Wednesday, November 05, 2008


We had a glorious Election Day! Kentucky weather can do this right through the first half of December! It was shirtsleeve weather as Mick and I got up early to vote. What a joy to cast our ballots for Obama! He has earned our respect and admiration.

We came back to Camelot to find that Melissa had arrived, down from Avalon for a couple of days of doing research, helping me and knocking out her town chores as well as having some rest and relaxation.

She and I went up to my bedroom after Morning Offering and switched out my seasonal clothes and shoes as well as rearranging my sweater collection so that all the sweaters that go with shades of purple and lavender are together. I'm thinking ahead to the days of my purple hair! I'll color it before Christmas.

What a delight to have my closet and shoe shelves in fine fettle once again, all set for winter. I could not believe that she got everything done in one morning! Kudos and thanks, Mel!

I was still desperately weary today, so again I gave myself permission to be lazy and snooze at will. I had a good nap during the afternoon, but I also got a few e-mails written. Three of them had to do with Eli’s formatting of my articles on Spiritual Hierarchies for a special issue of Both Sides Now (

I answered two questions from Terry H of Taiwan on TLOO, Book 5. He is translating that final volume into Chinese! We have the handsome combined Chinese translation of TLOO 1-4 in our collection.

And I filled in my connection to LinkedIn for Julian D, who is busily networking, now that he is working for himself. Good Luck, Jules!

Lastly, I answered Halloween cards from Janet I and Dianne S. Dianne’s was a cute “” card and Janet sent me two photos of her as Spider Woman. She looked extremely fetching! Isn’t it odd that no one sends “Happy All Saint’s Day” cards? If you ask me, that holy day’s a far better cause for celebration than the ghosts and ghoulies of All-Hallow’s Even! But perhaps, not so much fun!

After our bath and some snuggle time, Mick and I joined Mel, Gary and Romi for an Election Results Pizza Party. Fortunately we had all voted for Obama, which made the party more bouncy as the evening wore on and Obama’s lead grew. We were a happy bunch! Romi brought some wine to add to the festivities, and we enjoyed sharing that also.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

There had been an uproar about faulty electronic voting machines during this last few weeks, and I was very glad we got paper ballots here, but I am thrilled to say that there was no suspicion of foul play on the national scene this time around. After “selection” replaced the popular-vote election in 2000 and 2004, I had been prayerfully hoping that this election would happen honestly, and I believe it did. Thank you, Lord.