Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The Nebraska skies warmed today into the thirties F, a fine relief from the single digits of yesterday. However the sun never broke through thick clouds as weather passed to our north, so it was a gray old day. After Morning Offering I wrote my journals and had chapel time aplenty. Then I spent the remainder of my day editing two recent channeling sessions. I am beginning to catch up the backlog now, having only a Channeling Circle session and two song-and-story tape transcripts left to edit.

Mick and I did a bit of shopping today, enjoying the cosmopolitan feel of Spanish spoken all around us. I had the need of two changes of clothing, since part of the clothes I had gotten out to bring did not get packed, and I found a great cowgirl blouse at the farm store and a turtleneck and a couple pairs of jeans at Chez Wal-Mart.

Mick found winter work gloves to replace the pair he has now, which are decorated along four of the fingers with duct (duck) tape, since the leather had cracked (quacked).

I also did a bit of shopping for Mom McCarty, successfully hunting down undergarments that matched the ones she likes from the veritable jungle of thongs, bikinis, tap pants and high-tops. If there is one thing Wal-mart excels in, it is its vast selection of panties!

I think there tends to be a cultural difference between Gringos and Latinos in that the Hispanic people in Wal-mart were quite conscious of me in my wheelchair and moved away gladly, smiling a greeting, so Mick could push the chair where we needed to go, whereas the Caucasians tended not to see me in the chair.

This is also true back home, on Sundays, when Mick tries to push my chair from the chancel steps to the ramp, which is halfway down the nave. Sometimes we wait for several minutes for people to become aware of our need, as they clump in groups and enjoy each others’ company. It speaks well for the Hispanic culture! In terms of Plotkin’s book, Nature and the Human Soul, they are more soulcentric, whereas the white culture is more egocentric.

We scouted out the three blocks or so of downtown Lexington for a Mexican restaurant, since I figure this is a great chance for me to eat some authentic Mexican food. Seventy percent of the population of Lexington is Hispanic. We found a promising café downtown and will go there for lunch tomorrow. My store of Spanish is small – I know to ask where the bathroom and the airport are and can say hello, how are you – but you need no words at all to enjoy good food!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.