Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas came gently to Camelot, with cloudy skies and temperatures chilly enough to make snuggling into a sweater feel good. We slept late and gathered around 9:00 for our Morning Offering. Mel and I were still in our jimmies as we listened to the readings for today and offered up hymns and prayers along with some silent meditation.

Melissa and I changed into day wear and I had my ice treatment – Mick massages my back and neck with ice for 2 minutes twice a day to take down the level of arthritic pain – and then we reassembled for the great unwrapping! First we opened the stockings which Santa Mel had made, retrieving nuts, tangerines, candies and small gifts like a crossword puzzle book for me and a yo-yo for Mick. The stockings were generous and opening each little gift took us until almost 11:30.

We took a short break, Melissa for a smoke, Mick for a Christmas snuggle with Dan D. Lion and me for a call to Gary to figure out how to launch! Don’t ask me how, but the carefully pre-set image on the computer had shifted to the right. I could see where the ribbon which I was supposed to click on ended, but it was basically off-screen to the left, nor could I move it into view. Gary set me right soon enough, and voila! The work of Steve E’s many sleepless nights and commuter trips was unveiled! I shall have to go on-line tomorrow, log in and play with the site’s features. Kudos to Steve for a wonderful job!

We three had expected Eric and his Mom, Phell, yesterday evening, but the rain was too heavy for them down in Marion County yesterday, with lots of ponding and flooding on roadways, and they stayed safely home until today. They arrived as we were beginning to open presents, and fell right into our Christmas schemes. We happily opened presents around the circle until we were all out of bows to untie and ribbons to cut and subsided into conversation, replete with lovely presents and each others’ company. It did seem like a shame to tear up Mel's beautiful and artistic wraps, which featured natural decorations like rose hips, oak-leaf hydrangea blossoms and sedum!

Melissa brought out her baked artichoke-heart and spinach appetizer, with crusty French bread to slather it on, and we feasted on that while our Christmas dinner was heating. In time, the biscuits were popped in the oven and I made the gravy. We laid out meat loaf, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole – comfort food indeed, and a nice change from the traditional foods. Mom McCarty’s chocolate cake and ice cream topped off the meal. Yum!

These celebratory times always go too fast! Eric and Phell left at 4:30, wanting to drive home in daylight, and Melissa left soon thereafter, hearing her chickens and kitties calling. Mick and I did a bit of clean-up and put-away, and then I relaxed with my Christmas puzzle book while Mick washed the linens from Tobey’s family’s visit and got the beds ready to receive Tommy, Mary and their three children on the 27th.

We reunited for a late supper and the Gaia Meditation, at which I offered the closing prayer. I hope that each who reads this little journal had a most blessed and beautifully meaningful day as well!