crackling with great interviews tonight, including one with Malalai Joya (, a former MP in Afghanistan who has been thrown out of Parliament there twice now for her views. Her cause is riveting and I would think women around the world would want to help her and all of the Muslim women whose rights are being removed by the fundamentalist elements of their religion, which are spilling over into politics and making a mockery of the political process, at least from my point of view.

Her determination is an inspiration and her grasp of detail nothing short of amazing. In a language second to her, she held forth without a stumble for words or a pause for clearing mental confusion, naming names and citing historical events with extreme fluidity and command. I’d vote for her, that’s for sure! She had won her district with one of the biggest leads in Afghan history – and still she was ejected by a guy who looked like pictures of Jehovah. He said she behaved in an unseemly manner. You go, girl!

After enjoying Jon Stewart's and Stephen Rapport’s various highjinks, we offered the Gaia Meditation, with me offering the closing prayer, and then Mick and I came upstairs for a final snuggle before bed at 11 PM.

One notable incident sparked my day: during Morning Offering, I was singing a hymn about Stephen, the first Christian martyr, and we were visited by a very large hawk, who hung in a tree branch just behind the bird feeder window of our living room. He sat there quite a while as if listening to me sing, and then to all the rest of the readings and the final prayer of our offering before flapping away. Again, as I so often do, I re-dedicated myself to having “in my heart a flame, and on my lips a dream” to serve the infinite One all the days of my life.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


An increasingly dusty summer heat is upon us, dry and drier! We had a front move through, but it was too weak to move the “omega block” so we are baking away! The temperature neared 100. Jim has had our sprinkler going every early morning, during our Morning Offering, and every evening from bath time onwards.

After today’s Morning Offering, I came up to edit another Aaron/Q’uo Dialogue session, which took me through to lunch time. After lunch, I got involved in one item after another and never got back to writing on 101. However, much other stuff occurred to fill the work hours.

I pulled some thoughts together and asked Gary, Romi and Steve E to work through the issue of how to rent a chat room for the new season’s channeling sessions. We had a beautiful letter today from a friend of L/L Research in France urging us to create more webcasts which prompted the request to the gentlemen involved. I know it will be a speedy job, as all wish to get this feature organized for fall.

Also, we received a call from a group in Michigan who are eager to have me talk to their gathering. Apparently they had been going to have David W as their speaker and he decided that it was better for him to do other things, so canceled his appearance there. They would pay our expenses. I asked Gary to look further into this before we say yes. My concern is that a group of people enchanted by David’s Power Point Presentations, new science and the other aspects of his style will not be satisfied with someone who simply wishes to talk about unconditional love, how that created all that is and how we are that love. We’ll see!

Jim and I enjoyed a delicious whirlpool when he arrived back from all his mowing and tree-clearing. There was a great Democracy Now to watch, with Michael Moore being interviewed about “Sicko”, his new film which takes on the American medical establishment. Then there was a Star Trek Enterprise block which whiled away our evening as we relaxed and enjoyed. Supper and a Gaia Meditation brought us eventually to lights out at 11 PM.

Monday, June 18, 2007


It was a glorious Sabbath! And a glorious day off for Mick and me. I went to early rehearsal and then sang the service at St. Luke’s at 10 AM while Mick cleaned house, arriving back home just before noon. We sat down with our lunch and the film “Trust the Man”. It was frustrating to watch, as the story revolved round two relationships in both of which the guys were being idiots and the women were behaving equally idiotically. However, it had a nice ending, one which saved the film. The players did not get much chance to shine through the murk of the script’s foggy motivations and incoherent lines.

After viewing that film, we decided to take a nap. I woke up three hours later to discover that Mick had awakened after an hour and turned on a great game by the U of L baseball team. They are in the national final play-offs for college baseball, and this in a year when U of L teams have excelled in both football, with a BCS game ending their season, and a final-four basketball year. The women’s basketball and volleyball teams have also excelled. What a year for my alma mater! Go Cards and Go Lady Cards! That game concluded well for U of L and Mick quickly found Tiger Woods almost coming back to win at golf, beaten by one stroke by Mr. Cabreras of Argentina. A terrific day for sports!

Then we popped “Déjà Vu” into the machine and topped off our totally lazy, body-restoring, soul-renewing Sabbath with a good sci fi story. Denzel Washington really shone in his lead role and I greatly enjoyed the film.

We had supper and Gary came upstairs from his basement “apartment” to join us for the Gaia Meditation. We called Jim’s Mom and I read on my Ken Follett political thriller while Mick checked his e-mail, then we retired to my bower bedroom and a kitty-snuggle before lights out at 11 PM.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


The center of my day was St. Luke’s Kidsclothes Picnic. It began with a “Mass in the Grass” at 5:30 and after that al fresco service we wandered down to the horse ring where St. Luke’s had set up a big tent and roasted a pig overnight. Romi and Carmen came with me for the Mass, with Mick finishing up his afternoon of weeding and sharpening and switching out his mower blades and joining us for the food and the bluegrass music. It was the perfect weather for such doings, clear and sunny, but with low humidity and a good breeze. We had a good time together.

For L/L Research I did little more today than write my journal entry for yesterday and clear my desk of some snail-mail business. My energy was very low and most of my day was spent reading and playing solitaire on the computer, just vedging out and relaxing. I got a start on the MacDuffie ’61 newsletter I promised my classmates as well.

Mick and I bade Romi and Carmen good night, had our bath together and then offered the Gaia Meditation, with Jim praying at the end, before we enjoyed the sensual and sacred delights of a romantic evening together, feeling very much in synch with each other. We said our good nights after a snuggle with the kitties around midnight.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Ah, Fridays! For a working man like my good husband, there is nothing sweeter than a Friday, the last day of the official work week and the time to get all the equipment maintained and ready for next week. After Morning Offering, Mick went off to do his marathon of mowing with Gary, his Friday work-mate. I came upstairs only long enough to drink my green tea and check my e-mail, as I had a cranial-sacral therapy appointment with Liz J and Steiner’s homeopathic injections with Steve J over in Indiana.

It was a lovely drive. I was half expecting to see that the draught had made the lawns golden and the trees dusty, but a couple of spotty rains seem to have preserved the beauty of the full greening along the expressways. The bottle-brush bushes are out, looking so perky. In our yard, the fullest bloom of the season is in full spate, with roses and day lilies joined by clematis, trumpet vine and a glorious bloom of our butterfly bushes and oak-leaf hydrangeas to boot. The eye really cannot take it all in.

I stopped by Frisch’s Big Boy for my favorite burger treat. They have slaw as well as the venerable “special sauce” burger which was around here during my childhood and of which I am very fond. Mickey Dee’s and all the friends-and-relations of fast food came later. The Big Boy was the pioneer! Yum!

I was fortunate enough to find Mick just getting off his work day when I got back, so we enjoyed some rare time together while he ate his lunch and then we did our stretching exercises. Then Jim headed up to Avalon to deposit his latest load of firewood, which he is harvesting as he cleans up storm damage for a customer.

