Sunday, October 19, 2008


After a very brief Morning Offering – since we meditate with the group on Saturdays, we shorten the morning ritual – Mick spent his morning scrubbing the kitchen and then going on a round of errands. I had overslept badly, and so spent most of my morning writing my journals, having some chapel time and napping, inadvertently, in my office recliner.

We rendezvoused for lunch and some football, both of us napping for a while as cheers and crowd noise swirled around us from the television. I roused enough to do just a bit of e-mail, sending my two speeches on 2012 to Bill H, who is concerned about the upcoming shift, and then reading through and making suggestions for Lana L-B’s first chapter of her book on America.

Romi visited and worked on The Alphabet Mosaics, scanning her appendices. He ran into a fatal snag, however, and shall have to consult Ian, who is the most skilled at using publishing software of those within our little crew of servants of the light here at L/L Research. Ro was having the print shrink and the margins change when he tried to combine two scans into one document. That won’t do! Hopefully Ian will have the answer.

What else but football would we watch at suppertime, with the season in full swing? College football is a favorite of Mick’s and the season is just too short! I tend to read a book while the games are going on, and look up to catch the instant replays of choice plays. It is an old ritual for Mick and me and we look forward to it each year.

Gary joined Mick and me for a silent meditation after we had the usual round-robin discussion of our week. It was a lovely, sacred time together and it went far too quickly! I offered the Gaia Meditation prayer at the end of our meditation time.