Friday, October 03, 2008


Happy Autumn! This is my first sweater-and-socks day! It was also the first day this season that Mick has started off his work day with a jacket – in honor of the Louisville group, we’ll call it My Morning Jacket day!

After Morning Offering Mick started in on his complex day, which he polished off in great style. As fall rolls in, there is less straightforward mowing to do and more gutter cleaning, patio restoring, gardening and other non-mowing chores. He did, however, mow two large yards today on top of all the other stuff.

In the morning I caught up on some e-mail. I pass along a request from Terry H of Taipei concerning the Puri district of Orissa in eastern India, on the Bay of Bengal. The VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parashad) has determined to kill all Christians in that area, according to Terry. He sent many sad photos of the destruction there. Let us all spare a prayer for the martyrs of Puri.

I also received an eye-opening letter from a woman called Mary-Kay Gamel, a Professor of classics and theater at the University of California. She had a lot of things to say about what an abysmal person John McCain is. I realize that people can say anything. But this woman gives her address and e-mail, which is I found her words chilling. If you are interested, I am sure she will be glad to send you a copy of her letter.

Ba sent in her provisional OK on the final-final Table of Contents for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, so I can go forward with sending the final revised manuscript to Hampton Roads when I get it from Jude. She said it might be a few days in coming, as her work schedule is very tight right now.

Lee B wrote in, asking about a slew of speakers appearing at a UFO convention in the bay area around San Francisco, where he resides. I replied that I knew only two of them to comment on, and they both were less than stellar speakers, and suggested that he come to Laughlin next February instead, where I will be speaking at the International UFO Congress 2009.

In latte morning I began working on the bibliographical entries in The Alphabet Mosaics. This is painstaking work. Dana’s form was off, technical stuff like a colon where the comma goes and then a comma where the colon goes. Every entry needs that correction. She also switched the order of the place of publication and the publisher and that needs changing every time. in over half of her entries, an item is missing completely because she ran out of time, having an appointment with Larger Life. She has three solid pages of references, and I am about 1/3 through with the entries now. I hope to finish them by Saturday afternoon, when I have an appointment with Romi to work on the book.

Romi was Dana’s good friend, visiting her frequently and coming as close as he ever has in this life to forming a formal relationship with her. He has helped me tremendously in this project by doing a good deal of scanning, and I believe he will need to do some more. By Saturday afternoon, I will make it my business to know exactly what is still not scanned. Fortunately Dana left a very precise Table of Contents to guide us.

Gary was at the L/L Research helm today, working with large numbers of e-mail. He was also extremely helpful all day, being the go-to person for the workmen who were here to install a generator for Camelot. It is a large expense, but after losing our food multiple times in power outages, we finally decided to get one. Living in a virtual forest, our power goes out quite frequently.

After the Gaia Meditation, at which Mick offered the closing prayer, Mick and I watched the vice-presidential debate. I was embarrassed for Governor Palin, whose experience is quite limited. For some reason she kept referring to that experience. It was a poor tactic. I must say that Biden and Palin were both far less cogent than Obama was. I think Biden won the debate, but he did not distinguish himself. Obama has an unusual ability to speak from the heart while losing no intellectual content.

Lorena L and her sister, Rebecca, are due here but as I prepared for bedtime, she had not yet arrived. She is coming here to work on the next issue of L/L Research’s prisoner newsletter, The LOOP (Law of One for Prisoners) and will stay through our meditation Saturday night. Rebecca is here to baby-sit Reiko, Lorena's darling daughter, stll less than a year old.