Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It has been the prettiest autumn day of the season, with southerly winds coaxing the thermometer to the mid-seventies amid glorious sunshine and the maples at their peak of color. It was a lovely day for me to take some rest. It felt so good to have the Channeling Intensive successfully completed! I napped and read, reworked some recipes and in general lazed.

In the early afternoon I took Talitha to the airport. She was our last attendee to depart. And around the edges of this leisurely day, I attended to a couple of critical e-mails.

I wrote Eli concerning the combined, four-part “On Spiritual Hierarchies” piece I had originally written for UPI, answering JoyousChee’s question. Eli wanted to know if I had a blurb on L/L Research with which he could fill in the remaining page, the one with the address label. After thought, I decided that the blurb we had was fine, and told him to write some copy for Both Sides Now in the remaining space.

And I sent Ian’s finished production of 101 to Gary so he would have it for working with blitzprint.

After Morning Offering, Mick departed on his rounds. He mowed two large acreages, and although the grass is no longer growing quickly, with the leaves falling his customers are thrilled that he can disintegrate them with his mowers' mulch plates and gator blades. When he finished those jobs, he gardened for two more customers.

Mick found me curled up in my bedroom when he came home, half-napping and half-reading, and bore me off to bath time, and then to a very jazzy date, after which I fell sound asleep! He shook me awake for supper and the Gaia Meditation, and I covered myself with ignominy by snoozing instead of meditating! One can carry “peace” thoughts too far! I took mine right into dreamland tonight! So Mick offered the closing prayer. I think I will sleep well tonight!