Thursday, November 27, 2008


The sun came back today to make it feel psychologically warmer, if not actually so. After Morning Offering Mick set out on a full round of work, turning a good many leaves into mulch by the end of the day, and bagging many more for those customers who prefer their leaf removal done that way. As well, he finally was able to finish the window-covering for a customer with many, many windows in her huge old farmhouse.

I covered myself with glory by falling asleep in my chair not once but twice! However, I did manage to have my precious chapel time, write my journals and collect a good-looking recipe from the newspaper for Cranberry Bread Pudding with Butter Rum Sauce. That sounds like a natural for Christmas!

And I wrote the annual Christmas letter, which we like to enclose with our Christmas cards. In the evening, Mick OK’d it. Gary printed out our address labels before he departed to enjoy Thanksgiving Day with his Dad and his Dad’s family down south. On Saturday, Mick will find some nice computer-type Christmas paper and we’ll print out the letter.

Mick likes to get the cards processed and mailed while we are visiting in Nebraska each year. He likes to be busy, and his Mom’s sedentary lifestyle gets to him after a few dozen naps! So he relishes setting up the somewhat rickety card table and folding, licking and stamping to his heart’s content!

I composed short explanations for the cover design, not just for 101 but also for 102 and 103 and sent them on to Ian. How’s that for looking ahead? While he was finalizing the cover for 101, he creatively wished to unify the designs for the other two covers in this Living the Law of One series. When I eventually write the other books – and that’s planned – we’ll have our cover art already waiting! I loved doing this little task, and felt that it was a magical envisioning of a positive future!

Our quiet evening was torn by difficulties on Avalon. It is hunting season, and Kentucky is replete with “good old boys” whose idea of hunting is to shine their flock of flashlights on raccoons and such and drink themselves silly while potting at the critters with rifles and handguns. They used bad judgment in trespassing on our land, not just at the borders but coming close enough to the cabin to scare Mel silly.

So with her can of mace in one hand and her phone in the other, she called the police and they came quickly, assessed the situation and with a bull horn, asked the roisterers to come forward. The hapless yokels faded from sight and hearing, until the police left, and then started all over again.

It is fortunate that drinking spirits to excess puts a natural limit on how long the imbibers can stay awake, so all the brouhaha stopped about a half hour later. Mel said she felt as though she were in a sitcom, but was too frightened to laugh!

We talked by telephone a couple of times during the incident. She is OK, just shaken. Melissa is far too sensitive to shrug something like this off easily, and I am just glad that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and she will be here with us, enjoying a quiet and restorative visit in our loving, peaceful nest.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.