Saturday, October 18, 2008


Snuggling into a sweater for the second day in a row, I enjoyed the crisp air while patting Dan D. on the front porch after Morning Offering. I saw Mick and Gary drive off for their Friday mowing marathon while I was out there. Gary and Mick both had on their jackets. For the long stretches of a Kentucky summer season, one can hold a belief that it will never be cool again!

One of the letters I answered today was from Vara, in Alaska. The chill has seriously descended for her, plus her landlord has been lax in providing her with a stove which works, so she is making do with a crockpot. "We’re in the Army now!" I sent her three crockpot recipes for her perusal, two for meat dishes and one for a mulled wassail. Some dark rum and brandy, nicely spiced and cooked with cider, might cut the bite of winter for an army wife who has been shoveling snow seemingly forever, she says.

This was a day for details. Both JoyousChee and Eli wrote concerning publishing the UPI hierarchies series in and Both Sides Now (, respectively. The joyous one let me know he would publish all four of the parts, although he realized that only those already fascinated with The Law of One would fully appreciate the fourth segment, on Ra’s archetypes. Eli had many questions about how to put the parts together, as he wants to publish the four parts as one big article. That will be a long one!

Bill H called yesterday and we were playing phone tag. So I e-wrote him to let him know what was happening with 101, thinking that this was why he had called. He eventually caught up with me in the afternoon and explained that what he wanted was information on the coming shift. He will call back to talk at more length.

Michele had experienced some psychic greeting the night after she worked on the cover for 101 and wanted to know what to do to respond positively. I sent her the section from the book concerning psychic protection.

Pete D wondered about how things with BookSurge had gone and I wrote to tell him that we had not found it to be the best deal for us. We had a conversation back and forth, with me explaining about our having an on-line store. He asked about advertising his book, Baffled by the Bible, in our store and I told him that we had a "Friends Of" section planned for the store, but that our web guy, Steve E, for B4 had not gotten that feature operational. I gave him Steve’s address and encouraged him to write and inquire about it. The encouragement might help Steve to get that feature up and running.

Jean-Claude had written to assure me he would write a blurb for 101, and also to offer to donate some seed money for our upcoming 2009 L/L Research Operating Funds campaign. I wrote to thank him for both excellent aids to us.

Ian and I had a couple of conversations about technical things connected with 101’s cover and also the bar code, which he suggested I get blitzprint to send Michele ASAP, so she can place it herself rather than letting them stick it just anywhere on the back cover.

Talitha wrote that she had encountered some deep healing practices she particularly liked and was using them for distance healing treatments on me. She asked me to let her know if I noticed any changes in my wellness. I let her know that so far I was still quite uncomfortable and limited, but that my spirits were high and joyful, and that I felt peaceful and serene. I conjectured that perhaps this was the first fruits of her distant healing work. We agreed quite some time ago that she would do distant healing on me, so this was not an infringement at all but a very welcome gift.

Mick and Gary finished their lawn work in mid-afternoon and Mick took Fielder, who has thrown his belt – again – to Louisville Tractor to be repaired, after he got his weekly maintenance done on his equipment. Meanwhile Gary created Salmon Loaf, Pouch Potatoes with Cheddar and Carrots and Green Beans for our coming week’s daily feasts.

Mick and I enjoyed a soothing bath together and then a lovely date before descending for a late supper and the Gaia Meditation, at which Gary offered the closing prayer.