Saturday, October 25, 2008


It was a rainy day, as promised. The earth was singing with joy! We had been without significant rain for weeks. Mick drove down to Shelbyville after Morning Offering and mowed Steve F’s estate. They have been in such deep drought down that way that the grass never clumped even though the rain was steady. He says he made the place look very nice. He took advantage of the rain-out and spent his afternoon napping gloriously!

Gary worked more on the fundraising letter and was up and down the stairs several times to collaborate with me on various points. Finally, we found that we had arrived at The Letter. He spent the rest of his work day sending the letter to our complete list of e-mail contacts. On Monday he will begin the task of getting the letter out snail-mail to our L/L Research address list in QuickBooks.

I also took some time to read through Lana L-B’s Chapter 2 of her book about America. The chapter dealt with the Declaration of Independence and I enjoyed rereading that fine document. I have been extremely grateful to Steve M for being my second pair of eyes on 101, and so I am paying it forward and doing the same for Lana.

Phyllis G of FATE Magazine wrote asking for some photographs to run with my interview and I passed that request on to Gary.

In the afternoon I cleaned up the manuscript of 101, taking away all the place-holder headers I had put in the document at an earlier stage when the inside pages, like table of contents, acknowledgments and dedication, had not yet been written. Then I sent it off to Ian for a final editing. Ian has many macros which sniff out typos in a manuscript, which he has developed himself during his long career of preparing books for printing – mine, his wife’s and others. When it comes back from Ian it will be ready for Now we’re just waiting on the back-cover blurbs to come in.

I got back to editing on the Feet to the Fire interview in late afternoon and cleaned up another page before Mick called bath time. It’s almost 30 pages long, so I shall be working on this puppy for a while!

Mick and I enjoyed a lovely date and then I napped until suppertime. I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.