Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The temperature keeps plummeting! We were close to a frost last night, and this morning Mick set out in his winter “long johns” to do his mowing. He is crunching leaves by the gazillion!

I worked on my UPI article for this week, which is Part Two of a four-part series on the Confederation and their interactions with us humans. After getting two pages into the writing I found that I wanted to do a bit more research before finishing the writing, as there were quotations I had not yet captured that I recalled and wanted to include. So I spent the rest of the day doing the searches necessary to find all the quotes from TLOO. I’ll have a running start on finishing the article tomorrow afternoon.

I wrote to Eric and Phellis S, son and mother, inviting them to Thanksgiving dinner. Eric is Mick’s age and they were neighbors and close friends when he lived on his homestead in Marion County, Kentucky. Several years ago now, Eric discovered that his sisters had placed his Mom in a nursing home, which she absolutely hated, being of sound mind and active. He went back to New England and checked her out, brought her to Kentucky and together they found a modest home. They have lived there ever since. Eric’s kind and loving heart really shines as he shares his life as companion and sometimes caregiver to his Mom. We love them both dearly and hope they can join us! Melissa also will treat us to her company. Gary and Romi are both visiting their people elsewhere for Thanksgiving.

I also wrote the three people from whom I requested blurbs for the back cover of 101 last month, goosing them with a plea for ASAP blurbs. We are ALL ready to go now except for those blurbs. I also wrote Mick to ask him for a back-cover summary of the book, and Gary to ask him to secure the bar code from blitzprint. That’s all we’re waiting on before printing 101! I am excited!

After a good whirlpool and bath, Mick and I had a date, sharing an amazing amount of energy and feeling as though we had moved through the gateway to intelligent infinity and into the light! When I look in the mirror and my 65-year-old self, I find it difficult to believe that rumpled and well-used bodies such as mine could encompass such beauty. Yet it is true. Thank heavens!

We eventually descended to enjoy supper and Gary joined us for the Gaia Meditation. I offered the closing prayer tonight.