Saturday, October 11, 2008


There was a mist on the meadow when we awoke today, but the weather became unseasonably sunny and warm by noon. After Morning Offering Gary and Mick set out on their Friday mowing and finished by early afternoon, leaving Mick to do his weekly maintenance, which this week included oil changes all around, since it was so dry and dusty this week, and Gary to do his cooking.

I worked on Buke T’s questions off and on, around inadvertent napping and fielding a call from Melissa, who was stranded downtown at her auto repair shop. They had intended to turn her car around in a morning but the part they had ordered was faulty. They will need to keep her Saab over the weekend. I drove over to the west end and retrieved her. It was a beautiful drive, with the leaves beginning to color up all over town.

Gary and Mel joined Mick and me after we shared a bath and a priestly, very exciting date, and the four of us enjoyed supper together. Melissa offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation. I could not keep my eyes open, so went upstairs early and left Mel and Mick to watch the University of Louisville beat Memphis 35 to 28. Mick came up after the third quarter and we saw the end of the game together before we said our final prayers.