Meanwhile, Gary did the week’s shopping and cooked up a storm, preparing lemon chicken, curried rice and spinach mushroom casserole before leaving for an overnight visit with his girlfriend, Valerie.

I worked for a while on yellow ray, but found that I was not at all ready to go on. After writing and deleting for a while, making no progress, I asked for overnight guidance, hoping to re-address the work tomorrow afternoon. Sometimes, the best thing to do is ask for guidance and then wait!

So I tackled e-mail, for which we never lack. I wrote:
Judy R, to assure her that I only sent one letter to her. She had gotten a “ghost” send that only showed up for three seconds, and then vanished. It’s nice to know that our work together on Aaron/Q’uo is filled with enough light to attract such resistance from the loyal opposition.

Dianne S, to chat about Cesar Chavez’s situation. I may well write a column on Chavez, I told her.

Elihu E, who told me that the Zohar sends were, on his end, sent in English. On my end, they came through in Hebrew. Eli suggested that I somehow attracted “cosmic pranksters”. How true, how true.

Gary B, asking him to begin collecting materials for our next issue of the Gatherings Newsletter and also asking him if he has figured out how to imbed photos in a Word document, as I am preparing to do the MacDuffie newsletter for my class next week.

Ian B, asking for permission to use his beautiful prayer in the Gatherings Newsletter.

Scott H, congratulating him on getting an article published, on a controversial Australian brain surgeon. The link for that article is

Romi, squaring away our mutual plans for the weekend. He had planned to go up to Avalon tomorrow and aid Melissa, but Melissa is settling in just fine. So he will not make the trip. I invited him to the St’ Luke’s Kidsclothes Picnic tomorrow evening. He said that he likes to do the “mass in the grass”.

Michelle M, to thank her for sharing an interview with Gary Renard. That link is His recent book, “The Disappearance of the Universe”, has a good deal of information in common with The Law of one, she said. I put the book on my wish list on and thanked her for the information. His sounds like a great book to read at our Morning Offerings.

Mary Rodwell of Australia, whose work with Dana Redfield deserves a comment. I asked her to write an article for our commentary section of the on-line version of Dana’s “Alphabet Mosaics”.

MJA, also a friend of Dana’s, with whom she did substantial work, asking her to write an article about their shared work. I also let her know that her black and white photocopies of Dana’s drawings had arrived here, but that her color photos have not arrived so far.

Rick C, giving him a Kentucky Report – draught – to match his Maine Report – the first spinach has now been picked and eaten.

Barbara B, discussing prophecy in our channeling.

Gary, thanking him for the information on where to find more about my upcoming interview with Marcia McMahon on BBS Radio on June 23rd. The link for that is

I sorted through the day’s mail on my way to the bath and then Mick and I indulged in a wonderfully refreshing whirlpool. We came upstairs to relax and enjoy that TGIF feeling, but I went soundly to sleep. Mick woke me for the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM and then a late supper, after which we snuggled with the cats until bedtime, around midnight.

Friday, June 15, 2007


After Morning Offering, Mick went into the brilliant sunshine for a full day of mowing and tree-clearing. He also put a bid in on a very big job a St. Luke’s, taking out a long, old, overgrown, gnarly hedge which separates two parking lots, one above another by four feet or so. This is great news, as in this draught, the mowing has slowed down by half. All this non-mowing work will pay our bills, thank the Lord!

I worked on the first session of our Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues for the fifth weekend gathering of nine. I think there are four sessions in the fifth weekend, so when I edit the next session, I’ll be exactly halfway through this editing job.

Gary was fixing his Big Honking Breakfast Burrito for himself and added some veggies for me, so I had a delicious lunch indeed.

I spent the afternoon on the discussion of marriage in the yellow-ray section of Chapter 6 of 101. It went fairly well. Perhaps after one more read-through, I can go on to the next section, on war games.

Before I quit for the day, I did a bit of e-mail, letting Elihu E know that I do not read Hebrew. He has been sending me old Hebrew scripts, making points about Kabbalah. However, not reading the language, I am quite lost!

I commiserated with Dave G, who had gotten caught on one of those “send this to 12 people” guilt trips, and promised Gina Jones that I would, in the course of time, write a review of her book, “Flying Between Heaven and Earth” for

Gary was at the Inbox again downstairs this afternoon and reports being caught up at last with the L/L Research backlog after his trip last weekend. that's great to hear! It was a most pleasant day, all told. The long and sunlit days are so good for the soul! Jim came home and we had a freshening bath together before watching Democracy Now and then CSI Miami and then coming downstairs for the Gaia Meditation, with Mick praying at the end, and a late supper. We caught a bit of the last game of the NBA finals, with the Spurs taking the title, before ascending to my bedroom for a snuggle with the kitties and lights out around 11 PM.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Hot and dry, our uncharacteristic, non-sweaty weather continued today as Jim set out after our Morning Offering to mow some mow! I spent the morning editing the newsletter copy and sending that and the comments, now okayed by Mick and Gary, to Ian for publication.

Gary came in and I greeted him as I went down for lunch. He had a great visit with his little sister, went to her graduation party and also caught up with old friends from his own high school daze. There were tales of rides on scary rollercoasters to top off the happy time. He was at work at the admin desk all the rest of the day, catching up in great style.

In the afternoon I worked on the yellow-ray discussion, taking on marriage today. I made a modest start on the material, finding a good quotation to use at the head of the section and starting the writing.

Before I quit for the day, I pre-registered for an MRA I will take next Tuesday. I have a small aneurism in my right temple area that is too small to need removal but too large to be ignored, so the doctor will get a new picture of it. This is the first time I have successfully accomplished the pre-registration on line.

I sent out a notice to Carmen, Romi, Gary, Melissa and Mick that the St. Luke’s Kidsclothes Picnic is this Saturday evening. I’d love to see them there. St. Luke’s puts on a terrific time, always good food and this time, a bluegrass band as well. And of course the cause is just – clothes for children, mostly underclothing but also uniforms when needed for inner-city children who need the help.

Gary found on that there will be a special global meditation on July 17th and asked if we could join in. I said, sure! I asked him to work up a proposal for offering a formal event here and we’ll do it.

I wrote to thank Talitha L for the use of her words, from a letter she had sent me, in writing this week’s article for UPI. And I wrote to invite Melissa to come down to Louisville any day but next Sunday, which Mick asked me to keep private during the summer vacation months. Notes to Elihu E and Judy R completed my day’s work and I came downstairs in perfect timing so Mick did not have to call "bath time" upstairs.

He and I enjoyed a very romantic tryst after our whirlpool, after which I went quietly and soundly to sleep. At 9 PM Mick woke me and we went downstairs for the Gaia Meditation, with Gary praying at the end, and had a late supper before saying good night around 11 PM.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Stunning sunshine and washes of tiger lilies greeted me as I retrieved the paper this morning. After Morning Offering, I came upstairs to work on my last article on Dana Redfield. However the morning was largely spent doing laps to the upstairs bathroom. For some reason, this was the most active day in months for these interstitial cystitis symptoms.

