Thursday, December 11, 2008


My first full day back home was spent, much more than I intended, in napping in my chair! After Morning Offering I came up to the office, sat down and was out like a light until lunch. After lunch I repeated the snooze! Fortunately, I was awakened by Romi’s call in mid-afternoon – I had called him just after Morning Offering to ask for help.

He guided me through the procedure for taking the computer settings off dial-up connection and back to recognizing the DSL. So I spent the rest of my work day posting my Camelot Journal entries from 11-30 to 12-09.

Mick blew in full of good energy at dusk, having put all of his Monday customers’ and one of his Tuesday customers’ lawns to bed for the year. He will come back just before Christmas for any touch-ups needed for party season, but all the leaves are down now except the stubborn oaks’, so his lawn care for the year is drawing to a close.

He has lots of other work to keep him busy, still, but this will probably be his last full week of lawn care. Mick says he’s already missing mowing! It's OK, Mick - spring is coming!

My one remaining relative on my mother’s side, Aunt Louise, sent her usual Christmas wreath from L. L. Bean today, and Mel has the icicle lights up across our porch, so we’re looking more festive by the day! Mick will add the rest of the house lights and the Christmas tree when he has the time.

After our bath, Mick took me to choir practice, where we are awash in Christmas carols and other special music of the season. It is all lovely! I am struggling to hit some of my higher notes – time for some vocal exercises before singing, I suppose.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.