Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I slept very late this morning and after Morning Offering I spent some of my morning work time writing my journals and having my morning chapel time. Holly’s Word for me today was ‘finish’. She encouraged me to finish all the bits and pieces that I had half-done. So I ordered some lingerie and some foot detox pads, wrote a note to the Sanctuary of Eternal Truth, a spiritualist organization near here, asking them to switch me to an e-mail subscription and in general got my office details all finished. It took me until lunchtime and my goodness, the office felt better without that clutter of this and that.

Gary and I had a planning meeting after lunch and organized our mutual attack upon the maze of work ahead. We still need to hear back from BookSurge before choosing a printer for 101, but Gary will contact them. I will contact Michele M, who designed the beautiful cover for A Book of Days, and ask her if she would like to donate a cover for 101. And I’ll write Scott Mandelker, Phyllis Schlemmer and Jean-Claude Koven, all of whom are fellow authors and/or channels, asking them for blurbs for the back cover.

Gary and I also talked about starting the yearly fund-raiser for L/L Research expenses in 2009. We would like to kick that off on October 16th. By then we hope to have the printing of 101 in hand. Morris H, our faithful vice-president, has offered to donate for that, and it is possible that he will donate the entire cost, which would free us up to focus just on our operating expenses in terms of explaining what we are asking for in our solicitation letter to everyone for whom we have an address!

We also discussed what comes next in the Alphabet Mosaics project and settled upon a Saturday work time for Romi, Mel, Gary and me. We will gang up on the two difficult odd pages in Dana’s Appendices. They both need reconstituting from 14”-long pages to two 11”-long pages and while Dana’s drawings are clear, we will need to paste those onto the new pages and then print the lists of words under each by hand, as the printing of the words on the copies is too faint to reproduce well.

Once that hurdle is cleared, Romi’s task of scanning the three dozen or so Appendix pages at a quality suitable for printing will be very much simpler, so it is a project well worth doing, and it will be so much quicker and more fun to do it together.

I ended the afternoon with a clean office and a typed to-do list that is tidily organized by priority, feeling much more organized and energized. I especially look forward to working with the questions which Buke T has sent in. He has set up the equivalent of counseling appointments on e-mail, only his questions are not about personal problems but on philosophy and the Law of One. I love working with people by e-mail. It is easier for me than telephone counseling, since I do not have to hold the telephone and since I can work at my own pace. I do enjoy telephone counseling, but e-mail is my favorite.

Gary had a very productive day at the L/L Research helm and then joined Mick and me for dinner. He went to Valerie’s to watch the second presidential debate. Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.