Before lunch, I cleared some e-mail. I confirmed with Romi our dinner date. Mick and I are treating him to a nice dining experience to thank him for the many, many hours of work he has volunteered to L/L Research of late.

Don Newsom of BBS Radio ( has offered L/L Research free advertising on his web site. I wrote Gary to ask him to communicate further with Newsom by telephone to nail down exactly how we need to create our ads. He suggested MP3 ads, so we could use channeling excerpts if we wish. Gary returns tomorrow and we will be very happy to see him once again. I imagine he will find a very loaded Inbox at the L/L desk!

After a late lunch, I came upstairs to more of the same distraction, getting precious little done! However I did finish Dana’s article and was happy to send that off to my editor at UPI. It felt like a good ending column, and the seven-part series captures a good deal of the heart of Dana’s work and message: such excellent work and such a sacred, true message! Thanks, Dana, for all. Have fun soaring on those wings you finally are able to wear again! You truly served here in the Valley of the Shadows. And I know you are serving once again in higher realms.

I started on the editing of our next issue of Light/Lines after completing the UPI article, as there was little time left in the work day and I knew I did not have the right head space to get into the writing on 101. I also collected a recipe for Spanish Rice and one for Oven-Baked Chicken before Jim called bath time.

Mick and I had a super-refreshing whirlpool and relaxed for an hour with Democracy Now, where a fascinating brace of interviews with U. S. Marine Sgt. Adam Kokesh and SPC Evan Knappenberger offered inspiration for those who wonder what one man can do.

Kokesh created street theater in Washington DC, miming, with many other Vets of the Iraq “War” a routine patrol. The vets had no weapons. They were attempting to show just how disruptive our presence is in Iraq. Responding to his efforts to serve the greater good, the Marine Corps immediately changed his status so that he can no longer receive benefits or schooling from the Marines in spite of honorable combat service.

Knappenberger, another Marine, sat on a tower in Bellingham, Washington, for eight days to protest and bring attention to the policy of “Stop Loss”, which the armed forces are now using to send vets back into war for repeated tours of duty again and again against their wishes.

These two young men are bringing home as only activists can the truth of our present situation. Kudos to them and to Amy Goodman for covering their stories.

We dressed after the news and drove to Volare, a good Italian restaurant near downtown, which Romi had chosen for his treat. And the food was wonderful! We sat on their patio in the sunset rays and enjoyed a brisk breeze, courtesy of our weather's current “omega block”, as we dined and conversed. It was a lovely evening with very good company!

Mick and I offered the Gaia Meditation on the fly and returned home for a late-night snuggle with the cats, saying good night at 11:30.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


We enjoyed yet another perfect day, warm but with low humidity and golden sunshine. Kentucky is sitting under an omega block, which gives us extended dry weather, while on either side of this huge low pressure trough, rain is falling in excess of the normal amount. Mick went off to work after Morning Offering saying that he thanked the Lord that he has a big, big job to do right now, taking apart three enormous fallen trees for a customer, which has nothing to do with mowing. He foresees not having to cut at least half of his lawns this next week due to the local draught.

Melissa was up early and after Morning Offering she and I had a two-hour planning session. I came upstairs and worked on the next issue of Light/Lines, writing the comments for that newsletter and sending them to Mick and Gary for corrections. Melissa got her laundry caught up and checked her e-mail.

After enjoying lunch together, Melissa and I again sat down and worked out the rest of our present plans. She left for Avalon soon thereafter. It is very good to have Avalon in her capable hands again.

We talked a lot about group energy and acting as a united group. It is what she desires above all. This is a key factor, we have found, in successful spiritually oriented group work. Gary is also extremely good at working as part of a group, so Mick and I feel increasingly blessed as our spiritual family seems headed on a very good tack. Carmen and Romi also ask only to serve. That is the heart of group work, to know we are all lucky to have good work to do together.

When people begin to feel the group is lucky to have them, then ego takes over and the good feelings fall away. We have seen that happen in our previous community effort on Avalon, with volunteers increasingly at odds and toxic and abrasive feelings setting in which, in the end, spun all the previous members away from Avalon and L/L Research.

This new Avalon effort is far different, and we are blessed to begin again, very modestly, with no projects in mind except for Melissa to settle in at the Ute and, very organically, begin to take up stewardship of the land. Slow and easy does it.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon finishing the first part of Chapter 6 of 101, the section of the yellow-ray discussion on the birth family.

Mick and I had a lovely, relaxed evening after he came home, sharing our bath time and then napping and watching Democracy Now and World Music and bits and pieces of a Star Trek Enterprise block, eventually dining and offering the Gaia Meditation before seeking our beds at 11 PM.

Monday, June 11, 2007


The Sabbath dawned clear and cool, a delicious day as long as one does not contemplate the need of our plants for water in this very early draught season. I sailed off to rehearsal for an early service – our main service in the summer is 10:00 AM at St. Luke’s instead of 11 – and stayed around after service was over to sell all but a few of our baseball tickets. We will be singing the National Anthem on July 15th for the Bats, for sure! It should be great fun. I love a baseball crowd. The energy is relaxed, happy and laid-back, quite unlike basketball crowds and football crowds. I think the elegant and elegiac game itself creates that atmosphere. I look forward to it.

Melissa had come in Saturday night, but we were not aware of her arrival because we were at the Anchorage Street Dance, over in Wagner Park. She did not want to disturb our good time, so she slept in her car in our parking area, where we did not see her, and she came into the house only on Sunday morning.

We were utterly delighted to see her and much relieved that her aging Saab had weathered the trip with nothing worse than a need for new brake pads. She joined Mick and me for lunch and then a brace of films.

“A Good Year” was a gregarious, generous, lovingly crafted film with an outstanding music track. We greatly enjoyed watching that.

The second film, “Children of Men”, was difficult to watch and very dark, a thoroughly unrealistic look ahead at a mere twenty years into our future, when the world is coming apart because the human gene pool has dried up. The film's intentions were the best and several performances were well realized. However Ingmar Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal” tells the same story in a far more compact and emotionally available manner, so I cannot recommend "Children of Men" except to say that the energies expressed in the film ring true to the tendencies inherent in our present global society’s dark side for meaningless violence and enormous, profound anger. It is a good film to view, just to gauge an artistic vision of these energies.

After the second film was finished running, Jim and I bathed and then went to the Choir Party, where I was able to introduce Mick to many of my fellow choir members for the first time. We dined sumptuously on party food and Jim was able to talk with the host, John, concerning our problem with our larger fish pond, where the water remains murky with summer algae. The fish are fine but the pond’s appearance is not good. John’s garden is wonderful and his ponds are clear! We wandered through a couple of acres of his gardens, waterfalls, pools and rock work before the evening was over. It was a pure pleasure to see!

When we got back, Jim and I took some time for a romantic tryst, offered the Gaia Meditation together and then he left me to nap until 10 PM. I had a radio interview at 10:30 and needed to rest up in order to be fresh.

