Friday, October 10, 2008


We enjoyed warmer weather today. I had a beautiful drive into town to see a spine specialist this afternoon. After poring over my MRI scan and taking many more X-rays, Dr. C pronounced my upper spine “rotten” and the subluxation between C-1 and C-2 growing but felt that it was best to do nothing and just watch the situation. My left arm symptoms are down to a dull roar, so I agreed with him. The most likely treatments are epidural prednisone and surgery. Those are both serious treatments, so I fervently agreed with him. Less is more! He noted that there is still room for my spinal cord amidst all the spurs and fusions, thank the good Lord!

That took my afternoon, and my morning was spent in organization. I now have a list stretching to two full pages of things to do – from working on The Alphabet Mosaics to doing Buke’s e-mail counseling to working on the upcoming fund drive to editing on three transcripts - two music-and-story pieces and an interview – to doing six small projects to writing a snail mail note to responding to forty e-mail correspondents. For some reason I feel more competent just knowing the sum of my work ahead! Ah, psychology.

I created a homemade "Kick-Ass" card for Bob R, who is still in hospital being treated for his cancer and failed kidneys. I received a nice note today from our mutual friend, Janet-Planet, an ardent sun-gazer, who is visiting him. She says that he is still enjoying eating. Now that's good to hear!

After Morning Offering, Mick departed for a full day of gardening and chores – no mowing today. He trimmed hedges all morning and did handyman chores all afternoon. I knew he’d been indoors the latter part of the day since there were no pieces of grass or other plant debris in the bath water tonight!

We enjoyed Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now and Jon Stewart's and Steve Colbert's shows over dinner. We especially enjoyed seeing Michelle Obama, whose words of unity were lovely to hear. We then offered the Gaia Meditation, with Mick praying at the close.