Friday, November 21, 2008


I got a slow start to my day because of blissfully oversleeping this morning, only awakening in time to greet Mick and have Morning Offering. Then I fell asleep in my office recliner! So I only got the basics done: the Camelot Journal entry, my precious chapel time and the Holly Journal entry.

I had time before lunch to write a thoughtful letter to my sister-in-law about the upcoming Christmas festivities, which will be held here around New Year’s Day.

After lunch I enjoyed the luxury of a massage and having my toes and fingers groomed at Absolutely Salon. I drove home in the first snow flurries of this season, noticing how many trees are completely bare now. And the honeysuckle berries are almost gone. We shall have to remember to keep our bird feeder filled now. ‘Tis the season for our winged friends to need some help with chow.

We’re having generous response to our fund drive, Gary reports, but are nowhere near our goal yet. I suggested putting a notice up on our web site after Thanksgiving with an indicator of how far we’ve come towards our target and extending the drive.

Another sign of the time of year: Gary accumulated all snail mail addresses of the new attendees to L/L Research events and all Jim’s new customers at Jim’s Lawn Service for our Christmas Card List and had me go over the list with him before bath time. I still need to send him my new additions, mostly from St. Luke’s, where I have made new friends in Christ.

At bath time, Mick held a ceremony for saying good-bye to two of his most-patched work pants. They have torn through at the knees yet again, and he now is willing not to patch them again. Finally, finally, he is letting them go! He has one week to go in the mowing season - Week 39 - and three pairs of very patched work pants left to see him through, and then he promises to start on a new batch of four work jeans which he has had hanging in his closet since last summer.

I should be having fun, enjoying the quirky patched pants, but I have an obscure concern that people will see the patches and think that I don't take care of my husband! Kinda silly, eh?

Gary, Mick and I enjoyed a quiet dinner and the Gaia Meditation, at which Gary offered the closing prayer.