My interviewer was Gina Jones, author of “Flying between Heaven and Earth” ( She credits the LOO material with inspiring her to follow her own path of service. The interview was a pleasure, as her questions were well within our material’s heart and her knowledge of the material made her questions far more pointed and good. Calls kept coming in from listeners, and no programs were planned after our interview on BBS Late Night, so we stayed on air an extra hour. Jim sat with me throughout, lending his silent but much appreciated support.

Needless to say, we were glad to seek our beds! Lights out was at about 1 AM.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Spotty rains had cooled us off overnight and today was a sheer delight! After Morning Offering Jim put on his chef’s hat and cooked the remainder of next week's menu, baking a turkey and creating a wonderful-smelling asparagus side dish to go with the mashed potatoes and glazed carrots Gary had prepared before leaving for Ohio. I came upstairs to my office and completed my search for relevant quotes in Dana’s material for my final UPI article on her.

Jim went out for errands, returning at 1 PM with our fast-food treat for the week. Afterwards, I sat and read while Mick napped. He awoke eventually and set out to work in the yard, joined by Carmen, who had come over to volunteer some gardening time. Eventually I will get her going on another literary project, since she has finished transcribing my poems and songs, but for now our garden plantings need her more than the formatting project on my writings on prayer does!

I intended to work on the Yellow Ray chapter of 101 but fell asleep in my chair instead, awakening in time to do a bit of e-mail before Jim and I bathed. I wrote Gary A of Great Britain, who has worked with Dana on the strange symbols and language that children all over the world are expressing. I knew about this aspect of Dana’s work but until I found her reference to Gary at the end of the "Link" book, I did not know who to ask about it. So I wrote Gary at length, explaining who I was and about the Alphabet Mosaics project. I asked him if he would consider writing a commentary on this work he and Dana shared for inclusion in the "Midrash" section of the on-line version of the book.

I wrote Romi, thinking he had said that he was going to go up to Avalon and prepare for Melissa’s arrival today, but he said that he is going next weekend. By then, she will have arrived and will have done all the setting up by herself. Oh well!

We also arranged to meet at Volare Restaurant for a dinner to which Jim and I are treating him next Tuesday as thanks for all the work he has done lately on our computers, trying to repair my old laptop, helping me initialize my new laptop and repairing routers that I seem able to damage by my energy.

Morris wrote to thank me for the Board member sketches I sent him. He feels it will indeed help him, when we have electronic meetings, to “know” the other members better. He surprised me by saying he was not “forty-something” as I had described him in the thumbnail sketches but a ripe old 53! What an astonishing moment for me, as when I first met Morris, he was 9. How could the man be 53? I am starting to sound like an Old Codger!

I also passed by Romi a sentence I had found at the end of “Link” which I think will serve well as her dedication for the Alphabet Mosaics book, when I was collecting quotes. She had not chosen a dedication before she died.

It’s amazing how much energy there is around this book. I have told people that I need to finish editing the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues first, but material keeps pouring in. By the time I get to working with Dana's book, I should have a bushel-full of Dana’s drawings and material for the expanded, on-line version, as she sent different things to different people, which they are now sending my way.

Jim and I bathed and then Carmen and I read and chatted wile Mick cleaned the kitchen, doing it early today because the Anchorage Street Dance is tonight. Carmen joined us for dinner and then said good night, deciding not to attend the dance. Mick and I walked through our back yard to Wagner Park, where the dance was held, and enjoyed the music and danced several times.

It was a heavenly evening, with low humidity and clear skies. Venus shone serenely above, but we never did see the moon rise. I so enjoyed sitting and watching the skies turn from sunset gold and pink to the gloaming to deep indigo and finally to full midnight blue, while the human tribe gathered beneath the vault of heaven to laugh and play. I felt like Omar the Tentmaker, enjoying the cosmic bowl, as he saw the skies.

We toddled back across the park and into our back yard very carefully, as I have no night vision - birth defects of my eyes - and the night was moonless. We also have no street lights in Anchorage, so when it is a dark night, it’s DARK! Away from the park’s lighting, I was night-blind! But Mick steered me safely home, where we patted kitties, snuggled and watched some bits of junk TV before saying good night around midnight.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Due to my feeling increasingly ill after lunch, I do not have a good deal to report on working for L/L Research! After Morning Offering Jim went out into the sunshine and heat to mow and garden while I came upstairs to collect references for my last Dana article. At 10:30 I got a telephone call from 21st Century Medicine asking where I was. I explained that their appointment card said I had a 1 PM appointment today, and I’d be leaving home at 12:20 or so to make that appointment.

Well, they said, they had me scheduled to come in at 10:15. They said for me to come on over across the Ohio and they’d work me in, which they did. I had the sacral-cranial appointment until 12:30 and then had to wait an hour or so for the osteopathic exam, so I had a fish sandwich. I am thinking that perhaps that was not good fish, as my stomach rebelled the rest of the day.

I tried to focus on work when I returned home, but was constantly in the bathroom. I wrote Mary Alice and Eli e-mails on Dana’s drawings and Romi and I e-mailed back and forth about getting the Ute on Avalon ready for Melissa’s return, but could not settle in to work and finally gave it up and lay down until bath time.

Democracy Now’s coverage of the Palestine/Israel debate was fascinating tonight. One speaker said that the situation is stuck and has been since the ‘80s, where, using bad information, there was a feeling that the West Bank must be “secured”. Imperialistic as Britain, Israel and the US are these days, it was agreed amongst them that Palestinians do not exist. Amazing! They are the Middle East’s Indians and they do not even have a proper reservation. Say, I’d be sore about that if I were Palestinian!

I read and napped and enjoyed some new Star Gate episodes with Mick. Jim tells me I slept through the Gaia Meditation, but he offered it for the household, Gary being gone to visit his folks in Ohio for the weekend. Mick and I snuggled with the cats till 11 PM and bade each other a good night then.

Friday, June 08, 2007


As the heat soared again, after Morning Offering Jim set out for his mowing day. I dealt with a good deal of e-mail having to do with Dana’s drawings and other material, thanking some for their sends and talking with Eli E about the concept of a slim, just-as-Dana-asked-for-it printed volume of the Alphabet Mosaics and a much enhanced on-line version containing all the drawings and other material I can gather.

I also wrote to thank Judy R for her poem, which is amazingly synchronistic in terms of my gathering material today for my last article on Dana for UPI. And the Inbox also heralded Melissa’s return across the country from the west coast to Avalon, where she will take up her position as caretaker. We are tickled to have her very capable help there once again. The land loves her and she loves that land!

I collected three pages of quotes, preparing for the final article on Dana’s work, which shall focus on the role of the prophet in the transformation of the planet, and then broke for lunch, which Gary kindly brought back from his trip out to forage for next week’s food.

In the afternoon I worked on 101, Chapter 6, getting a good start, finally, after several hours of backing and filling as I looked for the right flow. It is beginning to feel resonant now.

Jim and I watched a particularly riveting Democracy Now after our bath, an interview with John Pilger, whose film, The War on Democracy, opens everywhere but in the USA this month. You can catch up with his amazingly long history of journalism and film-making at It was sad to hear him tell of PBS refusing to show his work these last thirty years, saying it was too disturbing for Americans.

