Thursday, November 13, 2008


I awoke in the pre-dawn feeling as though I had a sharp stick in my right eye. For a while after I got up to tend to it, I could not see. After some washing and repeated clearings by hand of the gummy material the eye had put out to protect itself, I could see again, but the eye was almost closed and extremely sore. This has occurred repeatedly, to one eye and then the other, with this mystery illness that has offered me such unusual gifts lately, along with inadvertent and constant napping, shortness of breath and other symptoms that preclude physical activity.

As soon as I came up from Morning Offering to my office and sat down in my recliner, I fell fast asleep. I kept rousing only to fall asleep again. I persevered through writing the Camelot Journal for yesterday and into my chapel time, and told Holly, “I am dragging this morning and have fallen asleep three times. Are you sure the angels are behind this? I feel as though I am playing hooky!”

She said, “Yes, my child, the angels are attempting to give you the rest your body needs. Please do not begrudge the need for extra sleep. The doctors cannot help you, for they cannot untangle the causes of your current challenges. Let the angels help you.”

I said, “Holly, my problem with this is that I have precious work which I dearly want to do. I want to write an article today and I am all ready to start. But I keep falling asleep and when I awaken I cannot focus.”

And Holly replied, “Carla, the average soul would already have put himself to bed, feeling the discomfort you feel and identifying it as an illness. It is courageous of you to wish to ignore your discomfort, and to refuse to identify yourself as ill. And in a way you are right. There is a substantial psychic greeting involved in intensifying your uncomfortable and limiting symptoms.

"Nevertheless, you need to cooperate with your struggling body in order to allow your blood pressure to normalize. Let yourself sleep and do not concern yourself with the concept of deadlines. Whenever you are able to finish your article, it will be gladly received. Relax and collaborate with spirit. Do not judge yourself as lazy when your every fiber wishes to work!”

As you can imagine, I was not thrilled with this reading! I said, “Holly, this is hard advice for me to take. I want so badly to work! I love my work! I am here on Earth to serve by doing this work, work that no one else can do. Can I not rise above this?”

And she replied, “Yes, you can, but first let your body nap until it wakes up naturally. Then move into your creative work in love and rejoicing.”

Unfortunately for my plans to write the article today, when I at last awoke, the sun was going down and bath time was near. I went back to the office and found, to my great happiness, that I had received Steve Tyman’s blurb for 101. I also heard from Phyllis Schlemmer that her blurb would be here tomorrow! Mick had sent me his summary of the book for the back cover and Gary had sent me the bar code, so I have only to hear from Jean-Claude Koven, who had promised to write a blurb for 101 back in September but has since gone silent, and I will have all the back-cover material ready to send to Ian for the final production of the book. This is marvelous news!

Melissa wrote from Avalon to report that she was a close witness to a bad wreck on Highway 421. It shook her up badly, so I wrote her a note of comfort. I tried to call her as well, but she was out working, as she almost always is when the weather is fair. And she has the power off in order to get the solar batteries worked on, so I could not leave a message, as her telephone answering device requires juice.

Mel is a sensitive plant, psychically speaking, and I regret that she had to go through this. She also said she would be coming down to Louisville soon, which I am glad to hear!

I wrote thank-you notes to Rob Schwartz and Steve Tyman for the blurbs they sent in, and thanked Phyllis for her kind words in the e-mail in which she said she’d have the blurb to me by tomorrow. Then I sent Jean-Claude a “Last Call” e-mail. If his blurb is not here when Phyllis’s comes in, I will go ahead and finalize the back cover copy without his blurb.

I got some sad news today! Mick and I love to go to the International UFO Congress when I get invited to speak there, as it is a lovely spot, our room is paid for, there’s lots happening and it functions as a real vacation for us. However I did not make the cut this year. Nicole B-I wrote to say that they loved my work and thought I gave great presentations, but there were 210 people ready to speak and they had only 30 spots. And I spoke there last year. So they decided to give a new person a chance instead. Sigh! I wrote her back to say that if they had a late cancellation, I would be glad to fill in!

Mick had been working like a beaver all day, trying to get ahead of the rain that is predicted for tomorrow afternoon and the next three days. He came home exultant. He has only one job to do tomorrow – his largest acreage; it takes him at least three hours and sometimes as much as five if there are problems. and the leaves constitute a problem! But he has cleared the day, and he should be able to accomplish that before the rain sets in tomorrow. So he was a cat with cream on his whiskers!

After our bath and a snuggle, I went to choir practice at St. Luke’s. We are practicing Advent and Christmas music now, one beautiful piece after another. Mick picked me up afterwards and we came home to a late supper and the Gaia Meditation with Gary. Mick offered the closing prayer tonight.