Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This incredibly lovely, summery spell of weather continued today. After Morning Offering Mick set out upon his rounds, returning at the end of the day satisfied and dusty. The hoped-for rain evaporated before it got here, so we remain arid and thirsty. He encountered yet more storm debris today! He wonders when he’ll see the end of it. I imagine he will still be working at customer’s downed trees this winter, those who eschew tree services. Ah well, it pays the bills!

I continued to work on the UPI article, ‘Hierarchies IV” but I erased as much as I wrote until late afternoon, when I finally got on the right road, I think. A nap or two in my chair helped me through a continuing period of feeling under par. Holly says the angels put me to sleep when I need it. I’m torn between feeling thankful for the rest and irritated at the lost work time.

Michele M sent in an enhanced book cover for 101 which was even better than her first version, having the same spiral but with more interest – glowing centers to the chakras and a subtle diamond pattern in the background. She also sent in a middle-ground version with glowing chakra cnters but no checkerboarding in the background, just black. I told her to run with the version that has the background diamond pattern. it adds a good texture. She will wrap this pattern around the spine and back cover.

Ian is getting ready to post our Homecoming 2008 material, a rich group of archive quotes and presenters’ materials for over a dozen topics which we enjoyed discussing at Homecoming this summer. It makes a handsome document indeed. I wrote an introductory paragraph for it and made other decisions as to how it would look. It is wonderful of him to take the time to add this document to our archives. The various presenters’ topics are fun to browse.

I also got Dana Redfield’s ‘author biography’ together for Vara to use in when she publishes Dana’s first mosaic and wisdom, on the theme of ‘A’.

At the end of the day I made another Kick-Ass Card for Bob R. Janet Planet, who is visiting him, called and I tried to call her back to find out how Bob is faring – the last I heard, he was on dialysis, trying to get healthy enough so that they could operate on his crushed vertebrae – but we just played phone tag.

Mick and I came together for our bath and then a sparkly, effervescent energy exchange. Yum! Gary joined us for supper and offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation. Go Earth! We love You!