Saturday, November 01, 2008


Happy Hallowe'en! We had beautiful autumn weather for the Channeling Intensive's second day! The temperature rose to 70, while the sunshine poured through the house all day.

After Morning Offering, Mick departed for his regular Friday mowing, and Gary accompanied him until late morning, when he retrieved our last Channeling Circle member, Mike T, from the airport.

We in the Circle spent our morning studying quotes on channeling from the database of archive quotes which I had prepared for CI-2. We have read over 40 pages of those quotes now and are in 1987, when Steve T first began studying channeling with us.

Then we broke for tuning. I came up to tune and fell asleep in the middle of tuning, to my embarrassment, and had to be awoken! Lorena, who is hoping to start her own channeling group in Chicago after the first of the year, agreed to inaugurate the channeling this time, and Channeling Circle 8 ensued. It told a story of a two seekers finding each other through many hardships.

We broke for lunch and welcomed Mike. I then took an official nap, for there was a long break after lunch, and was a bit perkier for the afternoon. We again studied the quotes for an hour together, reading them aloud and commenting as we went. Then Mick and I took a bath – Mick had finished his mowing day in good style and had done his weekly maintenance on his gardening equipment – and tuned together before joining Channeling Circle 9.

This time Steve T took the lead and began the channeling. The subject of the session was the channeling process itself. Again, the practice went well. Some of the members are very much showing improvement with the repetition of our practice sessions. I am pleased!

We then took off, all except Talitha, who was having respiratory distress after attempting an autumn walk in the ragweed-laden air and coming back with asthma, for Gary’s favorite restaurant, Kashmir. It is an Indian restaurant with delicious tandooris and masalas and all manner of delicious things! We shared a bottle of wine for a good toast and laughed our way through the meal, happy with the moment and ourselves. We had such a good time!

At the end of the meal we offered the Gaia Meditation, holding hands around the table. Lorena offered the closing prayer. We brought take-away food back for Talitha.

Mick and I had a late date after the meal while the rest of the attendees stopped for dessert and coffee at Heine Brothers, a coffeehouse right next door to Kashmir. With perfect timing, as we roused from our afterglow, they returned and we got the upstairs office set-up of chair and laptop moved into my bedroom and a mattress set up in the office for Mike. We all said good-night around midnight.