Sunday, October 05, 2008


We had lovely weather today, the temperature topping out in the mid-seventies and the heavens sporting that intensely blue sky that comes only at harvest time. After Morning Offering Mick went to consult with one of his customers and then took off with Dan D. Lion McCarty Cat to the vet’s to get his outdoor shots. In the afternoon, Mick continued to work with the front-yard waterfall, which is being very stubborn about leaking. He got it going – again! Water gardens in the yard seem always to need adjustment, new pumps and maintenance.

Lorena spent the day finalizing The LOOP, after I read it through for copy errors early in the morning. Most unfortunately, Dan D. Lion anointed her entire LOOP folder box, a hitherto handsome carrying case for all of her correspondence with the prisoners. It only underscored the need to get this cat outdoors where he clearly belongs. After lunch Mick and I took him to the front porch, where Mick had placed his little “house” up high on the wood-rack. He set it on a large piece of thick plywood and stabilized it so Dan can sit out on his “porch” and survey his new domain.

Gary was working for L/L Research today and says he is now caught up on the vast backlog of e-mail he found when the power finally came back on. And Melissa created four loaves of Eggnog Bread from the leftover eggnog I’d made for the choir party Wednesday. She also re-sewed the cuff buttons to a couple of my new purple tops so that the sleeves do not hang down on my knuckles.

I spent my work day finishing the editing on The Alphabet Mosaics’ bibliography. I was glad to get that done! It is very picky work! In late afternoon I sat down with Romi and we went through the remaining scanning that needs doing. A couple of Dana's worksheets are too large for the book and they also happen to be poor copies, to which we no longer have the originals. So they shall have to be cut apart and reconstituted, element by element. This is also very picky work. Ro promised to get started on the scanning.

So we have an unavoidable delay on getting The Alphabet Mosaics to the printer. I will do my final read-through of the introductory text next week, and then put it aside until the Ro Man gets the rest of the material ready to include.

Lorena, Rebecca and little Reiko hit the road just before meditation, after the whole crew enjoyed Gary’s feast, prepared yesterday: barbecued chicken, curried rice and a cauliflower casserole. Romi had made some fruit dumplings a la Czeska for dessert, which topped off the meal nicely.

We enjoyed a silent meditation at the public meeting tonight after talking around the circle in our usual opening round-robin. I included the closing prayer to the Gaia Meditation when we ended the half-hour of our silent meditation. I am always impressed at the difference which being part of a group makes in my meditative experience. The group energy carries me deeper into the silence.

We all said good-night to little Dan D. before we went to bed. His tail is erect and he seems quite happy outdoors. This is a great blessing!