Sunday, November 23, 2008


This was the coldest morning of the season, down in the teens! Fortunately for the Mick-Man, it is Saturday, and his work after Morning Offering on Saturdays is to scrub the kitchen after the week’s cooking has been accomplished. It is warm inside!

Then he went on his rounds of errands, coming back at lunchtime with a meal for me designed to ease my tummy woes – White Castle burgers. Others may swear by this or that brand of laxative, but give me White Castles any day for efficient easing of the bound belly. And unlike laxatives, the White Castles leave one with no side effects except, of course, the slatherings of cholesterol involved!

My morning was spent most delightfully on working with the 101 book cover again with Ian. I am so impressed that in designing the cover, he has gone into my intentions for the whole series of three books I plan to write – 102: The Outer Work and 103: The Inner Work. By the end of the day we were close to cinching a plan for the cover series. I still need to write just a sentence or two of text to explain why the chakras on the book cover are glowing unevenly. I will tackle that Monday morning, when I can approach the task with a fresh and clear mind.

It’s a nifty idea. On the 101 cover, all the chakras will glow equally except that the green ray will glow more brightly. That is the unifying element to the three covers. The green ray is always the brightest, as it is the true heart of our energy body, whether you’re looking at the lower chakras, the upper chakras or the whole energy body. On the 102 cover, which is about working with the lower chakras, they will glow more brightly than the blue-indigo-violet chakras. On the 103 cover, the opposite will be true, as the inner work is all about the upper array of chakras. As Gary would say, “How cool is that?”

I also was tickled several shades of pink to receive from Mary, my beloved sister-in-law, the news that my suggested plans for our Christmas together - over New Year's, probably - were accepted as read by Bro Tommy. I can now contemplate the Rueckert Christmas get-together here without clenching. This is good!

It is a sad but true thing that families can give us the toughest catalyst of all, and usually completely without trying to do so. Such was certainly the case during our last and rather difficult get-together two Christmases ago. I think the changes we have made will make it a real pleasure this time!

I am blessed by having an in-house Christmas celebration that will be absolutely beautiful and stress-free. Melissa will be here, and she and I will craft some good things to eat. Gary and Mick will make the Christmas meal. We’ll have the Christmas Eve service together, then a nice long sleep and a leisurely and luxurious day on the 25th. I hope that Eric and his Mom, Phellis, can be with us then also. We may even have the pleasure of Romi’s company. This little band of lovely souls seems close to catalyst-free, except for the positive catalyst of being mutually supported and encouraged. How blessed I am to dwell in the midst of such love!

I suspect that it is because we all – Mel, Gary, Romi, Mick and I – hear the beat of one drummer, that Love that is far greater than we ourselves. When all are focused on something beyond themselves and united in that service, whatever comes up is so much more easily handled.

After lunch, Mick settled in for some college football. I watched with him for a while, enjoying the sight of a U of L man gracefully hurling himself high in the air over at least a half a dozen men to land in the end zone. Touchdown! That was sweet! After a while I went back to the office and worked on Lana’s chapters 4 and 5, paying forward all the devoted and helpful work Steve M did, reading through my work on 101, chapter by chapter, as I was writing it.

Last week we sent out our snail-mail letters asking for donations for 2009 and today I signed 18 thank-you-plus-tax-receipt letters as Gary prepared them for me! Halleluiah!

Gary and I also chewed through Terry H’s latest round of half a dozen questions as he finishes translating TLOO, Book Five, into Chinese.

Mick and I cuddled for a while after our whirlpool, and then went downstairs to catch some supper and enjoy the Oklahoma – Texas Tech game. To be more accurate, Mick enjoyed the game while I read and enjoyed the instant replays of outstanding plays! It works for us!

Then suddenly it was time for the L/L Research Public Meeting. There were only three present tonight, Gary, Mick and me. But what a great group! Gary had questions about the difference between channeling light energy and becoming light energy and also about the nature of beauty – excellent questions. I look forward to editing the transcript and finding out what the Q’uo group said.