Thursday, January 01, 2009


We had a combination holiday today – subjective Rueckert Christmas Day and consensus-reality New Year’s Eve. Mel came down from Avalon to join us for the latter celebration. The weather cooperated, giving us lots of sunshine while the thermometer plunged all day until the air snapped crisply in the nose like good wine.

After Morning Offering, Mick went to the grocery for a few more supplies. The Craver-Rueckerts arose far earlier than yesterday, and by noon, everyone had eaten Tommy’s breakfast of bacon, brats and eggs over easy. We set about the enjoyable task of opening our presents. Then we settled back and watched another episode of The Office from Ted’s DVD of the first six episodes before we decided to go outside for exercise.

Papa John Schnatter of pizza fame, a resident of our little village, recently finished a system of nature and exercise trails that run through his property, a 300-acre estate a couple of blocks and lots of income levels to the north of our house. Tommy and Ted most kindly gave me a tour, pushing me in the wheelchair over hill and dale. Discovering that the small front wheels of my chair would not let him jog, Tommy popped a permanent wheelie and ran with me tilted backwards at an angle so the front wheels were not hitting the macadam. It felt wickedly precarious but all was well, and I had quite an adventure!

I met with Gary during the lull caused by everyone grabbing a shower after running, and he got me all set on I am now a member! I still have not had the time to explore the new site, having been booked with family matters since Christmas Day. But I will do so as soon as my brother and his family leave Louisville, the day after tomorrow. I also need to write Steve E, the webmaster of the site, and congratulate him on his wonderful launch of so many features!

The Craver-Rueckert clan came and got me and we went to another mall so that Ted, Rosie and EJ could shop for some clothes with their Christmas money. We enjoyed shopping until 8:00 p.m., when the mall closed, and then came home to the aroma of meat loaf, mashed potatoes, peas and mushrooms in Alfredo sauce and green beans with French-fried onions. I quickly made some gravy to top off the tastes, and we sat down to a feast!

We had pie and ice cream to finish the meal while we watched the rest of the episodes of The Office, which took us to midnight. We cheered in the New Year before we all went to bed.

Mick and I passed the prayer for peace at the close of the Gaia Meditation with each other in the cracks of the evening.

I wish all those who read this blog a massive amount of good luck, good friends, good work to do and good health in 2009!