Should we not be disturbed? Should we really be sheeple? I feel embarrassed on behalf of us all. It is not so much that I am indignant as that I feel that we as a nation have sustained a great loss of vital force, rattling along on misinformation and outright lies for so very long now.

Mick and I spent the remainder of the evening watching the Cavaliers get soundly beaten by the Spurs. Gary had taken off for the afternoon and evening with Valerie to spend some time at Taylorsville Lake, as he will take off for Ohio after he and Mick finish their mowing tomorrow. Gary's littlest sister is graduating from high school and he promised to attend her party. I imagine he will be returning from Ohio about when Melissa arrives here on her trek eastward.

Mick and I dined and then offered the Gaia Meditation during a break in the game, coming upstairs for an 11 PM kitty snuggle and bedtime.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


It’s such a lovely time of year here! All the day lilies in the yard are coming into bloom now, and the butterfly bushes as well. We had a brief respite from the heat, and going out to get the paper was a treat, as I walked into the mist lying on Hazelwood Road feeling magical!

I had intended to work on The Journey this morning. Paul C has sent back what he can hear of the lyrics to the songs included in that story-and-song creation which I wrote and my brother and I sang onto tape for our parents back in 1979 as a Christmas present. The original recording was so poorly performed and so dismally recorded that we re-recorded the songs alone, and that is the CD we presently offer. I wanted to type the story itself back into the mix. The story is about the journey of the Magi. I had had fun incorporating lots of medieval myths into the tale.

However I could not find the material. Somehow it has gone missing. I asked Gary to find me the original audiocassette tape of the performance. One of our very capable transcribing volunteers can transcribe the story from that. Meanwhile, I spent the morning catching up the ever-present influx of e-mail.

Barbara B had written to say kind things about the Dana series of articles and to let me know that she is now at her retreat for a while, where she will continue her writing on a book I am eager to read, which she calls Ever-Healed, or some permutation of that thought. I let her know of my current situation and praised the Holy Spirit. It is wonderful to know that she has this respite and quiet amidst her beloved branches – her cabin is built so it feels like a treehouse - and much more forest and water nearby.

Dave Gillis had sent me a rough draft of a letter to the Coast to Coast staff. He has been trying to get them to interview me for years. I OK’d the letter and told him I was doggoned hard to market, not being a mainstream ET person – no conspiracies, no little green men, no new physics and no marshmallow fluff. But I thanked him for his efforts and said, hey, maybe this letter will work!

I wrote Ian B, who is starting a very good service-to-others project in his home in England called Unity in Diversity. He is trying to create a neighborhood forum where all the many nationalities represented in the community can come together in communication and group harmony. I told him it sounds terrific! I also thanked him for his poem, about the Fingers and the Thumb, which I used in Dana 6. His writing to me is always fresh and well done, and I asked him if he would consider blogging with us on B4 when webmaster Steve E launches it.

I caught up with Melissa T, Diane P and Tiffani M, re-sending the thumbnail sketches to Tiff which her computer somehow did not receive when I sent them out to everybody on the Board.

I suggested to Elihu that we publish Dana’s book precisely as she gave it to us, in printed, hard-copy form, while retaining all her other drawings and all the commentaries in the e-version of the book. I also thanked him for his blurb, which I sent on to Ian so that he can finalize the Book of Days and send it to the printer at last.

And I wrote to thank Mary Alice for the drawings by Dana she is sending me in the snail-mail.

I went downstairs at about 1 PM, most surprised to find Mick at home. Gary had borrowed my car to go to the grocery as his is quite small in terms of trunk room, so Mick thought I was out. Our one chance this week to lunch together was blown! We are both so quiet in habit that we did not hear each other in the house. Humorous!

The afternoon work hours were happily spent on Chapter 6. I backed and filled, wrote and deleted, looking for the best entry into the subject. Hopefully I ended the afternoon on the track of a good beginning to that chapter.

Chloe outdid herself today on affection. She has grown from a slim kitten to a big black bear of a girl, sweet as molasses in nature but the clumsiest cat I have personally ever known. I think her eyesight may be dim. She dumped first my telephone, then my stack of Bible, Prayer Book and Hymnal (on the right-hand table) and then my slanted mini-desk on which I keep all to do with my writing on 101 (on the left-hand table) onto the floor and was going for my water glass when I finally got her calmed down. All she was actually doing was expressing her delight in being with me, walking across my lap from right-hand table to left-hand table and back, rubbing her face on anything in her path. She does not do this damage out of wickedness, only awkwardness. I do love my little bear!

Jim was incredibly busy today, as the winds overnight had downed three trees on one of his customer’s property. At 4:30 he came up, his usual customers' work done, to say that he was on his way to clear the worst of the damage there. He worked until his chain saw quit. He did quite a bit of clearing, and promised them that he would come back as soon as his chain saw was working again.

He did not even make a dent in the first huge tree, he said, never mind the other two, which are even more gigantic. This customer lives on a farm, over 200 years old, originally owned by the Speed family, the oldest of old-Louisville gentry. The trees have been allowed to mature for all that time, so there be giants there! It is a wonderful place to be, with all the old, old trees and living antiques like an old hog barn and other outbuildings from when it was a working plantation in the early 18th century.

He finally arrived home, happy and weary, and we bathed and then had a date before descending to the downstairs for the Gaia Meditation, with Mick praying at the end, and a late supper with Gary. We all said good night around 11 PM.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Yesterday was tough for me emotionally. Dealing with interstitial cystitis plus the flared-up nerve pain in my back, shoulder and right arm, I have experienced a challenging amount of discomfort recently and only gradually, in the last couple of days, have I been able to see some small improvement, largely due to the new icing protocol, where twice daily Jim rubs my back all over for two minutes with ice, until I am quite numb. That’s a very promising technique for reducing the nerve pain to a more manageable level.

However I still have a very painful time holding hands, which I need to do in order to offer a channeling session. The physical contact keeps me firmly in my physical body while I channel, a priority for my safety. I have already had to postpone one personal channeling session that was to have taken place yesterday. I got Gary to reschedule with Mike T for a month from now. Hopefully by then I shall have recovered enough to do that work more easily again.

What got me going was an invitation from Harry Pickens, a local jazz musician possessed of deft musical skill and a wonderfully active conscience, to sing for him at a benefit for refugees. It is his own original music and he offered me a solo in addition to being part of the chorus. I love to do such things and have done plenty of volunteer singing at such concerts throughout my life. Right now, however, it is out of the question. I knew that and I resented it. Suddenly the accumulated frustration and pain of the last year or so - two broken bones, two sprains, innumerable other small discomforts and the IC and nerve pain - got to me and I felt as though I would explode.

I apologized to Mick and went out to the back-yard meditation hut where I could be alone and not worry Mick. I had a good cry and then talked with Holly. When you ask for the Holy Spirit, she’s right there. It's a wonderful thing! She asked me to explain my dilemma, which I did at some length. Then she said, “Do you want to be of service?” I said, “Of course! This singing would be of great service.” She repeated, “Do you really want to be of service?” Again, I said, "Yes."

