Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This was the coldest day yet, hovering in the high teens for much of the day. After Morning Offering, I went through my Inbox with an eye to deleting spam and already-handled business and had a good morning hitting the delete button. Whee!

I had just started on editing another recent transcript when Mick suggested we go visit Dad McCarty’s grave. We got a single white rose and also Mom’s artificial wreath with a big Christmas bow, which she likes to put out each holiday season at his grave. It is mounted on a holder which is designed to spike into the ground on each side.

I had intended to stay by the grave while Mick set the wreath in place, but I had foolishly neglected to wear my hat and gloves, or the underskirt to my skirt, and I got cold fast! So I stayed in the car while Mick got Dad all fixed up for Christmas. It’s interesting that Mom does not put up any Christmas decorations at the house – only by Dad’s grave in the cemetery.

I looked out over the field of gravestones and my eye was caught by the festive atmosphere there. The people around here have the custom of placing artificial bouquets by their loved ones’ graves, and the field was alive with color. I flashed on Our Town, which is set in a cemetery, and visualized the inhabitants of those graves floating around chatting and passing the time together most enjoyably.

When we returned I went back to the editing and sent in the finished transcript near suppertime. It was an excellent session, mostly because it was such an intriguing and good question by Gary, who is the best questioner we have had since Don was alive. He is a natural scholar, reading and re-reading the LOO texts and forming questions as he goes. Consequently his queries are always ad rem and give the Q’uo group lots to chew over as they respond.

This question had to do with the seeming disconnect between the Ra’s description of the initiatory attitude of leaving all except the love of the Creator behind, and the instruction elsewhere in the material to experience all things desired. It may well be our next newsletter.

I have continued to be unable to coax Jennie Traveller into recognizing the fact that I am on line. I can send e-mail but cannot access the internet – I do not know why! So I cannot post my Camelot Journal entries. I apologize to those who are used to reading these daily entries about the life and times of L/L Research and its little family! When I finally get back to Camelot on December 10th, I shall post them all, but they will be too much to read, I fear, at least at one go!

Mick’s cousin Shirley and her husband, Babe – not blue, but somewhat of an ox – are very good to Mom. Shirley calls in once a day just to be sure Mom, who is now 91, is OK. And if anything is needed, they drive Mom where she needs to go. So Mick and I are very grateful, and we always make a point of asking them to dinner when we are here in Nebraska. Tonight we took them to The Vet’s Club Steak House, a very nice restaurant here in town, and enjoyed a lovely dinner together.

I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.