Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This was a low-energy day for me, but a good one. After Morning Offering I worked on the UPI article for this week, the first of a series of four on JoyousChee’s question about the Confederation. I posted that before lunch. After lunch, Mel and I sallied forth to do errands. I got my glasses adjusted, gave blood for my monthly labs for Dr. J, left my choir robe to have a pesky neck button replaced with Velcro and stopped at the pharmacy.

To top off the afternoon, we shopped at Sugarbaker’s Consignments and I found a pair of purple pants, plus a couple of nice black skirts. Black goes well with purple and lavender. I think my Purple Pursuit is finished, at least until after Christmas when I may have some gift money with which to splurge.

I rested in the evening, napping most of the hours between bath and bedtime. Mick had a great day at his lawn work, getting everything done he had planned and enjoying the cool, fair weather. Gary worked at the L/L Research desk today, finishing the curriculum page for the upcoming Channeling Intensive 3 and printing out the fundraising letter for our snail mail campaign. And Melissa worked at the computer for the part of the day in which she was not aiding me.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Tom C arrived just before Mick and I went upstairs to bed, weary from the long drive from Texas. He will help with preparations for the Channeling Intensive and it is good indeed to see him. He is an old-fashioned Southern gentleman, the only man in my life now who calls me "Miss Carla". The day of courtly Southern courtesy is passing! It used to be quite a common mode of address.