She persisted, gently, saying, “Do you want to be of the most service you can be?” and immediately I saw her point. I am already writing a book, which only I can do, as that is the nature of the creative process. Someone else could take my outline and cover the subjects, but it would not be the same. Further, the editing work I am doing is very delicate and something only I can do, whereas singing with Harry is something lots of people can and will do.

I got it! I felt so thankful to see the situation more clearly. My inner storm gradually passed and I felt very peaceful and resonant. It came to me that this may be the first time in my life where I have exercised wisdom as well as love in making an ethical choice.

I was happy when I came back indoors to the kitchen, where Jim and Gary were planning next week’s menu. Jim looked at me in surprise, as he knew how upset I had been when we had talked about the singing and he had seen me flounce out the back door in an emotional tangle. I grinned and told him I’d had a talk with Holly. He understood completely!

As for the work of the day, after Morning Offering I spent all my morning and some of my afternoon hours writing the sixth Dana Redfield article for UPI. Most of the rest of my working day was dedicated to finishing getting my quotes in order for consideration and then to making a beginning on the writing of Chapter 6, on the yellow-ray chakra. The organization looks good and the writing feels good so far!

At the end of the working day, as Jim was late getting home, I was able to tie up some loose ends in the office. I wrote Gary asking him to delete an incorrectly placed entry in the Avalon Journal. I’d mistakenly posted my daily Camelot Journal entry there yesterday. I got the text deleted but could not find a way to delete the title. Gary cleaned that up easily and showed me the secret click to make if that happens again. Knowledge is power!

I wrote to thank a friend of Dana’s, Mary Alice, for writing down dreams she has had about Dana. I asked her to make this content into a commentary article for the on-line commentary section of Alphabet Mosaics. I think it will make a good article.

I collected a nice recipe for Italian Chicken Salad and sent it to Gary for inclusion in our recipes database. I ordered more mailing labels for L/L Research book send-outs, as our supply runneth low. And I cleared the desk again, marveling at how very many good things are being offered me right now.

I was especially sad to have to turn down a soiree for Women For Steve Beshear, who is a candidate in Kentucky's gubernatorial election this year. Beshear has been a voice of reason in a political landscape cluttered with scandal and hypocrisy, for which Kentucky is known, sadly.

I also got a note from the Recording Studio, where I volunteered in the ‘80s. They are desperate for volunteers, and I always enjoy reading for them.

But now is not the time for any of that and now I know that. I thanked Holly again, mentally, for her insight and grinned at myself for being such a Tigger and wanting to do everything! My only excuse is that it is all so much fun!

I had found some folded-up sheets of folio-sized drawing paper at the bottom of one of Dana’s boxes of her materials which she had sent me before she died, and, opening them out, discovered that they were covered in tiny printing with her work on her version of Gematria. The left-hand edge of each page was corrupted, especially on the first sheet, through the many times of her working with them, so I asked Gary to mend the left borders of the pages and then to take them to Kinko’s for copying. Elihu E had asked me about this Gematria work and her symbols, so I’ll ship a copy of the pages to Eli for his scholarly perusal. I also asked him to do an article on the Gematria after he’s deduced what all her symbols mean.

Jim and I were both near exhaustion from our day’s work so we bathed after he returned home and then talked about Harry's invitation to sing, which ultimately created in me the storm that sent me bolting outdoors to talk with Holly. Mick came downstairs and worked on various chores with Gary until I came back indoors at 8 PM or so.

Mick and I dined with Gary while Edwards and Colbert entertained us with their political wit and savvy. We then had the Gaia Meditation, with Gary offering the closing prayer. After a pleasant conversation, we all said good night, Gary heading downward and Jim and I heading upstairs. We called it a night around 11 PM.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I awoke in much better shape as far as the nerve pain in my back and arm. I was thankful indeed for that! And the day felt better for the rains, which had continued to bless us here and there throughout the night. We even ended the day with another shower! Not that we’re all caught up on rain, but our plantings are out of stress and the grass is green again. After Morning Offering Jim set out on his mowing and gardening day, finding as he went along that he had far more to do on various jobs than he had known beforehand, so he did not return until 6 PM.

Jim and Gary had sent me back their corrections on my “thumbnail sketches” letter to our Board members and I incorporated them, proofed the document and got that sent out to all nine Board members beside myself. Then Gary and I talked about the next step, which is to render digital our Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws so that they, too, can be sent e-mail. We shall need to set a mid-year Board meeting in order to welcome our new Board members and also to amend the By-Laws to allow more people on the Board, and I’d like to have them see just what our Articles and By-Laws look like. For some things, nothing beats the real information in its original form.

Most of the rest of the morning work time was spent creating a quotes document for all the sources I will use tomorrow in writing my sixth article on Dana Redfield. Her writing is such a pleasure to share! I greatly enjoyed the time, copying mostly out of Dana’s unpublished manuscript, All My Days are Shadows of Tomorrow, but also getting down quotes from Joanna Shenandoah’s The Peacemaker, a poem from Ian B and even a poem from me, written back in the ‘70s, called Tree of Life. My brother, Tommy, and I sang it on one of our story-and-song tapes. This will be a fun article to write.

On my way downstairs for lunch, I collected a tasty-looking Italian Chicken Salad recipe for our in-house database. I change the recipes I find to include healthier ingredients and scale them to feed us for a week and usually end up adding some herbs to the recipe, so it’s always a bit of creative fun for me to work up a new recipe.

Gary had kindly fixed my lunch, part of a compassionate campaign to save my sore arm, and I enjoyed a good read before heading back upstairs to work on yellow ray. I read through my nineteen pages of collected quotes, jotting down all the categories I saw in these quotes. Then I spent some time organizing them into a solid outline.

For the rest of the afternoon, I went through the slow business of cutting and pasting the quotes so that they were in outline order. I had found, working with orange ray, that it might be a good idea to do that, as I had trouble finding and choosing quotes in writing the section, since my orange-ray quotes were not organized.

I did not finish this job, but the remaining quotes will quickly be placed in order, for I had done 14 of 19 pages before Jim called bath time.

Pam came over to do the books and stayed to start on a job i had asked her to do, creating office manuals for our three companies, the household, Jim's lawn Service and L/L Research. She continues to have trouble filling the rest of her work wek with part-time bookkeeping jobs, and i would like these manuals in place on the off-chance that she gets full-time work and needs to leave us. With two children to put through college, her first priority has to be earning money to pay those big bills.

Taking breaks in the afternoon, I cleared the desk, secured some contact information and powwowed with Gary over the material for which Gina Jones has asked. She wants a theme or title and questions I would like to see asked, for my interview with her on BBS Radio next Sunday night, live at 7:30 CA time; 10:30 here in Louisville. I may need to nap next Sunday evening, as usually I am less than alert by that time of night. To find my place in their schedule, go to I will be on Gina Jones’s "late-night" talk show. I thought she was doing a good job in preparing so carefully for the interview.

