Saturday, November 08, 2008


The anniversary of Don’s death dawned rainy and cool, winds tugging the leaves into a rain of their own. Mick and I paused several times today to remember our beloved companion, his great soul and his loving and wise teachings. Even after 24 years, his presence in our lives is such that we think of him at least once every day. Don, we love you so much!

And we’re still working on the projects we shared with you, BC! I know you enjoy the distance we have come. You asked us for two things: to make the Confederation philosophy available world-wide and to live in spiritual community according to the Law of One. Our web sites fulfill the first request, and we’re living the Law of One with Gary, Melissa and Romi - and with all of our extended family of volunteers, readers and supporters - every day, fulfilling the second request as we go!

I almost lost the day completely to sleeping, still almost overwhelmed by exhaustion. After Morning Offering I came up to my office and fell asleep in my chair immediately. I roused and worked for a few minutes only to nod off again. This happened four times. Finally I said, “Look, angels, I’d really like to get just a modest amount of work done today. May I please stay awake?” After that, I was able to finish my chapel time and write my journals.

In the afternoon, I edited in the Feet to the Fire interview, coming to page 20 of 32 by bath time. It is slow going because Mr. Jancik does not speak in recognizable sentences and much editing time goes into my creating good sentences for him which are easy to read while retaining his intended meaning.

I also ordered some Double-Crostics and Quote-Acrostics puzzle books, as I have come to the end of my current supply. I am very fond of these little puzzles, because when you solve the puzzle, it yields a quote, sort of like finding a prize in the bottom of the cereal box.

Mick and Gary powered through a very full day of crunching leaves for Jim’s Lawn Service. In some of the JLS customer’s yards, almost all the leaves have now fallen, so they had lots to do for all of their seven Friday customers. They completed their tasks in mid-afternoon. Mick spent the rest of the daylight doing weekly equipment maintenance while Gary outdid himself in the kitchen, creating Boursin Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus Pie. Mick will bake a turkey tomorrow morning while he cleans the kitchen and voila! We shall have next week’s feast completed.

After Mick and I bathed, we shared a lovely date, the energy gentle and sweet this time. After we dozed and cuddled in the afterglow, we came down to supper and the Gaia Meditation. I offered the closing prayer tonight.