Friday, November 14, 2008


It warmed up today, which made the work more pleasant for Mick. He expected to have rain early in the day, but it did not transpire, so after Morning Offering he took on the big job at the B’s. On good days this large acreage takes three hours to get looking pretty. Today it took Mick five solid hours! Bless those leaves!

He finished out his day with smaller jobs and came home very happy, having gotten a leg up on tomorrow. We are also expecting rain tomorrow. This has been a rainy week altogether, and Mick is incredibly good at finding a way to stay on schedule anyway!

My morning was one of excitement and enjoyment – excitement because 101’s back-cover material is now collected and in Ian’s hands, and enjoyment because of the way spirit works.

Phyllis Schlemmer, whose book, The Only Planet of Choice, has been a best-seller for years, sent in her blurb early this morning. This gave me three blurbs, with Steve Tyman's and Rob Schwartz's. I still had heard nothing from Jean-Claude, after giving him lots of notice, so I released him from being responsible for sending in a blurb. I figured that three blurbs, plus Jim’s summary of contents, plus my author photo, would make a good back cover.

I sent all of the blurbs, the summary and the bar code from, the printer, in to Ian, who is collaborating with Michele Matossian, who is doing the cover art, to finalize the cover. I told Ian that I would send in Jean-Claude’s blurb if it came in today. Otherwise, he could assume that “what he had was what we got”.

I hit the “send” button, and Jean-Claude’s blurb came in! Of course! He could not send it in until I released my expectations. So I happily sent in Jean-Claude’s beautiful recommendation too. All the blurbs are quite complimentary and I think I am most fortunate and blessed to have these very successful authors to recommend 101. I wrote Jean-Claude and Phyllis to thank them, and I shared with Jean-Claude my little story of how spirit works. I know he enjoyed that!

Ian replied that he was now all set to do the final production on the cover. He and Michele are creating two “looks” for the cover, one with the design offset to the left and the text offset to the right, and one with the design centered and the title above the design and the author, publication text and logo beneath it. He expects to show me the choices sometime this weekend! We are getting so close to printing now! Whee! I’m giddy with joy!

In the afternoon I finally got back to writing the UPI article for this week, part two of my “Confederation of Angels and Planets” series, and completed it by bath time. That felt good too! I only had one inadvertent nap today, after sleeping last night until a bit past 8:00 a.m. That is the latest I have slept in a decade! It felt grand!

We watched Amy Goodman doing the Fund Drive for Link TV – she is a wonderful saleswoman – and then an episode of House before coming downstairs for Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and dinner. I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Gary was at the admin helm all day and reported at dinnertime that he had almost caught up on the burgeoning L/L Research Inbox e-mail! I do not know how he does it! He works very quickly indeed. I think back to the days when I was responsible for that Inbox and thank the good Lord that donations have made it possible for Gary to man that! He is the right man for the job!

Gary and I conferred briefly and he will take the many questions which Terry H has sent in as he translates TLOO Book 5 into Chinese, and compile them into a single document. Then Gary will talk with me and take notes, and write to Terry. Bless him for that! It will save me a lot of time.

Tiffani, a member of our Board and an old friend of L/L’s and especially of Gary’s, will come in for an over-the-weekend visit tomorrow. And Melissa is due to come down from Avalon for an overnight visit tomorrow too. We’ll have a wonderful group of loving people here at Camelot over this weekend! What a treat!