Thursday, November 06, 2008


As a gentle harvest sun beamed warm temperatures our way, Mick and I made our Morning Offering before Mick headed out into the sunshine for his day of mowing and gardening. For the first time this fall, he began to bag leaves for a customer whose crop last year was 239 bags! He now has collected his first 26 bags for 2008-9!

Meanwhile I continued to rest. I am surprised at how much my body is crying out for sleep. This is my third day of recovering from the Channeling Intensive 3. I still think it’s worth every effort I can offer, in order to continue our Great Experiment in ET channeling begun in 1962.

I did rework a few recipes, and I answered more questions from Terry H on TLOO, Book 5, which he is translating into Chinese.

I collaborated with Mick on getting the correct CD titles, artists’ names and song names for the tuning songs we played at CI-3, and sent them to Mike T, who had requested “a sound track of the weekend”.

And I made a lunch date with Laurinda S, the lady from St. Luke’s who was so gracious and kind as to knit up the rest of the blanket I was making for Kori C-D’s little one. I got halfway through the knitting last year when my shoulders gave out completely and I had to lay the project aside. Fortunately the finished blanket is big enough for a toddler!

In late afternoon I went to Dr. A for a check-up. She is concerned about my blood pressure and will change the dosage on my medication. I also had a blood test ordered and went to Vickie at LabCorp on the way home, but for the first time ever, skillful Vickie was unable to find blood. After four dry “sticks” she sent me home. She’ll try again tomorrow.

Mel spent her day doing research on the computer. She left at bath time. She will call me tomorrow morning to let me know if she wants me to come up to Avalon for back-up while she unhooks all the solar batteries in order to take them in for maintenance and checking. She suspects that one or more of the batteries is malfunctioning, because the system has started collecting much less power. There is a safety risk when working with battery acid, and she is understandably concerned about doing this alone, with not a neighbor for half a mile.

So I may drive up to Avalon tomorrow, which I would count as a treat. In the car today going to see Dr. A, I marveled anew at the glory of the autumn color. The burning bushes are very intense this year and the color in general is far more lively and vivid than in the past few years, which were more deeply droughty than this year has been. The little rain we had during August and September was just enough to give us a wonderful autumn.

Mel has found me the ladder I would like to give Mick for his Christmas present. It is called the Little Giant Ladder System M17. It’s a dandy! Mick’s favorite ladder, a hard-working friend on the job since 2001, disappeared from his truck earlier this year. Now Mel will find a ladder of that make to test in person, before I commit the money. Thanks, Mel!

Gary joined us for dinner, the Jon Stewart/Steve Colbert hour of drollery and political savvy and the Gaia Meditation, at which he offered the closing prayer.