Sunday, January 04, 2009


The skies lowered as the temperature climbed and we had a warm, pearly-gray day of it. We slept late and made our Morning Offering before Mick cleaned the kitchen and did his round of errands while I came upstairs and promptly fell asleep. After the impromptu nap, I got my journals written and had a good chapel time before lunch.

After lunch Mick went to a customer’s place to replace some shingles which had blown off the roof of her 200-year-old farmhouse. I edited the transcript of the channeling session from December 13, 2008 which transcriber Aaron T had sent in.

We have been offered an advertising opportunity by BBS Radio ( which airs our channeling sessions weekly on Saturday nights, and I sent the offer along to Mick and Gary so we could discuss it.

Romi came over to work on the computers. He had some frustrating moments, but in the end, he said things were coming along on his upgrade of our book-keeper’s computer. He also has had a failure on his first attempt to scan Dana Redfield’s appendices for The Alphabet Mosaics into a finished document. He can send me the text portions of her appendices to edit, but the images changed size when he put them into a finished document. So he will start over on them, scanning the images another way.

Mick and I welcomed Daniel and Romi for silent meditation after supper. We had an excellent talk around the circle, and then a very good half-hour meditation. I am always able to meditate more deeply in a group, carried by the combined energy of the sitting circle. At the end of that meditation I offered the Gaia Meditation’s prayer for peace in our hearts and peace in the world.

Afterwards, Daniel sat and read Chapter 8 of Secrets of the UFO, which reports on three hypnotic regressions of subjects who tell of coming to Earth as wanderers, while Romi opened his Christmas presents from Mick, Melissa and me and Mick did laundry, getting the house back in order after the Craver-Rueckerts’ visit. We all said good-night around 11:00 p.m.