Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Our drought continues, although the weather is so lovely it is easy to forget just how thirsty the earth here is. After Morning Offering, Mick set out on his typically full day of mowing and raised so much dust that he had to clean himself up three times before bath time! The third time he was not at a place which had a hose, so he tried to clean himself up with his blower. It did a good job, but the breeze blew his baseball cap off and he had to chase it down the street.

Meanwhile, I spent the morning creating this week’s UPI article and posting it. In the afternoon, I edited the channeling from our September 27th meeting. It was a pot-luck Q and A session from readers’ questions sent in to Gary from around the world. I thought the session was quite interesting.

I also wrote Nicole B-I of the International UFO Congress, (www.ufocongress.com) attaching the final draft of the manuscript for 101. My blurbs are not in yet, and we’re waiting on them so Michele can finish the back cover design. I did not want to wait any longer to ask for a place in the line-up for next February. Mick and I have a good time there each year that we are invited. It functions as our only true vacation time, since our two other trips per year are to Nebraska. Usually my fee for speaking there covers Mick's travel cost, and we are only out for the cost of the food we eat.

It’s great to go to Nebraska and be with Jim’s Mom, but the times there cannot be said to be real holidays, since our environment there is 24/7 TV, heavy on CNN, soap operas and game shows, in a claustrophobically well insulated house that is kept at eighty degrees at the minimum. And when one goes outside, one is in small-town Nebraska, where the skies are full of the smell of a meat packing plant all day.

After a much needed bath and whirlpool, the now dustless St. James and I repaired upstairs for a deliciously healing and revivifying date, after which we came down for supper, the Colbert Report and the Gaia Meditation. I offered the closing prayer tonight.