Tuesday, October 07, 2008


It was lovely weather today, back in the low eighties and golden with sun and falling leaves. I was out in it this afternoon as I kept an appointment for a reading with Leigh Ann H and greatly enjoyed seeing spots of color everywhere. The peak is still a couple of weeks away, but already I can see that it will be a good year. The colors are very vivid.

After Morning Offering, I worked on my UPI article for the week, discovering for a third time that after the article was done I still had more to cover on spiritual hierarchies.

Mick worked a very full day, coming home happy and dusty at bath time. We need rain so badly! Supposedly we shall get some later in the week. He had to wash his hands and face before the bath to avoid getting the bathwater really dirty! After our whirlpool, we shared a particularly beautiful energy exchange. I snoozed in the afterglow while Mick enjoyed his brain pulses. He often gets what he calls brain orgasms in his third-eye location after we share energy.

Dan D. seems to have acclimated very well to being an outdoor kitty. He no longer cries at the door and after our patting times, he leaps away to chase something or have a bite to eat. What a blessing!

It was Gary’s day to serve at Cracker Barrel. He came home to share dinner with us as well as the Gaia Meditation, at which I offered the closing prayer.