Monday, November 03, 2008


The last day of Channeling Intensive 3 was as warm as May Day and full of bright red maple leaves and birds at the feeder, Dan D playing on the back porch and sunshine embracing all. In the morning we studied the quotes on channeling, coming most of the way through 1987 – the database is chronologically arranged. In late morning we had Channeling Circle 12, in which the group took up a question about how to cultivate the desire to seek.

Lorena volunteered to be the lead-off channel, and the group again chose not to have the source transfer the contact around the circle, but rather await the group’s intuition on who was the next channel. It all worked very well, and we had a long and productive session. Indeed it only ended when it did, at almost 90 minutes, at my request – my IC symptoms were spiking and I desperately needed the bathroom!

In the afternoon we wound up the weekend’s work with a last hour of studying the channeling quotes database, ending at the beginning of 1988, which is where we will take up our studies at Channeling Intensive 4, early in 2009.

Steve T departed almost immediately thereafter, as did Lorena. Tom got his truck all gassed up and ready to leave. He plans to take Mike T to the airport at 4:00 tomorrow morning and then depart for Texas. I’ll be taking Talitha to the airport tomorrow at lunchtime. Gary and Mike put my Mama chair and laptop back in my upstairs office, which seemed to be the official ending of our very successful weekend gathering.

We ordered some pizza and enjoyed some episodes of House together before sitting for the Gaia Meditation. Talitha offered the closing prayer – I think! I was so weary that I was asleep in my chair for most of the evening! That weariness was a happy "tired", though. I think we were all elated that the weekend's work had gone so well!