Sunday, October 12, 2008


We stayed with summer weather today, enjoying a brilliant sun and a harvest blue sky. I have never solved the conundrum of whether the sky is so preternaturally blue at this time of the year because of the contrast of the bright autumn leaves or whether it has to do with the declining strength of the sun. Whatever the cause, it is lovely to behold.

My chief work today was writing the response for Buke T on his question of whether we were all one or whether we were individuals. I took two hours yesterday to form a body of quotations from The Ra Material on this point and then spent another two hours today writing the response. It felt as though I had given him some good thoughts to work with, a good feeling. I was also delighted to receive a handsome donation to L/L Research for the work I did - i charged him only for the writing time. It reminds me of the fellow who paid Edgar Cayce to channel on the state of the world rather than the state of his health. Cayce must have enjoyed dealing with that different and less personal slant, too!

Then in the late afternoon Romi came for a work period on The Alphabet Mosaics. Ro scanned a dozen or so of the three dozen pages needing scanning for the appendices, while Melissa and I squared off on one of the two odd pages.

We spent our time peering at the almost indecipherable lists of words on the sheet, coming away by suppertime with all the squiggles either made into words or discarded as illegible. We lost some words, but not as many as I thought we would. Mel had a magnifying glass and got a whole bunch of words deciphered that I thought were hopelessly illegible.

Mel will redraw the central figures, of which there are 26 – one for each letter of the alphabet. Then she will print the words for each figure, as did Dana, under them. I am so grateful to her for volunteering to reconstitute Dana's page. It is painstaking work and work I cannot do as I have no artist’s skill whatsoever.

I am hopeful that one or two more work sessions such as this will see the work done to complete all the preparation of the material included in the book. It feels good to get going on this very worthy project!

We had a good L/L study and meditation meeting, after our supper was finished. Gary, Ro, Mel, Mick and I were the circle of seeking tonight. Gary had a question about how to process catalyst well, using the simile of the physical process of digestion, where the body takes the nutrients it needs and flushes the rest from the body as waste. The response continued the simile. I look forward to reading the transcript when I edit it. In the process of closing the meditation, I offered the Gaia Meditation prayer.