Sunday, November 16, 2008


It was a most enjoyable Saturday, a real day off. Mick and I had just finished Morning Offering when Gary and Tiffani came in. They had spent the night at Valerie’s. Tiffani took a shower and I worked on my journals, and then she took me to lunch at Selena’s Restaurant, a new eatery right here in Anchorage. I had wondered how it was, and it was a real treat to find out. Yum! Everything was delicious! We chatted and lingered over coffee before heading to the psychic, Leigh Ann L’s, so that I could drop Tiff off for her appointment.

I drove home just ahead of Fox and Smut, a wonderful couple who have built their own farm, their house, pond, gardens and outbuildings, all from scratch. Fox is a weaver and does beautiful work, while Smut still counsels three days a week, continuously adding to the farm’s riches on his “off” days. Melissa shortly joined us. We had lunch together and enjoyed a spirited conversation until sundown. About halfway through the afternoon, Mel left to attend a farm expo at the State Fair and Exposition Center. She wanted to see the llamas and alpacas. She arrived back at the house after they left, disappointed to have missed them.

Romi had spent some time solving my computer’s anti-virus glitch in the morning while I was gone, and he returned in time to take some supper with us and then enjoy a round-robin talk around the circle and then a silent meditation. Afterwards, we shared tea and Mel, Ro and I discussed the progress of the Alphabet Mosaics project. It is moving slowly, but we are pressing on. Mel and Romi made a date to work together next Tuesday evening on some aspects of the page which Mel is reworking for one of the AM’s appendices.