Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Brrr! I was so glad the plants we take outside in the summer had had their trip indoors earlier in the week, as the temperatures plummeted to near freezing last night. The plants bring such life and light to the house in wintertime, their robust presences a true blessing on gray days. Our Crimson Queen is in flower and the living room smells so sweet! It is like honeysuckle incense!

We have an oft-divided rubber tree plant, now in three pots, in the window seat at the back of the upstairs hall, and every time I go up or down stairs, they greet me with their jazzy, energetic vibrations. They pine for the sun in winter and only hold their own, but they are wonderful company for me up here in my little domain while the sun is away for a winter’s snooze.

After Morning Offering I was strictly a Johnny-One-Note at work today. JoyousChee asked me to write articles on some topics, and I spent four weeks writing on his first question, spiritual hierarchies. His second question will be equally long in answering, as it is about what organizations or groups guard and protect this planet and its people. After spending all the day long researching that question in our archives, I wound up with ten pages of good quotes and the awareness that I had yet to finish the research process, because I have not yet brought up the Confederation quotes on angels. However I will begin the series with an article tomorrow on the Council of Nine and its role in our planet’s history.

I know there will also be an article on their role in our harvest/graduation process, and one on the angels. I will also undertake to write a fourth article on the war in fourth density between the Confederation and the Orion Crusaders. It looks to be another four-part series. Joyous One, you ask great questions!

After that I will probably get back to my Difference Makers series, as so many good people are among us and their stories are strengthening in a world where the Loyal Opposition keep pumping fear and dread into our cultural milieu.

I also prepared recipes for Mel and me to cook up for Channeling Intensive 3, which begins later this week. We’ll make desserts – Apple Brown Betty with Caramel Sauce and Neiman Marcus Cookies – and a couple of snacks to fuel late-night discussions – a Worcestershire Mustard Cheese Ball and Benedictine Tea Sandwiches.

Mick sallied forth and performed his lawn and garden magic all day, having a great day and coming home happy and vibrant. We enjoyed a bath together and then embraced each other in the sensual, graceful and exciting dance of lovemaking. I almost always fall asleep in the afterglow, while Mick uses his inspirational transfer of energy to plot, plan and visualize. What a wonderful thing the Creator has given to those of us who happily can find in their mates the Perfect Partner for the Eucharist of Red Ray! We are most grateful! Thank you, Lord!

I continued to read and enjoy Michelle Tocher’s lovely novel, The May Queen, this evening along with TV. I recommend it to you if you like story-telling and whimsy, not to mention fairies and fairy stories. It is perfectly charming, with deeper, resonant notes to create a three-dimensional world focusing on the passages of life – individuation for the young and the embrace of all-that-is for the old. You can buy her book at http://www.substancebooks.com/mythic-fiction.html#mt. I recommend it. Even the cover is a delight, but the real treasure is inside! Michele is a story-teller in real life, and the deft hand of a mistress of the art is evident.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.