I also sent e-mail to several people involved in Dana Redfield’s manuscript of The Alphabet Mosaics, thanking them for contributions to our collection of things written about her. I wrote my husband about the possibility of a social event for Romi, Carmen, Gary and I some time this month. Our three-month summer vacation rather leaves them out in the cold, so I would like to see us get together just as friends once a month during the summer. I am one who follows relationships above all!! These are faithful L/L meditaters and we love them!

I wrote Gary to ask him to check with TermNet, who does our merchant service for in-house book orders, to see if they have an on-line merchant service as well. We are working towards having a complete on-line store. Presently, one can print out an order blank from and fax or mail it in, but we’d like a secure store where people can use their credit cards. We shall see. If not them, then other on-line merchant services exist.

And finally, I wrote Melissa T and Judy R, both long-time volunteers and friends, just catching up.

Jim finally rolled in, satisfied with his long day, as this is his prime time for earning money to pay our bills, and every customer he had asked him to do more work, which made his day lucrative. We had a refreshing bath and he iced my back for two minutes, for the second time today – a new regimen I have instituted to reduce the back pain. I had to go to this technique once before, rehabbing from being bed-bound in 1992. It took about two years of applications of the ice before I got the neck and shoulder pain that was crippling me then under control. So I know what I am up against there. It’s just a matter of doing it, and I am so lucky to have Mick to do the application.

It is easy and cheap! You freeze water in Styrofoam coffee cups. You then cut off the Styrofoam so that you have a “cone” to hold the ice by. Then you can apply the ice directly to the back without freezing your fingers off. It works by eventually killing off the nerve response in the skin. It’s not a good idea to do this if the pain you feel is at all informational. However this pain has no signal to it. It’s just noise.

We spent the evening with a block of Star Trek Enterprise, coming down at the Gaia Meditation and enjoying a late supper with Gary. Then Gary and I read for a while as Mick took care of some chores, saying good night to Gary about 10:30 and, to each other, a half hour later.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Some days are just tough! This was one for me. I got through a beautiful service celebrating Trinity Sunday, tried and failed to sell more baseball tickets and CDs for the choir after the service, and then came home to collapse, literally. My right shoulder had gone ballistic. The nerve pain was intense all day.

Mick did everything possible, icing my back, poking the centers of pain with a tool designed to confuse the painful spots and lessen pain and, eventually, giving me a full-scale massage. I lay on a hotpad off and on. Nothing touched the pain except for a delightful vacation from time spent with Mick in sexual play. That time was a respite indeed. Mick is a most persuasive wooer!

We had a good day, otherwise, on our first summer Sunday. Jim had rented three videos and we saw two. The Last King of Scotland was a brilliantly played tour de force about Idi Amin, a person whom I just used as one example of a service-to-self polarized entity in 101. The other film was unremarkable and I slept through a lot of it, as did Mick, so I shall not review it! What I missed of it might have redeemed it for all I know!

I see Dr. Johnson, an osteopathic doctor, Friday. Perhaps he may have some resources. Meanwhile, I have resolved to change my set-up in my office chair, so that the mouse is not where it has been. I believe my woes come from working all the time in one position. Hopefully I shall be able to soften the symptoms by switching hands for mouse use.

However, since I am constantly entering text, whether editing or writing, my right shoulder and neck will continue to be constantly in motion, and I believe it is this basic swinging forward of the arm which is the cause of the nerve pain. at various time through the last three decades it has sidelined me before; once to the point of being unable to sit up. so this needs to be managed with patience and skill, and a whole lot of faith that all is well.

Mick and I talked at some length about this situation. He feels strongly that this is just the latest attempt by the Loyal Opposition to distract me from work which will serve other seekers and in its own small way help to increase the light. And one thing is certain: if I have to go back to composing on tape, then that is what I will do. I will not be distracted from my blessed opportunity to serve.

Hopefully, tomorrow will quite literally be a whole new day!

Sunday, June 03, 2007


We had such a fine Saturday! After a very late morning wake-up, with both of us sleeping in, we made our Morning Offering and Jim cooked the remaining dishes for this week’s food while I edited on the April 8th channeling, the last Sunday channeling to be transcribed this season. I believe there is one more special session out there being transcribed, still, but we are mostly caught up on transcripts now.

The April 8th session was a dandy! The question had been about time speeding up. It was nifty because it was Dana Redfield’s question, and there is a sentence therein which I can use in this week’s UPI article on the Tomorrow Tree.

Jim went for a round of errands and came back with our fast food treat for the week, after which I continued editing until Mick was ready to leave for Avalon. He needed to take some debris from his work here at Jim’s Lawn Service up to dump on our access road's steep defile, where the road is washing into the ravine, and also to repair a few things that he had noticed tumbling down a bit, like the fire pit. And I decided to take some time out just to enjoy the ride.

It was such a heavenly ride! The crown vetch was in bloom along the roadside, along with a weed whose proper name I do not know. It has a tall stem, like a bush in height, and a compound blossom of a dingy white, like dirty Queen Ann's Lace. It always looks a bit ratty; that’s just its natural habit. If you break the stem, it pops easily, being brittle. Inside, the stems are hollow, so Mick and I call it the pea-shooter flower. The teasels were just starting to bloom too, and the elderberry is blooming! What a beautiful show along the way!

Butterflies greeted me before we even hit the gate, fluttering into the car along the access road. The ones I saw today were tiny, brilliant and saturated yellow in color, with black detailing. I love the way Avalon always comes to meet me. It is good to see the trees recovered from the untimely freeze earlier this spring. Everything looks splendid now. The grass alone is showing signs of strain from the draught.

While Jim went about his work, I investigated several of Dana’s books i had brought with me, and one by Israel Regardie, The Middle Pillar, getting set up for quotes for her next article. In a very fortunate coincidence, Jim played for the first time a birthday present I had given him, a CD by Joanne Shenandoah called The Peacemaker’s Journey. It talks about the Tree of Peace – another part of the article to come. I recorded all the quotes I will need for Dana 6 and started a list for Dana 7, which I believe will be the closing article in the Dana series.

It has been a good series for me and shows me, as did the Dignity series, that I have now connected to the source for creating these UPI articles as a very slow channeling process. Everything since the Dignity series began last early spring has come organically, week by week and idea by idea. I am very blessed in my guidance and good fortune.

Jim was still working when the rain first began. At first it was just a drop at a time, as though oozing out of the air, amidst brilliant sunshine. Then as Jim completed his work and we started up the steep half-mile of access road, the drops thickened and the skies lowered. By the time we were on the highway, the rain had begun in earnest. Finally it was raining so hard that even the sheets of water were puddling across the windshield, the flood falling too fast to run off. How wonderful to have my rain dances answered in such glorious profusion. It rained all the way back home. What a blessing from heaven!

Carmen had come over to volunteer and was busy at work, alongside Gary, who was manning the L/L helm ably, when we came in. I scooted upstairs to finish the editing on the April 8th channeling before Mick called bath time and got that editing done and sent off to Ian to put up on site after he does his final edit.

