Sunday, December 21, 2008


It was cold and then colder today as arctic air moved our way. Consequently, Mick did not adorn our roof lines with lights, but instead he lit our front hedge and the fir tree next to the front porch. It looks very festive indeed!

After Morning Offering I settled into working on Buke T’s question on distortion. By bath time I had sent off my response to Gary to send on to her. I greatly enjoyed working on that question, as I was able to steep myself in TLOO material all day! It makes for good company and provokes many a thought.

I also wrote three more thank-you notes, hoping to stay even with that seasonal honor/duty as Christmas nears. I have only four more notes to write to catch up with the bounty of gifts which has already come my way this Christmas. People from all over send me gifts – sometimes complete strangers to me physically. But if they read and enjoy my work, they can’t be strangers!

After Mick and I had our bath, we welcomed Romi and John F, a new visitor to our group, who drove up from Bowling Green, Kentucky, a two-hour drive away. He is a college student with a very good understanding of our work, having studied it intensively on line. Gary also joined us. We enjoyed our round-robin talk around the circle and then a peaceful, powerful silent meditation.

Gary worked on the B4 web site today with Steve E, its webmaster, and we set the time of high noon on Christmas Day for me to cut the ribbon and open the site! Please do log on to and sign up as a member! There are lots of ways to communicate all set up and ready to go. Gary is so stoked about it! I can’t wait to see the new site! He, Tobey W, Jeremy W and Steve E have been working with the site in test mode for the last month or so, and hopefully they have found each and every glitch!

I offered the Gaia Meditation prayer at the end of our silent meditation tonight.