Wednesday, October 01, 2008


We awoke to our first true autumn day, with a high of only 70 F and golden sun. After Morning Offering Dianne S and I went to Images Salon for haircuts and, for me, a facial. What a treat! On the way home we stopped at a discount shoe house, where I looked for a pair of purple dress shoes in vain. However I came home with tennies with nice purple touches. I shall prowl around on line for the dress shoes.

In the afternoon, I opened The Alphabet Mosaics and copied one of Dana’s bibliography entries in a letter to Ian, who is my best authority for all matters of English usage, as he has produced at least a dozen books for his wife, his sister and me. If Dana’s form is considered OK, my job will only be to fill in the many blanks in her references. If not I will need to re-do every entry. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

I heard from both Eli E and JoyousChee. They really like my series on hierarchies and will publish them in their zines. Eli’s Both Sides Now is an excellent and cutting edge printed quarterly which he sends out to about 300 people. I do not know what number of hits JC’s e-zine,, gets per issue. It is very gratifying to think of the pieces being used beyond our ‘send’ list and whatever circulation UPI receives. I’ll continue the series next week.

I gratefully received Romi’s send of a couple of recent photos of Dana Redfield, which he took during his visit to Moab shortly before she died in 2007, and sent them on to Vara. She is creating a bio and author photo section for Dana’s mosaics and wisdoms, which her e-zine,, will publish over time, one mosaic and wisdom per issue. Now I need to come up with a decent biography of her.

Rho M sent an interesting piece of information on fresh fruit. Fruit is stamped or labeled these days with numbers. If the number stamped on your fruit begins with an 8, it has been genetically modified. If it begins with a 4, it has been grown with standard fertilizing and other spraying practices. Only the fruit stamped with a series of numbers beginning with 9 are organically grown. So look for nines when you’re buying fresh fruit!

Kathy R sent a wonderful piece by Birkmeier called The Birk Economic Recovery Plan. It suggests that, instead of paying the trillions of dollars for which the current legislation is asking congress in order to bail out these failing financial companies, with their greedy and foolish practices, the government distribute the same money, equally, to every citizen over 18 in the USA. That would come to a bit over $250,000.00 PER PERSON, or over half a million dollars per couple.

Off the top, the government would save 30%, in the form of taxes on the money which the citizens would pay.

We the people could pay off our credit card debt, mortgages and other bills. Or we could save the money for our kids’ college. We would have solvency from the bottom up. And the greedy and foolish business practices of the companies involved would be rewarded as the free market should reward such, by being allowed to fail. There are plenty of other financial companies whose business practices have stood up to this crisis well. And with half a million dollars in the bank for the common married couple, who would need a loan anyway?

I tell you, it’s brilliant! Of course it will never happen. It makes way too much sense!

In all, I sent 13 e-mails to various folks before Mick called bath time.

After our bath, Romi came over so that we could fete him for his birthday. We went to his favorite place around here, Applebee’s, for the celebration. It was a very pleasant evening. After a good meal we returned to Camelot for the Gaia Meditation, with Ro offering the closing prayer.