Sunday, October 26, 2008


After an abbreviated Morning Offering, Mick took our latest trapped raccoon to a new habitat and then cleaned the kitchen while I took on Lana L-B’s Chapter 3, reading through and suggesting some changes. It was slow going and I finished at lunch time. Mick came back from erranding to join me for a relaxing lunch and some football. By the end of the day we had seen both our alma maters, the University of Louisville and the University of Florida, prevail at their games. Post-lunch naps ensued.

Mick took the rest of the afternoon to watch more football. I worked on the Feet to the Fire interview transcript – what a mess it is! The interviewer does not use sentences, for the most part, but throws some words out with a welter of meaning. I am not satisfied to leave it like that, so each time he asks a question, I am faced with forming this chaos into prose without distorting the intention of his question. It is worth it, though, as he asked good questions and brought up topics of interest to folks these days.

My neighbor sent me a good summary of Sarah Palin’s inadequacies. It is at We are in total agreement on this point. I am hopeful that many people will see the same thing. The address is ( I recommend reading it, if you have an interest. It is brief.

Gary sent out our fund-raising letter to the e-mail contacts we have late yesterday and I am happy to say that some early donations are coming in! Over $1,200.00 has already been donated. What a great start!

Romi came for the meditation and study meeting in the evening and we had a good round-robin discussion before taking up Gary’s question on the dynamic between Ra’s instructions for initiates to abandon all worldly desires and Ra's seemingly contradictory suggestion that we experience all things desired. It was a fun question and, I think, a good session. At the end, during the closing prayer I also offered the Gaia Meditation prayer.