Thursday, October 02, 2008


Fall weather continued today as we welcomed October. After Morning Offering, Mick took off for a very full day of working for Jim’s Lawn Service. I found that Steve M had sent me back his suggestions for the session summaries in the Table of Contents of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. I took the morning to work on editing them and finalized them by lunchtime. Later in the day, Steve sent in three more suggestions, all good, and I think we can now declare that all the writing on A/Q is done! I asked Jude to switch out the old TOC for this one, and send me a new manuscript so that I can send it on the Hampton Roads with a request for HR editor Bob F to decide if they will publish our work.

In the afternoon Gary helped me to make eggnog, from scratch, for our choir’s “Christmas Party” tonight. Since we’re having the blessing of the animals on Sunday and the service will be outside, the choir will not sing, so we spent this evening practicing Christmas music – hence the party. The eggnog came out creamy and yummy and we enjoyed it! I have a good bit left over, but luckily I also have a nice recipe for Eggnog Bread, so we can use it up and freeze a nice couple of loaves of sweet breakfast bread for our upcoming Christmas morning meal.

I spent the latter part of the afternoon going to yet another doctor’s appointment, this one for a bone density scan. I will get all these tests explained to me when Dr. J. collects them. She promised to give me a call.

After a quick bath I went to choir practice. We will do a lot of Renaissance music this year, which is fun. Mick brought the eggnog over at the end of practice, and we enjoyed the party together. There was a wonderful cheese ball, my favorite nosh of the night. We came home just in time for the Gaia Meditation, at which I sang the closing prayer.