Friday, October 24, 2008


The weather is changing! An east wind soughed through here all day, bringing the temperatures ever lower. Autumn is advancing. Our black walnuts are now all bare of leaves and the yellow poplars are bare except for the tuft at the top where new leaves have grown. Soon, Mick will be crunching and bagging leaves all over Anchorage! I love the shift of seasons! The cooler weather is invigorating.

This period of low energy which I am experiencing continued today. I did not awaken until after 7:30, which is two hours later than usual, and after Morning Offering I managed to fall asleep again in my chair. In late afternoon, I did that again! I am grateful for the rest, which I apparently need, but it’s hard to be productive when you’re snoozing!

Eli sent me the mock-up he has done of my four articles on spiritual hierarchies and asked me to vet them. He has done a good job of combining them. I spent some time looking for quotes to fill out the last page of the special issue of Both Sides Now which he is creating just for my articles! I sent some suggestions to him, a couple of which he took, but he still needs more space filled on that last page. I’ll look into that tomorrow.

My afternoon was taken up with the wonderful luxury of a massage and a pedicure/manicure. Jane R, the masseuse, found the nest of very tight muscles from both shoulders to mid-back along my “wings” and really soothed that area, working patiently and using up most of our time right there. Good decision! I felt so much better afterwards! And it is wonderful to have my fingers and toes all groomed for another month.

I worked a bit on editing the Feet to the Fire interview, but it put me to sleep, so I did not get far. I humbly hope that the finished transcript will not have that effect on readers when we get it up on line! I offer some good information in it, in response to his equally good questions.

Mick and Gary did all their Friday jobs today, as a big old storm system is supposed to revolve slowly through here all day tomorrow, raining them out. They came home triumphant! Gary then cooked orange honey chicken for next week’s menu. It made the house smell so good! Meanwhile, Mick accomplished a whole lot of little errands and chores.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.