I also did a bit of e-mail. Poor Judy R, just back from a holiday, found my request to pre-edit Aaron/Q’uo 5, the several sessions of Barbara Brodsky’s and my fifth co-channeling workshop together back in the ‘90s, which i had sent her while she was gone, and saw it for just three seconds before it disappeared from her machine. Vanished!! So I re-sent her the AQ5 material and I hope she got it this time!

Anything on which I am working these days that is close to the light in its vibration acts mighty funny, whether it is the AQ material or the 101 writing, or even the UPI articles. Having a brand new laptop helps, but does not eliminate the glitches, as you see here!

Gary had sent out our much-belated spring Light/Lines newsletter, blush! It also had vanished into cyberspace when I sent it to Ian in March and Gary finally noticed that it was missing on site last week. I wrote to thank Garyfor the send, and also to ask him to be sure and set up a time where he, Romi, Carmen and I can visit together, either here or at a restaurant, during June. We promised to continue to visit some during this summer, not on Sundays, of course!

Ian had received Jim McCarty’s blurb for the back cover of A Book of Days, and asked if I could please get a third blurb. So I wrote Elihu Edelson, with whom I have had a good deal of correspondence on Dana’s book, the Alphabet Mosaics, recently, and asked him for the favor. He wrote back most kindly agreeing.

Jim and I rejoined Carmen and Gary after our bath and a nap, for which my body was asking very strongly, for a delightful time of visiting, dining and offering the Gaia Meditation together. Carmen left soon thereafter, having put in over seven hours on the Poetry Database she has made of all my songs and poems and having finished it at last! It was a huge job, since I have written verses and songs all my life, and saved at least half of them. She typed hundreds of verses, all scribbled on pieces of paper in my terrible handwriting. What a great job! Go Carmen!

Gary also bade us good evening then. Jim cleaned the kitchen and then he and I had our bedtime snuggle with the cats, finding a House episode to lull us to sleep.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


June began with more draught, the world full of sunlight and Jim’s grass, dusty and stressed. More rain dances planned for the foreseeable future! After Morning Offering, Jim and Gary set out to conquer their eight lawns while I came upstairs for a morning of editing. Gary had transcribed our final Sunday meditation of the season, dated May 20th, and I sent that to Ian before lunchtime. I thought it was an interesting session. Gary had asked a dandy question, and so much depends on that question. His query had to do with how to seek the Creator when we cannot find any trace of that mysterious being.

After a pleasant lunch break, dining well on leftover steak from our anniversary dinner, I looked at what I had in the way of quotes for yellow ray. Nada! My original outline did not use this present approach to the material and the database was not useful. Fortunately I had worked last summer to select all material from TLOO on yellow ray, for the Homecoming, and I had that collection in my files.

I brought it up and spent a very happy afternoon searching the channeling archives on site for more yellow-ray quotes. I found a great selection of them from Q’uo to add to the Ra quotes, 18 pages of them in all. I’m ready to write Chapter 6!

Friday nights are so sweet! It is Jim’s favorite moment in the work week when he comes upstairs after our Friday night bath and we take in some Star Gate. Gary cooked during the evening, filling the house with wonderful aromas. He joined us for supper and the Gaia Meditation, with Gary offering the closing prayer.

Friday, June 01, 2007


As our heat wave continued, after Morning Offering Jim departed for a long mowing day and I came upstairs to write the thumbnail sketches of our Board members which I had promised them all. With three new members, and the rest of the group always far-flung, it seems like a logical way to help the group function better. That took my morning work time and I enjoyed spending some time thinking about each one of our members. We are most fortunate to have such wonderful people on our Board. I sent the sketches to Gary and Mick for review, as I often make mistakes and would prefer to have someone in-house catch them rather than sharing them with the Board members.

Ian had written overnight to ask for a title for our spring Light/Lines, which was prepared in March but got derailed due to some computer glitch. It could have been on either end, as Trav1 was having its many glitches and Ian’s computer was choking on Vista at the same time. I made several suggestions for the title, so we will finally have that newsletter up. It is just about time to generate a new newsletter issue for summer!

Marlene K, a friend of Dana’s who had heard about the proposed commentary section for Dana Redfield’s Alphabet Mosaics book, wrote to vote against having the section in the book. She felt the book was a unit unto itself. Thinking about that, and relating to my own feelings about the project, I came up with a tentative solution: we will aim at printing a hard-copy edition of the book in its pure and undefiled state. On the e-book version of it, we will append all the commentary. That way, we can have our midrash and print it too. I shall see how that flies as I continue talking to her very loyal friends.

Jill sent an e-mail volunteering to write her commentary on Dana’s relationship with her, which apparently had been rich in phenomena, including shared UFO dreams. I encouraged her to do just that. She also noted that she had quite a collection, now, of Dana contacts, something I had not been able to get Dana to give me before she died. That is great news.

I caught up with Melissa T, who has had yet another stroke of bad luck – no job to be had where she is. So she is traveling northwest to live on a construction site where her friend, Grace, is building. She will help Grace finish the project. Melissa has a heart of gold. I assured her that she can come to live in Avalon’s utility shed, which has a nice sleeping loft and an indoor chemical toilet, if she needs to do that. She has certainly earned the right to do that. Melissa opened up Avalon before any other volunteers got there in 2003, scrubbing and cleaning in those primitive conditions, ridding the Sugar Shack of mice and a huge infestation of lady bugs and getting the place habitable.

Steve M wrote to say that he was sending us a Leonard Cohen album. He had read that I loved Cohen’s music, and indeed I do. His piano sound is so rich and full, and his lyrics so plangent, that I’ve always been a fan. I sent him a most grateful thank-you for the sweet thought. I also sent Steve my Chapter Four, now consisting only of the red-ray discussion, for his review. Steve has been extremely helpful at showing me how to trim the fat out of a sentence and make it easier to understand without losing the meaning.

I am not criticizing my usual writing style, which I like and which I use with relish. But for this 101 project, the language needs to be simple so that anyone, and I mean anyone with a seventh-grade reading level, can read it and understand it. This project is all about making the Confederation information more readily available. And my usual writing style is just too dense, playing with several thoughts at once, often, and using references from all over the place. The 101 project needs a very airy style, short sentences; short paragraphs and references only from current life and commonplace history such as sports and entertainment figures.

I finished the day by collecting a chicken recipe I think Jim and Gary will enjoy – simple to make but yummy.

I had been dogged by a sour tummy all day and was very glad to lay it all down and bathe with Mick, who was dusty from the work. I can see that the grass is struggling, as the bits of grass that were in the bath water after our ablutions were burnt. I did an imaginary rain dance in the blue-moon evening, hoping my prayers would ascend. We are in full draught.

Jim and I had a date after that, saluting the joy of life, then chatted and eventually napped until time for supper, which we shared with Gary. After our evening chapel time at the Gaia Meditation, Mick caught up his e-mail while I read. We ventured upstairs at bedtime for a kitty snuggle and lights out at 11 PM.