Friday, November 07, 2008


Sometimes the day goes better if you acknowledge at its beginning that your goals will be modest. Such was the case for me today. I have been very slow to recover from the weekend gathering last weekend, and while it is tempting to become aggravated, such emotion serves no positive purpose. My goal for today was to remain in my integrity as a child of God and a servant of Jesus the Christ and rejoice in the day.

I enjoyed spontaneous naps in both morning and afternoon. Other than reading a ton of forwards and cleaning up my Inbox of extraneous mail – and sending forwards on to friends when their interests were targeted by them – I only did my journal writing and caught up on some needed ordering of underwear and Dr. Hauschka products for myself. That’s it! A lazy R&R day for me. As Bobby McFerrin said it so well, “Don’t worry – be happy!”

In the morning I was on telephone duty for Melissa, as she was taking the solar batteries apart and readying them for a check-up in Madison, Indiana. Over three hours she called five times, each time after completing a step in the process which involved the battery acid. I was tickled indeed that she accomplished it all without incident! Whew!

And in the afternoon I went back to LabCorp and successfully gave a blood sample for a test which Dr. A. ordered to check my thyroid levels.

Mick went up to Avalon twice this morning with big trailer-loads of tree debris. Mel identified a couple of places along the access road where we needed the organic matter dumped to shore up the ravine-side, and so the old and rotted tree which Mick took down yesterday for a customer was trucked up to Avalon and dumped where it was needed. In the afternoon, he crunched leaves for several customers. We rendezvoused at bath time for a deliciously refreshing rest together, then enjoyed supper with Gary and the Gaia Meditation. Mick offered the closing prayer tonight.