Thursday, October 23, 2008


Due to my oversleeping, I needed to spend the work time after our Morning Offering in the chapel and then writing my journals. I then worked with Melissa’s suggested additions and changes to the fund-raising letter we will send out. After lunch I worked on editing a long interview I gave last November to James Jancik on his “Feet to the Fire” talk show on the internet's Radio One network. (His show’s web site is ( and the Radio One web site is (

I got ensnared in Jenny Traveler’s oddities and only got six pages edited out of 29, so my work is cut out for me tomorrow!

I asked Gary to create a “page 2” of our fundraising letter, showing our actual income and outgo at L/L Research for 2007 and 2008. It seems to me that when asking for funds, it helps people to know such details. That way they are sure that their donations are being applied to the things for which they value our group and not being spent on advertising and promotion.

He and our bookkeeper, Pam, worked all afternoon to fix a glitch in QuickBooks that was reporting a good many of our donations twice and inflating our donations amounts badly. Our expenses were misreported also. They finally found creative way to use reports to adjust the income and outgo to true amounts. It was a long afternoon for them. But now Gary can finish page two!

Mick came home after a very full day of mowing and gardening, dusty and weary. He said that as he was working on a customer’s gardens who happens to live across the street, he had an unexpected visitor – Dan D. Lion McCarty Cat! It was a real treat for them both. Dan D. seems to have worked things out with the other two neighborhood cats, since they were all peacefully seated within several feet of each other near Mick, he said.

We had a lovely bath together and then dressed for a special treat – an evening of cocktails and noshes at Vincenzo’s, a premier Louisville restaurant downtown, courtesy of Glenview Trust, which manages Don’s trust for us.

The canapés included truly rare roast beef, poached salmon, a tortellini pasta dish to eat on the way to heaven and a scrumptious brie quiche. Lots of fresh fruit,Italian tomatoes with herbed toppings and asparagus rounded out the selections. We feasted to our heart’s content and noted that this year there was no speech from the President. Can you blame the man for avoiding the subject of stocks, Wall Street and the economy!

We saw the dessert tray removed just as Mick was heading for it, so instead drove to Baskin Robbin’s for some ice cream to top off our feast. We arrived home just in time for the Gaia Meditation, at which Gary gave the closing prayer.